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Written Work - Francis Tolbert

Written Work by Francis Tolbert:

Listing of Writings

To Rescue a Ranger

(Collaboration with Robert Brown)
Chip ingests a deadly mushroom, and it's up to Dale and Foxglove to retrieve the antidote. To make matters worse, this was the day that Fat Cat came calling to headquarters.

Battling Bunkmates

(Collaboration with Robert Brown)
In this idyllic vignette of teammate life, Gadget and Foxglove get into a catfight.

For the Love of Gold

(Collaboration with Robert Brown)
Monterey discovers a case that demands the Rangers' attention. But, they may have some ulterior motives.

Double Date Disaster

(Collaboration with Robert Brown)
Chip, Gadget, Dale, and Foxglove go out on their first dates as couples. The boys think they have everything planned out to the smallest detail - they don't, of course.

Brotherly Love

(Collaboration with Robert Brown)
A ghost from the past comes back to haunt Chip and Dale.

Gadget Camera

(Collaboration with Robert Brown)
Ranger Headquarters gets robbed, and when Gadget installs a security system to catch the theives, all she seems to catch is everything else.

Double Trouble

(Collaboration with Robert Brown)
Not just one, but two Fat Cats roaming about, both committing crimes at the same time. Throw in some interpersonal problems within the Rangers, and it's bad news.

A Wolf in Dale's Clothing

(Collaboration with Robert Brown)
A bank robbery is committed, and the Rangers investigate. Dale's got some worries, though...