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http://www.strangeunlimited.com/video/index.htmlThis link is to the video section of Matt Plotecher's new website, and hosted there you will find three different CDRR music videos ("Looking at the Sun", "Real World", and "The Stylophonia"). I'd like to offer these videos here, to make the Database that much more complete and self-sufficient, but it's connection at the moment just isn't high enough bandwidth. Maybe eventually that'll change. For now, though, I'm sure Mr. Plotecher wouldn't mind a visit.
gadgbop6.mpegAn .MPG file, around 320K, created by Matt Plotecher by "slideshowing" images drawn on paper. Mr. Plotecher's own serving suggestion: If your video player has an auto loop option, click it on to let Gadget "bop" to your heart's desire.
fogel_polevye_ispytanija.gifAn animated .GIF created by Fogel of Gadget disembarking from a helicopter.
fogel_run.gifAnother animated .GIF by Fogel, of Gadget pushing some sort of ordinance around in a cart.
jd_flight.gifCreated by Jdracous, this is an animated .GIF file of Foxglove flying.
jd_animation_wake.gifJdracous's second attempt at animation, this one was supposed to be Foxglove waking up and fluttering down from her perch. Due to some flaws, it was never completely finished, but it's still fairly impressive.
jd_four_legged.gifOne more of Jdracous's animated .GIF efforts, featuring Gadget running on all fours like a real-world mouse would be expected to.
jim_kitson_gad-an1.gifA neat little animated .GIF of Gadget waving, created by Jim Kitson.
dancing_gadget.aviA very brief clip (22 frames @ 12 frames per second, to be exact - so, almost two seconds of footage) of Gadget dancing. I believe that this was from some sort of promotional material that only aired way back when the series was just launching, and was never in the show itself. Digitized by Tom Servo.
commercial.aviA video capture of an original commercial for CDRR (including the "walnut" sequence that was never in any episode) to promote the series when it was just coming to regular television. This clip was digitally captured by me (Winston) off of a video cassette that my neighbor gave me of the very first broadcast of "To The Rescue" (when it was shown as a continuous movie, instead of split into five episodes) that he recorded, and miraculously, survives on VHS to the present day. In a stroke of luck, this trailer happened to be interspersed with the regular commercials that got recorded on the tape. The .AVI file is about 3Mb in size.
coloring_gadget.aviA very short animated clip of Gadget being painted in from lineart. This is original Disney animation, from (I think) something used in Europe at some point. I don't know if it was ever seen here in the U.S. or not.
gocoaster_movie.aviA video clip of Gadget's Go Coaster, submitted by Pupspals and Remie23 (with some recompression for better size done by Winston). It's in the DivX codec, so if your media player gives you something about "no appropriate decompressor" or somesuch and it won't play, that's probably the cause.