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Written Work - Dmytro Glomozda (Gyrotank)

Written Work by Dmytro Glomozda (Gyrotank):

This author is also listed as an artist.
Listing of Writings


The author's first story. The Rescue Rangers have helped many, but this time it seems no one other than Norton Nimnul himself needs their help. And the stakes in this dangerous game are high like never before.

Like a Gyrotank

The parody for Midnight Man's 'Like a Gadgephile' (which in turn was based on 'Like a Rolling Stone' by Bob Dylan). That song was just so impressive in its correctness that it's easily the most true anthem of Gadgephiles. And it impressed Gyrotank so much that he couldn't stand and wrote this anthem of, well... gyrotanks!

Theme from On a Wing-nut and a Prayer

It's based on Bon-Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" and dedicated to Stainless Steel Rat's novel "On a Wing-nut and a Prayer".


This song is made to commemorate one of the longest and the craziest threads of the Acorn Cafe (based on Vogue by Madonna).

The Rescue Rangers

Song parody for "The Living Daylights" by a-ha.

Fly to the Moonlight

A little romance story inspired by picture “Gadget Working Late” by Chris Fischer.

'Tomorrow' is for 'Never'

Sequel to 'Malf-Life'. The air crash leaves Gadget the sole survivng Ranger, and she is finally able to see what she was previously oblivious of. The only bad thing is that it's all too late now. But turns out, it wasn't the end, but only a beginning of what happens to be a breath-taking battle for the future against the rapidly ticking clock. Author rates it High PG/Low PG-13 for containing air crash and its aftermath depiction, angst, suggestive content and intense scenes.

Offensive Care

Sequel to "'Tomorrow' is for 'Never'". After receiving an injury Chip is put into the Small City Hospital for treatment where he becomes involved in the investigation of one very intricate and very lethal plot...
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