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The Pivotal Divide

What if everything you thought you knew was about to be turned on its head? What if a dedicated group of rodent crime solvers were your only hope? What if you knew that the difference between success and failure is a very thin line indeed...?

Time Waits For No One

Christmas? a time for joy, celebration and spending it with the ones you love. However when an old acquaintance of Chip and Dale is in need of their assistance again, she soon discovers all is not as she expected. It is left to two Rescue Rangers, one big and one small, to help her in the search for her missing husband, last seen at a place of historical prominence in the city. Getting there happens to be the easy part; finding out what, how and when he vanished takes all three of them on a magical mystery tour of discovery that entwines them in another case that has spanned more than forty years?