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Written Work - Candy Goldstein

Written Work by Candy Goldstein:

Listing of Writings

Interview with the Mouse

Satire/Script. Gadget is interviewed by Sally Jesse. Or at least, an attempt at an interview is made.

Sailor Mouse

Satire - Do you really have to ask?

A Twit's Ransom

Satire/Script. A parody of CDRR Comic #19. And as much as I [Matt Plotecher] loved the comic, this puts it all to shame.

The Lady Hackwrench

A poem about, as you can guess, Gadget.

Gadget's Very Bad Day

Script/Satire. A satire of some of Michael Gibby's writings, bundled into a single script. Thanks to Sam England (the Mullet Man) for finding a copy of this.

Bedside Manner

Take caution with this one. It contains very sharp, harsh language, and a significant amount of it, so it's not for the thin-skinned. Chip's getting old and feeling under the weather in this short scene, and it's making him seriously snippy.