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Song of the Night n' Dale

Episode #44: Song of the Night n' Dale

Rating: ***

AD: 12/19/89
D: John Kimball, Bob Zamboni
SEd: Bryce Malek
W: Tad Stones
RSC: (none)
Voices: Corey Burton -- fat minister
Jim Cummings -- Monterey Jack, Chirp Sing, other two ministers
Tress MacNeille
Sindy McKay -- Su Lin
Rob Paulsen -- Dim Sun


How could a storm blow the Rangers ½ way across the world???

|| to the cartoon "Mouse Wreckers" at the end in Su Lin's downfall.  Also cf. "Tale Spin" episode "The Idol Rich."

Episode skirts VERY close to the subplot of hallucinogens (LSD) -- when Dale sniffs some of the gas from the mechanical tree, he becomes ultra-paranoid and insists he's not crazy -- LSD is a drug that has been shown to cause acute paranoia after its use.  Softened by Zipper sniffing gas and just "falling in love with Monty."

Parody of the Andersen fairy tale "Song of the Nightingale."

[Chirp Sing was actually in the first draft of the series concept, except it was a martial artist cricket. The fact that Tad Stones, one of the series creators, wrote this episode accounts for the return of the name, at least.

First official appearance of the Ranger Wing, despite that it was used as far back as "When Mice Were Men".

Someone mentioned that Dim Sun was a parody of some actual emperor's name, but danged if I can remember it. -- MP]

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