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Written Work - Benson Ray (zaptiftun)

Written Work by Benson Ray (zaptiftun):

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This is the author's first written fictional work. The Rescue Rangers have always devoted themselves to helping others. Now a friend with a secret past must share the tale of his origin and personal loss. This is his story and these are his Memories.


The Rescue Rangers have always been bound together by a sense brotherhood, but is there more to their relationships? For Dale and Foxglove and Chip and Gadget this question will rise even as an old enemy from their past returns to threaten both their family and those they have sworn to protect. In the fires of adversity they will all come to face their own personal Awakening.

How Long?

A free verse poem of Gadget lamenting the loss of her mother.

Random Happenings: Anniversary

A short story and song parody (based on The Monkee's version of "(I'd Go the) Whole Wide World") commemorating the two month anniversary of two Acorn Cafe members.

The Ballad of the Hackwrenches

A song parody about the Hackwrenches based off the classic "The Ballad of the Green Berets".

The Night Gadget Went Crazy

Ever wonder what would happen if Gadget suddenly snapped? Find out in this parody of Weird Al's parody "The Night Santa Went Crazy".