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Written Work - Chris Silva

Written Work by Chris Silva:

This author is also listed as an artist.
Listing of Writings

The RR-Files

(Collaboration with John Pesterfield, Karl Schenk, Robert Knaus)
A crossover with the characters from "The X-Files". Boy, it's a popular concept, isn't it?

Texas Rangers

(Collaboration with Steve Hamrick (Indy))
The Rangers and Foxglove head to the deep south on a treasure hunt. But no, the Pi-Rats aren't part of this treasure hunt.

The Day Dale Became Smart

(Collaboration with Steve Hamrick (Indy))
In this novella, Dale suddenly becomes exceptionally intelligent. Naturally, high intelligence means that he also becomes arrogant, demeaning, evil, and eventually, angst-ridden. Ah, the joys of Mensa membership!

The Spy Who Loved Me

(Collaboration with Steve Hamrick (Indy))
Monterey Jack's past is explored, accompanied by the usual shipments of weeping. The Rangers have very depressing pasts, I've noticed.

Dare to Dream

(Collaboration with Steve Hamrick (Indy))
This tale is part of a completely seperate universe, where the episode "Good Times, Bat Times" never happened, but Foxglove is still around. This is a Dale & Gadget tale.