Does Pavlov Ring a Bell

Written by Kevin Hopps

Summary by Julie Bihn

The camera pans the outside of a bank, then the inside. The phone ring, and the security guard answers cheerily, "First Federal National City Bank! Hello? Hello?" He is answered by a loud squeaky noise. "Yow!" He hangs up in disgust. "Practical jokers!" The bank alarm goes off. "The bank alarm!" the guard observantly notes, shining his flashlight at it. "But who?" Suddenly the ground beneath him breaks ("Whoa!"), and a huge robotic rodent-looking thing with glowing eyes comes through the floor, looking vicious.

Cut to the Ranger tree, with metallic noises coming out of it. Gadget is in her workshop, standing on a ladder made of a comb with some broken teeth, and hammering the Rangermobile's propeller (with a cool hammer made of a tack tied to a straight piece of wood). "One little adjustment, and this will run with no problems!" Monty and Zipper, who are observing her, do wild takes, gasp and jump behind a building block.

Gadget, who has tucked her hammer into her belt, asks, "What are you doing?" They come out from behind the building block.

Monty says, "Sorry, Gadget luv. It's a reflex! Every time I hear the words, 'No problems,' it usually means anything but!"

Gadget turns on the fan in the back of the Rangermobile, which spins perfectly, until the nut (the metal kind) attaching the propeller to its axle comes off. The propeller soon follows, and rockets right towards Monty, where it lodges itself in the wall, exactly where his head would have been had he not managed to tuck it completely into his sweater (which I shall refer to as the 'Magic Turtleneck'). Monty is a surprisingly good sport, and warily puts the propeller back on the Rangermobile, saying, "Like I was saying..."

"Sorry, Monty," Gadget shrugs. She looks dejected for a brief moment.

Enter the chipmunks, bickering. "Get out of my way!" says Chip. "I was here first!" retorts Dale. They continue shoving until both are through the doorway, and hide the presents they're holding behind their backs. "Hiya, Gadget," they say. Gadget smiles.

Chip shoves his way forward, takes off his hat, and bows, holding out a flower in a thimble vase, saying, "I picked this just for you!" Dale stomps his foot impatiently. Gadget takes the thimble vase and says, "Thanks, Chip, it's perfect!" Dale looks jealous. Gadget cruelly rips the flowers from the thimble and discards them, then hammers the thimble onto the fan's axle. "This should keep the prop on!"(Technically, the animators forgot to draw the fan's blade on here, but we saw Monty put it on, so we assume it's still there.)

"Great! Now we can go on a picnic!" Dale exclaims, bringing a picnic basket made of a walnut shell to Gadget.

"Oh, Dale, you're so thoughtful!" Chip fumes in anger. Gadget takes the basket and announces, "Come on, everyone! We're going on a picnic!" Monty hops onto the Rangermobile almost before Gadget even finishes speaking.

"Everyone?" Dale asks. "But I meant--"

"Oh, Dale. You're so thoughtful!" Chip laughs girlishly (right in front of Gadget!). Dale is angry.

Cut to Dale and Gadget in the back seat of the Rangermobile, sitting on a checkered red-and-white blanket. Everyone wears rope seat belts at various times, but not consistently. Dale drinks a cap full of lemonade, and Gadget rummages through the picnic basket., finding a grape. "Golly, Dale, this was a wonderful idea!"

Monty is driving the Rangermobile, with Chip in the passenger seat, and Zipper standing between them. "Too right! I was starving!" Monty adds, reaching back and taking a cheese sandwich. Gadget takes a bite from her small grape, swallows, and smiles.

Dale holds out a thimble-pot of lemonade to Gadget, asking, "More lemonade?" (Technically, this container is about the same size as Dale's cup.)

Chip holds his cup to Dale and says, "Sure! Don't mind if I do."

"Hey, what's the big idea?"

"I'm thirsty!"

Gadget looks surprised.

"Get your own drink! This is mine!"

"Oh, yeah?"

"Yeah." Dale actually gets to physically retaliate against Chip, pulling the chipmunk's hat over his eyes. Chip pulls his hat up (with a rather amusing expression on his face) and fights with Dale for the lemonade. The thimble-pot flies out of Dale's hands and onto the battery, where the lemonade bubbles and causes the fan blade to stop rotating. The Rangermobile quickly glides to a stop.

"You shorted out the battery!" Gadget observes.

In unison, Chip and Dale say, "He did it! ME? YOU did it!" They argue shrilly, fighting physically. Gadget looks horrified. Chip's hat lands on Zipper.

Monty removes it and smiles, "Isn't friendship grand?" Zipper offers a strained smile.

With difficulty, the boys tug the Rangermobile through an alley, with Gadget steering (with a smile on her face). "I know fightin' over the same girl can cause heartache..." Monty pants. "But thanks to your squabblin', I'm gettin' a backache!" Monty drops the rope and Chip and Dale stop pulling, although Zipper valiantly continues to keep trying. He suddenly looks over and squeaks, "Here we are!"

"Here's the hardware store," Gadget answers, for those who aren't fluent in fly speak. Gadget hops off the Rangermobile and rummages through the garbage. "There must be something here I can use to fix--" She pulls a piece of rope hanging out of a box.

"Yeowch!" It seems the rope is really a rat's (?) tail.

Gadget lets go. "Ooh, my!"

The rat, who's tan-colored, with blonde hair, a brown nose, and a white lab coat (and eyes that are usually powder blue but occasionally green), hops out of the box and says, "Oh, sorry! I--I mean...uh...hello!"

Chip and Dale quickly jump between Gadget and the rat. "Who are you?" Chip asks.

"Yeah, who are you?" repeats Dale.

"Well, everyone just calls me Sparky," the rat replies.

Monty comes up to the rat agreeably. "Well, I'm Monterey Jack! Knew an electric eel names Sparky once! Of course, every time you touched him..." Monty shakes Sparky's hand and suddenly glows yellow, painfully, with his skeleton showing. "" Monty falls to the ground.

"Oops! Sorry about that! You see, I'm a lab rat. Specializing in electrified mazes and shock therapy." Sparky touches his fingers together, making a large white electric glow. "Guess I still have a little voltage built up."

Gadget smiles, impressed. "Golly, you work in a science lab?"

"I do?"

"Well, you just said you did."

"Oh! Well, that explains this voltage build up!"

Chip, Dale, and Monty are all angry. "Sounds like a short-circuit between the ears to me," notes Monty.

Chip and Dale rush over to Gadget and pull her away. "Come on, Gadget, let's get going!" says Chip.

"Yeah. We've gotta fix the Rangermobile!" Dale adds.

"Transportation problems?" Sparky asks, following the Rangers over to the Rangermobile.

"We had kind of an accident," says Gadget. "The battery shorted out."

"Oh! Allow me!" Sparky offers, hopping onto the Rangermobile. He examines the batteries, rubs his hands together, touches each pointer finger to his tongue, and touches the poles of the large battery, causing himself to light up with electricity, his hair on end. The Rangers gasp, and the fan starts spinning. Sparky blows smoke off his now reddened pointer fingers. "One of the benefits of being a lab rat," Sparky says. "That, and you never have to comb you hair," he adds, looking up at his mussed tresses. Gadget laughs, obviously finding this amusing, as Chip and Dale look angry, and Monty and Zipper concerned.

Cut to the Ranger tree. "I'm sure glad you had time to visit, Sparky," Gadget says, as Monty and Zipper look bored and Chip and Dale look angry; all three sit on building blocks. "It's so nice to finally talk to someone who understands me." She touches Sparky's arm. "We're really on the same wavelength! Let me show you my latest invention!" It's a new suction-cup dart launcher, this time with wheels, and five backup darts in the back; a cross between a vehicle and a weapon. "This is my automatic plungo-popper prototype! Push a button and it works with no problems!"

Chip and Dale gasp and jump behind their building-blocks. Monty pauses to say, "Crikey, she said 'No problems!'" before doing the same, with Zipper's encouragement. Gadget presses the button, and the suction cup dart hits the overhead flashlight lamp, banks off a shelf, off a slide, right by the building blocks, where Chip, Dale, Monty, and Zipper look up but duck down in time to avoid being hit (Chip and Monty's hats stay suspended in mid-air), off two walls, and directly onto Sparky's face.

"Ah, terrific shot!" Sparky pulls the cup off his face, then continues, "But if you tighten this tri-valve adapter, it'll shoot twice as far! No problems!" He launches a dart, which hits Chip, who hits Dale, who hits Zipper and Monty, sending the gang careening into the wall, where the shelf above them breaks, spilling assorted nuts, screws, and a light bulb onto them.

"Golly, Sparky, you sure are smart!" Gadget notes, as her friends dust themselves off angrily.

"I don't see what's so special about that guy," Dale says moodily. "Come on!" Chip says. "We're not gonna let any lab rat show us up!" Chip and Dale hop onto Gadget's invention. "Hey! We'll show you how to make this thing really fly!" Chip announces, putting a suction cup on the invention.

"Yeah, Dale adds, "all you have to do is pull this back a little bit more..." The two chipmunks pull the rubber band that shoots the dart back as far as they can before losing their balance and flying, with the suction cup, towards the wall, where they knock down a container filled with screws and nuts from the second shelf. The suction cup affixes itself to Dale's behind in the process.

Gadget sighs, stamping her foot. "I'll get a broom."

A whistle is heard. "Oops!" Monty says. "Eh, forgot to turn off me teakettle!" The screen shows this teakettle, which has a handle made of a bent paper clip with a piece of some sort of insulating stuff tied around the handle. "Be right back, mates." Sparky's limbs and tail suddenly go stiff, and he looks dazed. He reaches over into something of Gadget's and pulls out two wires, which he then brings over to a small television in the wall. He puts the wires onto the television, causing the monitor to explode. He looks shocked at the wires and drops them on the floor.

Gadget runs in. "Chip! Dale! Now look what all your showing off has done!" Chip and Dale look at each other.

"We didn't do it!" Chip says, while Dale shakes his head.

Dale adds, "He did it! And he did it on purpose! Go on, tell her!"

"Yes, of course!" Sparky smiles. He looks at Gadget, then looks confused. "Tell her what?"

Gadget angrily hands Chip the broom (made of leaves tied to a nail), then walks back to Sparky. "Come on, Sparky. The boys can clean up their mess by themselves. I can't wait to see your lab." Chip and Dale are shocked.

Cut to a typical street corner; the camera focuses on an orange building with a G on the roof. The camera pans through a lab with a maze made of clear plastic tubes (with a few buildings and batteries along the way). Gadget and Sparky walk on the counter near the maze. Gadget is impressed. "Wow! Look at all this neat stuff! There's even a letinch frailwinkle!" (Taken directly from the closed-captioning, folks! You don't even WANT to hear the debate over what she really said...) "And it has a battery-driven oscillator, too! I could stay here forever!"

Chip and Dale peek out from behind a battery. Dale gasps. "She's thinkin' of leavin' us!"

"It all belongs to the Professor," Sparky says, walking over to a piano-type keyboard. "He's a real genius!" Sparky hits a key on the keyboard, and a bell rings and a green light lights up above a trapdoor. A piece of cheese comes out. Sparky catches the cheese on his right arm, bounces it around to his left, catches it with both hands, and holds it out to Gadget. "Taught me everything I know," Sparky says, as Chip and Dale look angry. Sparky hits another key, which shocks him greatly. "Yeowch!" He falls to the ground. "Must be getting a little rusty." He licks his finger and then pinches the tip of his smoking tail. "A shock helps motivate the memory!"

Gadget puts Sparky's arm over her shoulder to help the rat up. "Golly, I think you do great." Chip and Dale look very mad.

"Yeah! Play it again, Sparky!" A brown guinea pig in a red tank top and athletic-style headband slides open his cage and exits.

"Oh, hiya, Buzz!" Sparky says. "Meet Gadget." Gadget goes to shake his hand, but Sparky warns, "Careful! The professor has been motivating Buzz, too."

Gadget shies back as Buzz says, "Nice to meetcha!", his teeth sparking. Gadget waves.

"How about a little demonstration of maze-running, Buzzy ol' boy?" Sparky asks. Chip and Dale look through a flask to watch, their faces very distorted.

Buzz walks over to a clear glass (?) tunnel entrance which can be reached from the counter. "Sure, Sparky," the guinea pig answers. "Hey, what about my motivators? You know I need them to run the maze!"

Sparky scratches his head. "Oh, why would you wanna run the maze?"

"Uh, because you asked him to," Gadget answers.

"I did? Oh, then he'll need his motivators!" Gadget giggles silently. Sparky walks over and presses a red button. A red light lights up, and a bell sounds. Buzz stands up straight. A yellow light lights up, and Buzz gets in running position. "This sign gets him ready to run," Sparky states, "and this tells him where to go!" Sparky hit the green button, and an alarm bell goes off. The blue light turns green when lit, and Buzz starts running. In fact, he goes right through a stone wall in the maze!

"Ouch!" Gadget cringes. "Never get in the way of a motivated guinea pig," Sparky notes. Buzz runs like he's crazed, then falls through a trap door, where he gets shocked ("Ooh! Ee! Ow! Ooh!"). He quickly jumps out and keeps running. "Well, what happened?" Gadget asks, concerned.

"He took a wrong turn," Sparky says. "Don't worry, Buzz gets a real charge out of it." Sparky touches his fingers together, and they spark. Gadget still looks worried.

Buzz finishes the maze, going into a model of a building, which opens up so we can see Buzz mindlessly eating some pellets. "He looks like he's not even thinking!" notes Gadget.

Sparky replies, "That's the beauty of it! Action without thought! The Professor says thinking wastes time."

"Well, he's sure not wasting any," Chip notes from behind the scenes.

Buzz comes out of the maze. "Well, how'd I do?"

"Do what?" Sparky asks.

Dale grunts. "Hmm. We could do better than that."

Two paws grab the chipmunk's collars and lift the munks off the ground. "Sure you could, mates," a sarcastic voice answers.

The chipmunks gasp. "Uh, Monterey!"

"I knew you two were up to something," he continues. "Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. Spyin' on our Gadget! I'm takin' y' out of here before your jealousies cause any--eewhoa!" Monty trips on a test tube, sending Zipper catapulting into Gadget.

"Zipper?" Gadget asks. Zipper squeaks and points. There is a crashing noise, and Sparky, Gadget, Zipper, and Buzz follow it. Monterey, Chip, and Dale are now in the entrance to the maze.

"Now you've done it!" Monty admonishes.

Gadget gasps. "What are YOU doing here?"

"Maybe they've come to run the maze," Buzz suggests.

"Uh, yeah, that's it!" Chip agrees. Dale nods, and Monty slaps his forehead.

"Oh, I'd advise against it," says Sparky.

"We'll show Gadget," Dale says.

The three get in running position. Chip says, "On your mark, get set, go!"

They try to run through the maze, getting split up once, and shocked at least four times.

"I think you'd better turn it off now!" Gadget says, very concerned.

"Good idea!" Sparky notes. "Unfortunately, the Professor never taught us how to do that."

The three boys inside the maze finally sit down and rest. "Whew!" they say.

"Uh...Boy! I've tap danced on skillets cooler than that!" Monty announces, massaging his foot. "Now why don't you blokes REALLY impress Gadget by finding the right way out!"

The chipmunks look depressed. A door opens, and someone walks in. "The Professor's back!" Sparky says.

"We have to get back to our cages!" adds Buzz, as the two lab animals run off.

"Professor?" asks Gadget. She gasps. "That's Norton Nimnul, the evil scientist!"

Nimnul laughs. "I feel like taking another trip to the bank, to study money matters! 'Cuz to me, only money matters!" He laughs again. "Oh! Humor comes so easily when you're an evil genius!"

"Oh no!" says Gadget. "He'll see the boys!"

Monty says, "If Nimnul finds us messin' with one of his evil plots, we're finished."

"Well, let's get out of here!" Dale walks to his right, and is shocked off-screen.

"It's no use!" says Chip. "We'll never find a way out!"

"Then we might as well baste ourselves with butter, mates, 'cause we're gonna fry for sure!" Monty says with some enthusiasm. The gang dashes off and is shocked as Nimnul approaches the maze.


"Oh, this time I've really outdone myself!" Nimnul gloats. "I'll empty ever bank like a can of kibble! Time for another after-hours withdrawal!" He goes over to something which is covered by a white sheet.

The boys are sitting in the maze again, their feet smoking. "We'd better high-tail it out of this maze before Professor Nimnul spots us," Monty says.

"But how can we find our way out without being zapped?" asks Chip.

"This is terrible!" says Gadget. "They have to get out of there!" Zipper lifts the door to Sparky's cage, and Gadget runs in and pulls the rat out. "I need a piece of cheese," she demands.

"How can you eat at a time like this?" asks Sparky. He taps out a series of notes on the keyboard, and a larger piece of cheese comes out. Gadget takes the cheese. Nimnul, who's under the white sheet, exclaims, "What? Sparky! Are you out of your cage again?"

"Oops! Better go," says Sparky as Gadget puts the cheese at the entrance to the cage.

"I hope Monterey can pick up the scent," says Gadget.

Zipper fans the cheese with his wings, and the scent drifts through the maze. Suddenly Monty smells it. "!" He stands, picks up Chip and Dale, and zips through the maze like nobody's business, getting zapped many times.

Nimnul scratches his head. "Sparky? Where a--What? What's wrong with the maze?" He looks at it. "Musta been a short circuit."

Monty grabs the cheese as he speeds out of the maze. He holds it, and all three guys try to blow on their reddish, smoking feet. Zipper fans Monty's feet with his wings. "Thanks, Zipper. Well, I always say that cheese gives me a charge!" He eats the cheese in one bite.

"Impressive performance!" commends Sparky from his cage. "That's REAL action without thinking! You could be part of the Professor's experiments!"

"Just what evil experiments are you and Nimnul up to?" accuses Chip.

"Evil?" asks Sparky incredulously. "Don't be ridiculous! Nimnul's a scientist! A real genius! Why, he...told me so himself!" Chip and Dale are not convinced.

"Sparky!" calls Nimnul. The Rangers run off. "Ah! You are in your cage!" Nimnul picks up Sparky and Buzz's cages.

The Rangers all look accusingly at Gadget. "Well, I'm sure Sparky has a perfectly good reason for working with Nimnul!" defends Gadget.

"Yeah," Dale replies. "They're BOTH rats." Nimnul pulls off the white sheet, revealing a giant mechanical Guinea pig.

"Blimey!" says Monty, who gets my favorite line in the episode. "There's one guinea pig I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. 'Course, I wouldn't wanna meet him in a sunny alley, either."

"Ah," says Nimnul, stepping on the robot's front paw. The robot's head pops open like a garbage can lid. "What a work of wonder. But why shouldn't it be? After all, I made it!" Nimnul laughs. "No more electronic robot brains to fizzle my plan! Thanks to my behavioral modifications, I have REAL brains that act like robots!" He drops Buzz in the robot and straps a helmet with wires on it onto the guinea pig. Nimnul presses a button on a remote control, which shocks Buzz into getting in a position that shows he's ready to sprint. The robot does the same.

"Crikey," Monty says, "that's the same thing Buzz did when HE heard the sound!" (Unfortunately, the remote control didn't make a sound!)

"That's because it's Buzz's brain that's controlling the robot!" Gadget says.

"Come, my little furry friend," Nimnul says, picking up Sparky's cage. "It's time to show off my genius to the undeserving world once again!"

"Gadget, you'd better check out that robot!" Chip says.

"Well...what about Sparky? He might be in trouble!"

Chip and Dale look mad. "Ha! More like he'll be causin' trouble!" says Dale.

Chip pulls Dale as if his friend were made of rubber. "Don't worry," Chip says. "We'll take care of Sparky." The chipmunks run off, sliding on the top of the maze. Gadget looks concerned.

Cut to another bank. Nimnul enters, carrying Sparky's cage. An alarm clock goes off, and a bald, mustached man announces, "Closing time." The patrons leave, annoyed; one woman notes, "There are not enough hours in this day for me to get my banking done!"

Nimnul watches them leave, kicks Sparky's cage behind a desk, laughs, and says, "Just enough time for one SMALL deposit!" Nimnul leaves the bank.

Back in the lab, Gadget looks into the eyes of the robot guinea pig (which are clear) and notes, a bit redundantly, "Golly! Buzz looks like he's ready to run the maze! But...where is the maze?"

"Beats me," answers Monty. He sniffs at the hole in the floor that Buzz is perched next to, then looks at the audience. "Smells like tin-britches here is ready to sprint through the sewer system!"

"That's it!" says Gadget. "The maze is actually a model of the city's sewers! Buzz is programmed to follow it without thinking!"

"So all we have to do is unprogram him!" says Monty. "No problem!" He covers his mouth and looks at the audience. "Did I say that?"

Cut to Chip and Dale entering the bank through a ventilation grate, which is conveniently hinged on top. "Nimnul left the bank without Sparky, so he must still be in here!" Chip notes.

"Well, I don't see him!" says Dale.

The phone rings. An answering machine picks up. "You have reached City First National Federal Bank. At the tone, leave your message." The machine beeps.

Nimnul (I think, foolishly) says, from a nearby phone booth, "Ah, banking by phone. What will I think of next?" He then blows a shrill whistle. Chip and Dale put their hands over the side of their heads where their ears would be if they were people or mice.

"Look!" Dale points. "It's Sparky!" Sparky is stumbling around like a zombie. "Hey! Where do you think you're goin'?" asks Chip. They run after him.

Back at the lab, Gadget enters the robot through its head, which Monty holds open. "Uh, careful down there, Gadget, luv. No tellin' when this furry tin can's gonna take off."

"Don't worry, Monterey," Gadget insists. "Buzz's thoughts are what control the robot, and Buzz won't even think of moving unless he hears--" A ringing sound is heard. "An alarm!" Buzz starts running, Monty and Zipper are knocked inside the robot, its head falls closed, and the robot scurries off into the sewers.

At the bank, Chip and Dale hop on top of a filing cabinet, where Sparky has set off the bank alarm. "Hey, why'd he turn on that alarm?" asks Dale.

"It must be what Nimnul programmed him to do," Chip replies. "And if Nimnul wants the alarm on, then we want it off!" Chip breaks one of the alarm's wires into two, causing sparks to come from the ends. Sparky takes the wires. "Hey! What's the big idea?" Chip asks. Sparky, eyes showing that he's not under his own power, comes at the chipmunks with the sparking wires.


Chip and Dale hug each other in fright, trembling. They reach the end of the file cabinet. Chip says, "L--look, Sparky, I know you think we don't like you, but if Gadget likes you, how bad could you be, huh?"

"It's no use, Chip," Dale says. "Nothin' can stop him when he's programmed! He said so himself." Dale looks proud to be right about how doomed they are.

Chip pulls a picture of Gadget out of his right inner jacket pocket. (The picture has Gadget with her hands clasped, eyes looking up, nose near her collar). "Hey! Who gave you that?" Dale asks.

"Who do you think?" Chip smiles, as Dale fumes. Chip holds the picture out to Sparky. "Look, Sparky! It's Gadget, remember? You wouldn't hurt Gadget, would you? You wouldn't hurt someone you love (says closed-captioning; some say it sounds like 'like'), would you?" Sparky looks dazed and lovey, leaning towards the picture. His paws drop near the ground, and he releases the wires. They twist themselves around his ankles, and he gets electrocuted, and is sent into the air. He falls down, unconscious. "Sparky! Sparky!" Chip asks, touching the rat's head.

Cut to a Buzz's eye view of the sewer system. "Crikey!" Monty says. "Where do you suppose this heap of hardware is headed?"

Gadget answers, "Golly! I don't know, but it was Professor Nimnul who programmed Buzz, so I'm sure he's going someplace he doesn't belong."

Monty approaches Buzz. "Sorry t' spoil your fun, mate, but it's time to pull the plug!" Monty removes one of the three wires connected to Buzz's helmet. "Now what?" The guinea pig starts walking on two legs, causing the robot to do the same, which tilts the robot, seining everyone on board flying into the back. Buzz walks out of the sewers and into traffic.

"You must have reprogrammed Buzz!" says Gadget, hugging Monty. Buzz goes up a building. "We have to get Buzz back into the sewer before he hurts someone!"

"Yeah, like us!" Monty notes.

"I'd better hook him back up the way he was," says Gadget, plugging in two wires to the helmet. (Incidentally, she plugs in the two wires which Monty did NOT disconnect; the other is in place! The conveyor belt also plays some games...)

"Guess we'll just have to find out where we're goin' when we get there," Monty decides. "Whoa!" Buzz scales down the building, sending the Rangers into the back of the robot again. The robot jumps into the sewer. A couple sewer guys scream and jump out of a manhole.

Back at the bank, a singed Sparky comes to. "Uhh...what are we doing here?"

We thought you'd tell us!" Chip says.

"Yeah!" Dale replies. "Why did you turn on that alarm?"

"There was a robbery?" guesses Sparky.

"How could there be a robbery?" asks Chip. "We're the only ones here!"

Suddenly, the file cabinet they're on is pushed up from the ground, and the robot comes up through the floor. "It's Nimnul's robot!" observes Chip once the file cabinet has hit the ground, on its side. The robot sniffs the ground. Then, its head opens, and Gadget, Zipper, and Monty poke out.

"Howdy, mates!" Monterey greets the others. The robot walks some more. "Quick! Short-circuit it!" Monty says.

"We can't!" says Gadget the ventriloquist. "Remember what happened last time?"

Buzz starts chomping, and the robot chomps through a metal door, sending the robot Rangers flying to the ground.

"Gadget!" shouts Dale.

"Are you all right?" Chip asks.

Sparky smiles. "Oh. Would somebody mind telling me what's goin' on?"

"Professor Nimnul is a crook!" says Gadget. "He programmed you and Buzz to rob banks for him!"

Buzz's robot keeps chomping. Sparky is shocked, and holds his head, gasping. "He used science for evil purposes? Why, I'll pulverize that robot of his into atomic particles!"

He rolls up his sleeves and tries to stomp off, but Gadget catches him by the tail. "Hold it, Sparky. That's Rescue Ranger work. We'd better let Chip and Dale handle it. They're the best!"

"We are?" ask Chip and Dale. "We are!" they decide. Chip puts his arm around Dale.

"She likes us!" Dale notes.

"Let's go!" says Chip. "We've got a job to do!" The chipmunks run past the robot and grab the alarm clock from the desk. "Come on. Help me carry this!" Chip says. "Buzz found the bank because he's programmed to follow the sound of the alarm. So we're setting off our own alarm!" says Chip as he winds the clock. The clock rings.

"Golly! You did it!" says Gadget. Buzz stays still, although the robot is still chomping away.

"Yeah!" laughs Dale.

"We sure did!" adds Chip. The robot suddenly spins around to face the clock and the chipmunks.

"Uh-oh!" they say.

"Here!" Dale runs off, handing the clock to Chip, who follows.

"Hey! Wait for me!" Showing true bravery and teamwork, Chip hands the clock to Dale, saying, "You forgot this!"

Dale hands the clock back, saying, "Not me!"

"Move yer tails, mates!" Monty yells, running through the vent with the others. Zipper holds it open for the chipmunks.

"It's for you!" Dale hands the clock back to Chip again. Zipper lets go of the vent and zips through the shaft himself.

Outside, Gadget says, "Whew! We made it!"

"Not quite," smiles Sparky. "Remember, NOTHING can stop a motivated guinea pig."

Buzz smashes through a wall. Chip hands the clock to Dale, and they both run off.

"Ah!" Nimnul says, checking his watch. "Time to reap the rewards of my--my robot! Wait! What are you doing out here?"

Chip and Dale exchange the clock some more. Chip grins wickedly, seeing Nimnul. "Hey! Give that back, " he says to Dale, who is glad to oblige. Chip throws the clock at Nimnul. "Happy birthday!" he says.

The clock lands in Nimnul's pocket. "Huh? What? No! Go back! No-how-hoo!" Nimnul screams, running off as Buzz chases him.

"Go get 'im, Buzzy, boy!" Sparky cheers. "Now there goes one motivated guinea pig!" Gadget grins.

Cut to the Ranger tree. Sparky knocks on the door. Gadget answers. "Sparky! Buzz!" Gadget looks delighted.

The two lab animals are wearing duffel bags. "I caught up with 'im after the alarm clock wound down," Sparky grins.

"We just stopped to say goodbye," Buzz adds.

"Buzz and I signed up for a new science lab at MIT." Sparky says.

Gadget has a flirty-looking smile on her face, her arms behind her back and her eyes half-closed.

Dale pops out enthusiastically. "Great! When do you leave?" Gadget looks surprised. Chip bonks Dale on the head, making Gadget look angry.

"Oh, that's okay, I... can understand if you don't like me, " Sparky says. "In fact, I was wondering why you two didn't run off and leave me at the bank."

"Well, we were a little jealous at first," says Chip, rubbing the back of his head, "but we understand if Gadget likes you better than us." Chip scuffs the ground with his foot. Gadget smiles, looking flattered, and puts her paws on her cheeks.

"Golly, don't be silly! No one could ever replace YOU!" She points at Chip, then Dale, then hugs them both (facing Chip, then Dale, then Chip again), with only the back of her head showing, and a lot of rustling noises. (So many noises, I could've SWORN she kissed them, until I watched the episode a few times!) The two chipmunks look lovestruck.

"You hear that? She said no one could ever replace me," Dale smiles.

"You? She said no one could replace me!" The two chipmunks argue again.

Notes: I really can't get much across about Sparky's character; his voice and stammering did a lot more than just his words did. (He has a fair resemblance to the scientist in "Back to the Future," really.) I think he and Gadget make a cute couple...if only he wasn't so absent-minded... This episode pretty much sums up what I think about Gadget and the chipmunks' 'relationship,' but then, that's because I personally don't think she belongs with either! Anyway, judge for yourself.


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