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A Chorus Crime

Episode #64: A Chorus Crime

Rating: ***

AD: 11/5/90
D: John Kimball, Bob Zamboni
SEd: Ken Koonce, David Wiemers
W: Doug Hutchinson
RSC: Professor Nimnul, Canina La Furre
Voices: Corey Burton -- sailor
Hamilton Camp -- watchdog, Mountie, sailor, penguin
Carol Channing -- Canina La Furre
Jim Cummings -- Monterey Jack, captain
Tress MacNeille


Surprise!  It really IS Carol Channing doing that voice!!  Like Channing herself, Canina is OK in small doses but bringing her back in the VERY NEXT ep pushed it too much.  "Hello Doggie" parody is obvious.

Nimnul's final app. a bit of an anticlimax after "Ointment".  They should've left him in the nut ward.

RR (unusually) split up to solve two mysteries at once, which turn out to dove-tail.

"Chip & Dale's Excellent Adventures" TV documentary (broadcast in some areas in the summer of '89) shows the voice recording session for this episode, with Channing, MacNeille, Cummings, Burton, and Hamilton Camp.

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