Well, this wasn't what I had in mind when I started - but it worked!
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First things first - This feature of the RRDatabase requires cookies. If this feature isn't working for you, check that you have cookies enabled for this site (any decent browser should allow you to control cookies on a per-site basis). The cookies used here store nothing but the name of your preferred visual theme, they hold absolutely no personal information.

With that out of the way - This feature is very simple. Just select the visual scheme you want to view the RRDatabase in, and hit the select button. You'll be automatically redirected back to whatever page you were viewing before this one, so don't worry about losing your spot.

By default, this changes the visual theme for this visit only (after closing your browser, next time you visit the RRDatabase you'll be back to the standard theme). If you'd like your selection to be permanent, just click the "Remember for future visits" checkbox, and a persistent cookie (good for about one year) will be set instead of a temporary one.

To permanently clear the cookie used to store your theme information, select the first item in the drop-down menu (Default and clear cookie) and hit the select button.

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