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There is a transcript available for this episode.

Chocolate Chips

Episode #38: Chocolate Chips

Rating: *

AD: 11/20/89
D: ? (John Kimball, Bob Zamboni this time?)
SEd: ? (Bryce Malek?)
W: Dev Ross, Tad Stones
RSC: (none)
Voices: Corey Burton
Peter Cullen -- Monterey Jack
Jim Cummings -- macaw, Heinrich Von Sugarbottom
Tress MacNeille -- female macaw
Rob Paulsen -- guide, Tito


"Lederhosen loony" one of those types of characters you either like or hate: I HATE!

Legit "mystery" with pseudomagical aspects (zombie-like slaves of loony, drum-beating).

Male macaw an early version of Desi Arnaz-style Cummings voice for Don Karnage on "Tale Spin."

Again we have RR far afield ("on vacation").

[Dale gets to both slap Chip around and deliver a sizable kick to Chip's hinder for a change.

Nice change in that while the Rangers first think Dale is lying, they still follow him to the waterfall, willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. -- MP]

If you'd like to read a transcript of this episode, it's availible on Julie Bihn's The Super Gigantic Rescue Rangers Episode Guide.

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