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Ghost of a Chance

Episode #22: Ghost of a Chance

Rating: **

AD: 10/10/89
D: John Kimball, Bob Zamboni
SEd: Bryce Malek
W: Bryce Malek, Art Cover, Lydia Marano
RSC: Fat Cat, Mepps, Mole, Wart
Peter Cullen -- Monterey Jack
Jim Cummings -- Sir Colby


Well, they've sent the RR off again to a foreign land (though this time with some modicum of justification -- tracking Fat Cat, though for what purpose?  They can't jail him).

Tired "prove mettle" theme encompasses both Monty and his ancestor Colby.  NOT new.

"Colby Curse" (doomed to haunt Tower for all eternity) in the best "British ghost" tradition.  Jacob Marley and all that.

Monty must AGAIN try to overcome his fear of cats (cf. Cat Alley in "Puffed Rangers" and "Catteries").

Why precisely would FC want the Crown Jewels?  He couldn't very well fence them, and unlike the lamp in "Lad" they wouldn't give him power.  Most in-character reason: to feed his own swollen ego, like a person who'd swipe a valuable painting just to have it for themselves.  Cf. "Most expensive fish" in "Robocat": only FC deserves the "honor" of eating it.

[Fat Cat's desire is better realized thanks to the Rescue Rangers Bible and Writer's Guide (for the comic books -- I haven't seen the one for the actual television series). Wherein it's written that paper money is worthless to Fat Cat, but he can use jewels, gold, and other precious materials. This supports what many fanfic authors have come to accept, namely that the animal community lives off of barter and trade system.

Also, Fat Cat would be likely to keep the Crown Jewels themselves, as his desire to collect such impressive items is an established trait; The Maltese Mouse from "Squirrelsitting", Luna (the fish) from "Robocat", the world's largest pearl from "One Upsman-Chip", etc. As he sang, "I Want the Best of Everything".

The idea of what the Rangers do with Fat Cat if they catch him was never clearly explained in the series. At best, they seem to be content (for now) with foiling his plans. -- MP]

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