Fake Me to Your Leader

Episode written by Mark Edens

Translated with joy by Jeffrey Wikstrom

It's a pleasant spring day at the city park, so of course Gadget has spent all morning in her workshop, creating some kind of rocket. Although it has an engine--it looks like it's powered by baking soda and vinegar--it's designed to be launched by an elastic cord, so Gadget needs Monty to set it up. She asks Zipper to go find him--the boys are out enjoying the day--but Zipper claims he can do it himself.

"Are you sure you're strong enough Zipper? Zipper!" Gadget looks skeptical, but doesn't try to stop Zipper as he pulls back the elastic band, loses control, and sends himself and the rocket into the air. The ignition systems (I assume the thing is supposed to have ignition systems) fail to function, and they go flying.

"Hurry, Monterey! We're going to miss the test flight!" Dale shouts to Monty as Chip leads them through the park back to the Tree. Sadly, the test flight doesn't miss them: the rocket crashes squarely into the group. Picking themselves up from the wreckage, the three guys chastise Zipper for trying to launch the rocket without them.

"You should have waited for us," Chip tells him.

"Yeah, you're too puny for this type of job," Dale agrees tactlessly.

"Don't forget," Monty says as he pats Zipper patronizingly on the head, "You're just a wee little dodger."


Later, Zipper works out to the tunes of a heavily synthesized Eighties music. He even runs around for a while on a turntable (which, judging by the scale, must play very, very short songs), but keeps losing his balance, stumbling, et cetera. Not a very good performance from the Strongest Fly in the World. Monty looks in on him after a few minutes--"Looky there; me pally is trying to build up his body. Looks like it's his confidence that needs building up."

Putting thought to deed, Monterey "dumber than a bag of hammers" Jack decides the best way to cheer Zipper up and build his self-confidence is with a practical joke. He's making an ultralight set of barbells by affixing painted-black balloons to a pencil when Dale surprises him mid-blow.

"Hey Monterey, where's the party?" Dale asks him.

Monty, apparently easily shaken, nearly has a stroke with his balloon. "Never sneak up on me like that, pally! You can't tell how I might react!"

"Uh, sorry Monterey. Whatcha doing?"

"Poor little Zip's feeling a mite low so I thought I'd boost him up, if you know what I mean."

"Oh, I get it. Here, let me help Whoops!" Dale snatches the black paintbrush out of Monty's hand and waves it around-and straight into Chip's face, as he walks up behind him.

Dripping with paint, Chip understandably asks what the big idea is. Dale, ever one to laugh at another's misfortunes, laughs at his misfortunes for a bit, then points at him and says "You look funny."


A quick paint-dry and fedora-dry-clean later Monty calls Zipper into the room. "Hey Zipper! Give me a lift with this, will yas? Me workout tuckered me out, and I can't carry it back to the gym by meself."

'Why don't you ask Chip or Dale to help you? They're standing right behind you, and either of them easily outmasses me by a factor of ten,' Zipper doesn't say. Instead, he excitedly grabs the pencil-and-balloons, puts his back into it, and lifts it clear out the window. Poor fella. Victim of forces he can neither control nor understand.

Dale, who at this point (about two minutes into the episode) has been well-established as an insensitive lout, laughs at him. "Sorry pal. No hard feelings?" Monty says, realizing just how stupid his idea was. Zipper doesn't accept the apology, however, and wanders morosely off by himself (again).

"I think we hurt the little bloke's feelings," Monty sadly tells Chip and Dale.

The Rangers watch as Zipper sits on the license plate of a wrecked car as it is towed off, and rides out of the park.


Meanwhile, in a totally different cartoon, a butterfly hovers near a flower growing out of an old tire in a junkyard. But wait! We're still in the Ranger universe after all--for Nimnul has turned up, and netted the harmless butterfly. "Too colorful," he scowls. "There's never a disgusting little bug around when you need one." He sets the butterfly go, then spots some pillbugs crawling under an old board. "Ooh! Ugly little bugs! Once I turn my Gigantigro gun on them, they'll be ugly BIG bugs!" With 20/20 hindsight, Nimnul realizes he forgot to bring his raygun, and runs off into a shack to fetch it.

Meanwhile (again), the wrecker, with Zipper in tow, arrives at the junkyard. Zipper hops down, landing on a pillbug. This irritates both of them, and the pack of pillbugs is just starting to come down on Zipper when Nimnul reappears, cackling "This should get a rise out of them!" he laughs. Nimnul shoots Zipper and the pillbugs with the gun, making them all woozy. He scoops up the pillbugs into a mayonnaise jar as Zipper makes his way home.


The effects of the growth ray seem to include dizziness, but this doesn't explain Zipper's sporting a snazzy pair of Roy Orbison sunglasses when he returns to the Ranger Tree. The other Rangers were worried about him:

"There he is now," a hatless Chip observes.

"Welcome home, Zipper." Gadget says.

"We you might be down in the dumps, mate." Monty says.

"Yeah," Dale the Clod adds by way of apology. "We didn't mean to say you were too puny." Chip claps a hand over Dale's mouth.

Solicitous, Monty has "whipped up one of my specialties, to build up yer muscles. Melon ala Monterey! This'll put some meat on your bones." He unveils a pile of pinkish paste in a tiny watermelon-rind half. Gourmet cuisine for flies: Zipper wolfs it down, then settles in for a quick nap in the rind, to Monty's surprise.

"I think he looks bigger already," Chip says approvingly.

"You know," Gadget observes, "he does look different."

"Could be the sunglasses," offers Dale.


Back at the junkyard, Nimnul has stuck the pillbugs, now the size of cans of Mister Pibb, in an old rabbit hutch. Pillbugs that *eat wood* in an old, *wooden* rabbit hutch. Norton just isn't that bright. He feeds the pillbugs some paneling for lunch, which they eat ravenously. Measuring them, Nimnul decides the bugs haven't grown large enough, and gives them a second shot with the raygun.


While Zipper naps, the rest of the Rangers are hauling the wreckage of the rocket back up to Headquarters. In a scene right out of "The Secret of NIMH," the Rangers coordinate with a 'heave! ho! heave! ho!" The rocket is about halfway up when Zipper arrives. He's about the same size as Monty, and much stronger proportionally. The plucky little fellow flies up to under the rocket and lifts it the rest of the way in a flash.

"Zipper!" Gadget gasps as Zipper strikes a strongman pose, kissing his biceps. "You're bigger than I am! And you're stronger than Monterey Jack!"

"Crikey!" Monty gasps from the ground below. "That melon rind really did put meat on his bones."

"It couldn't make him grow that big!" Chip gasps.

"Maybe he isn't growing!" Dale gasps. "Maybe we're shrinking!"

"Don't be silly!" Chip bursts out in exasperation. "The only thing shrinking is your brain!"

"He's grown bigger than a horsefly, and with twice the horse-power!" Monty continues as Dale raspberries Chip


Outside Nimnul's shack, the mad scientist is extracting an inner tube from an old tire when he hears the pillbugs making noises inside. Rushing in, he sees that the *wood-eating* pillbugs have somehow manages to escape the *wooden* cage he kept them in. Further, they've grown to truly epic proportions, 80-Page Giants to Nimnul's Archie Comic Digest frame, and are devouring the contents of the building.

"What are you trying to do, eat me out of house and home?! I'd better slow down their growth rate!" Nimnul grabs his gun and switches to STOP mode, then zaps the pillbugs, causing that same dizziness and disorientation.

One of the pillbugs is angered by this: it grabs a cudgel of wood and waves it at Nimnul. "A bitter pillbug, eh? This'll cut you down to size!" Nimnul gloats. He switches the gun to REVERSE and shrinks the pillbug down to normal size, then threatens to stomp it. The other pillbugs quickly submit.

This distraction dealt with, Nimnul sets to work filling his new inner tube with helium from a disused helium tank. Fortunately for Nimnul, there's enough helium in the tank to balloon the tube up to the size of the building, smashing all the interior contents and the exterior walls. How all that was kept in one disused helium tank I don't know.


Back at the Tree, Gadget has just finished a cursory examination of Zipper and applies some truly Aristotelian and empirical judgment to her conclusions. "So far everything points to the same cause the reason that Zipper has gotten so big," she says authoritatively, "is because he's growing very fast!"

"Isn't there some way to make him stop growing?" a still-hatless Chip asks.

Gadget adjusts her stethoscope. "I'll have to run some more tests." Listening to Zipper's pulse, she asks him to "hold your breath and flap your wings."

Since Zipper is at this point roughly the size of the Ranger Wing, his wings have as much power as a house fan. The Rangers all go flying.

Panicking, Dale grabs at the television, switching it on as he flies by. Gadget shouts for Zipper to stop and the Rangers all land on the floor as Stan Blather begins a report:

"And now this bulletin: the mayor has agreed to meet with the leader of the space creatures" is all he gets out before Dale turns the television off.

"Space creatures?!" Chip is interested. He turns the TV back on.


On the television, we see the giant pillbugs, accessorized with various pieces of junk. One has a small radio on a medallion around its neck. Out of this comes Nimnul's voice: "You must give us fuel for our spaceship! We need ten tons of the substance you Earthlings call 'gold.'"

"Ten tons of gold?!" The mayor is outraged. "Now see here" He waves a rolled up piece of paper at the lead pillbug, who leans over and eats it.

"They're attacking the mayor!" shouts the chief of police.

"This is a job for the military!" snaps an almost-identical man in a green uniform. He grabs a walkie-talkie from the chief and issues an order to fire.

From all around the area, tanks and machine guns spit out death. Unfortunately, the general didn't issue an order to aim first, so none of the shots come near the pillbugs, who roll up as pillbugs are wont to do. It's really not needed. There's a lot of collateral damage, though.

"All right men, cease fire!" the general eventually orders as bullets whiz by.

"Bring us the gold, or an army of invincible aliens will invade the earth!" Nimnul gloats over his radio. He's high above the battle, in a mocked-up flying saucer fashioned from an old school bus and a HUGE, helium-filled inner tube.

"Holy smokes, these space creatures there's no telling what kind of havoc they can and will create," Stan Blather says, concluding the report.


"There's something strange about those space creatures," Chip, now with his hat, begins.

"Yeah, that voice was awfully familiar," Dale agrees as Monty scratches his chin.

"And one of them is wearing the tailfin from a '59 Studebaker." says Gadget.

"We'd better get down to City Hall and take a closer look! Rescue Rangers away!"

Chip leads the Rangers out of the tree to where Gadget has set up the rocket. Zipper, however, can't fit through the door any more and bursts through, making a large hole. As he looks around in dismay Gadget reassures him that it's not important.

Zipper hurries over to the rocket and tries to land on it, as he usually lands on the Ranger vehicles. Again forgetting his larger size, he crushes it.

"Zipper!" comes the chorus.

"Great," mutters Chip. "Now how are we supposed to get to City Hall?"


Shortly the Rangers are riding Zipper through the city. They fit pretty well, as Dale says "it's the only way to fly!"

Oddly enough, in that no one ever notices the bleach bottle/balloon contraption roughly the same size, the pedestrians below scream at the giant fly. "Must be one of those aliens!" cries one, dropping his lunch.

The police are immediately on the scene. "Attention all cars, we have an unidentified flying object!"

"We'd better get out of here!" Chip shouts, and they're off with a black-and-white close behind.

"Careful pal," Monty admonishes Zipper. "You ain't exactly equipped with seat belts." But on a tight turn the rodent members of the team all go flying, as the cops continue the chase on foot. When they open fire on Zipper the Rangers can only look on, horrified. The giant fly flees into a clothing store, where he finds he is trapped by the police, including the SWAT team. We cut to commercials as the SWAT captain informs Zipper he has one minute to surrender.


You know, when I was a kid and saw this for the first time in 1989, I thought 'SWAT team' was some kind of joke. I didn't know they really existed. I mean, it is a pun, but never mind.


Coming back from commercials the SWAT captain tells Zipper he has fifteen seconds to surrender. Hoping to help their teammate, the Rangers run into the clothing store seconds ahead of the cops, but get lost in revolving door.

Zipper has used his fifteen seconds to put on a fedora, scarf, and overcoat. From a distance he looks mostly like a regular guy, except a) he has no arms, legs, or abdomen and b) he's green. He hides in the racks as the SWAT team moves in.

One of the SWAT cops sneaks through the store-he does a double take as he notices Zipper. "Excuse me sir," he asks, not realizing Zipper is his quarry, "Have you seen some kind of alien creature around here?"

Zipper, his wings beating madly under the coat, shakes his head no.

"You better clear out then; he could be dangerous." The world's least observant police officer wanders off as Zipper escapes the store.

The Rangers make it back inside at the same time. "Oh no!" Gadget cries. She sees the police appear to have cornered Zipper in a changing booth.

"Get ready men," the chief of police crows triumphantly. "This is the last place he could be!"

The chief throws back the curtain on the booth. We hear a woman scream and all the police blush. "Sorry, ma'am." Zipper has cunningly eluded the foolish humans.


Back outside the Rangers regroup. "This is going to happen every time people see Zipper," Chip says thoughtfully as Zipper spots them and flies up behind them.

"He's a little too big to fit in Ranger Headquarters," Dale points out.

"Then he's just going to have to go away until he shrinks back to normal size." Here Chip shows a lack of tact. Would it have been so difficult to say "We'll have to find someplace for him to lay low," or something similar? Zipper understandably takes this to mean "I can't be bothered with Zipper's puny problems right now; I have detective novels to read and Gadget to flirt unsuccessfully with! Maybe we can take this opportunity to ditch him!"

Regardless, Zipper gets all mopey and buzzes off, not hearing Gadget voice her concern that he may never stop growing.


The Rangers apparently can't find Zipper, since in the next scene they've returned to the Tree.

"Zipper, old pal?" Monty calls. "I thought for sure he'd come back here."

"Well, we don't have time to look for him now," Chip says decisively. Chip clearly has better things to do than worry about the welfare of a teammate. He turns on the TV and lounges in front of the screen.


On the television Stan Blather has the latest news on the alien landing. "The armored cars have begun to arrive and the ten tons of gold have begun to be unloaded. Meanwhile, the aliens have asked for thousands of travel brochures, so they can learn more about our planet.

Up on the 'flying saucer' we see the brochures serve a dual purpose: the five pillbugs are eating them while Nimnul wonders about the price of gold in Brazil. A pillbug wanders over and eats his brochure, causing Nimnul to comically whap his lackey.


As the sun sets the Rangers, sans Zipper of course, fly the Ranger Plane up to the rubber spaceship. After a bumpy landing behind the derelict-bus chassis, Chip hops out. "This flying saucer is made out of rubber!" he cries. "Do you know what that means?"

Dale jumps out, bouncing off of Chip's head in a few frames intimately familiar to all of us from the opening montage. "Duh, it's dishwasher safe?"

"No, stupid! It means it's not a real spaceship!" Chip takes a moment out from seeing to his Dale-crushed fedora to bonk Dale on the head. "Why are you so stupid, Dale? Is it the paint chips you eat every morning? Why?! Why why why why why?! I just can't take it any more!"

Chip takes a moment out from seeing to his Dale-crushed fedora to bonk Dale on the head. Gadget, rather than (as we might expect) comment on Chip's offhanded dismissal of rubber as a spaceworthy material, instead focuses admirably on the here and now. "We need to find some way inside it," she says to Monty.

"Here, what about this door?" Monty turns thought to deed and kicks down the bus's emergency exit, failing to heed the protestations of Gadget and Chip.

Of course, he triggers the bus's still-functioning emergency exit alarms "Woo! Woo! Woo!"

As the Rangers stand in the doorway, apparently stunned by Monty's idiocy, one of the hungry-looking giant pillbugs scoops them up in a butterfly net. Sadly, his efforts go totally unrewarded, as Nimnul bonks him with a rolled-up newspaper, then slams a car hood on his head. "If I'd wanted to catch rodents, I'd have robocized a cat! Now get down there and get my gold and don't stop to eat on the way!" Nimnul's normally cheery, buoyant demeanor seems marred by the stress of his elaborate scam. (Honest, he says 'robocized.' I don't know why.)

"Nimnul!" Chip gasps.

"Stowaways, eh? Well, I'll stow you away in here!" 'Here' in this case is the derelict bus's glove compartment, which is surprisingly roomy.


Back on the ground, Stan Blather makes another report. We hear him explain that the aliens are taking the last of the gold into their spaceship, and the alien leader is making a final announcement.

The TV camera moves from a shot of the platform loaded with gold rising up to the lead pillbug, who holds the voder-like speaker. Nimnul's voice crackles out of the speaker.

"People of Earth," he intones, "We thank you for giving us the gold we need, and for not making us destroy your planet to get it." Nimnul is up in the bus, gloating, obviously in his element.

Meanwhile, the Rangers discuss their options in the very spacious glove compartment. "We've got to let everybody know this is one of Nimnul's tricks," Chip says.

"Maybe we can get out through this hole!" Dale has an idea. We should congratulate him, but instead we shake our heads in wonder as Dale succeeds only in disfiguring himself by trying to cram his cranium through the keyhole of the huge glove compartment. "Maybe not."

At this point, I know, in the original version of this episode, something else happens. Maybe I should capitalize that-Something Else. But the version I have, well, it's not quite so interesting.

"Zipper could get through," Gadget points out. Her face falls as she recalls that she's talking utter tripe. "I mean the *old* Zipper," she adds.

Monty displays his experience (saving Gadget from having to display *her* experience) and picks the lock with his tail, freeing the Rangers. "When using your head won't work, you've got to try your other end," he quips.

Bursting out of the glove compartment, the Rangers see Nimnul is just finishing up his radio address. "We'll be back, the next time we run out of money, um, fuel."

The Rangers waste no time in getting to the microphone and shouting warnings to the humans far below. Before they can learn how successful they are, Nimnul swats them with his rolled-up newspaper.

Rolling a critical success on their dodge rolls, the Rangers end up hiding inside the newspaper, evading Nimnul. "Hmm, now where did they go?" the supervillain wonders. "Ah, I'll find them later." With that, he throws the newspaper back behind him, not hearing the grunts of pain coming from it as it impacts onto the bus floor.


Also that evening, in a totally different cartoon, cookie factory security guards Don Knotts and Mario the Plumber have a problem. "I wonder what happened to that truckload of cookies they baked today," Don muses, his voice reminiscent of a bad Nicholson impression. In the back of the warehouse we see Zipper, now the size of a mobile home, looking satiated.

The guards aren't exactly perfectionists, and after a few seconds of shining their flashlights around they wander over to the break room, where a TV is displaying Stan Blather's continuing coverage of humanity's first contact with extraterrestrial life forms.

"Just minutes ago we made the first recording of the alien--"

"Hey! It's some more stuff about the aliens!"

"Although we haven't translated it yet, here is what their language sounds like." What follows is a high-speed babble of chipmunk and mouse speech, totally unintelligible to human ears. Zipper, however, understands it perfectly, and, realizing his friends are aboard the alien ship, flies off to their rescue, breaking a hole in the cookie factory roof.


Back on the rubber spaceship, the pillbugs are loading the ten tons of gold into the luggage compartment of the bus. Inside, Nimnul is starting to wonder what happened to his mortal enemies, the mice and chipmunks who got away.

Still in the tightly-rolled newspaper, the Rangers begin to take action: Monty's legs stick out the bottom and Dale's head out the top as the rolled-up newspaper begins moving around the bus floor. Lord only knows what Chip and Gadget are doing in there.

"Yipe!" Dale sees they are about to crash into one of the pillbugs. "Let's get out of here!" he calls down to Monterey. The newspaper changes course, and almost hits another pillbug.

Chip suddenly surfaces, scratching his head lazily. "What's going on up here?" he asks Dale. Dale turns and points at the giant pillbugs who have encircled the rolled-up newspaper. We cut to commercial as Chip undoubtedly wishes he'd stayed below decks, dying comfortably in Gadget's arms, or at least standing on her shoulders.



Back from the break we see very little has changed. Pillbugs lean in on Chip 'n Dale, biting at the newspaper. As chunks of newspaper get eaten, the situation inside grows cramped. "Who's got his foot in my eye!" Monty bellows as Gadget pops up beside Chip. Things look bleak for the Rangers.

Meanwhile, Nimnul is ready to git. He changes the destination marquee on the bug from EARTH to RIO DE JANERO and ignites engines. Will our heroes become South American Pillbug Chow?

Salvation comes in a salvo of shots from the Gigantigro gun. "I won't need them anymore," the evil scientist cackles.

"They're just ordinary pillbugs!" Gadget observes.

"I'll bet that's how Zipper got so big!" Chip says.

"And now to cut you down to size!" Nimnul turns on the last of the pillbugs. He's about to fire when he catches sight of Zipper, sitting atop the bus. "Leaping Leopodoctora! It's a fifty-foot fly!"

As the Rangers free themselves from the remainder of the newspaper and the last of the pillbugs rolls up into a little ball, Nimnul tries evasive action. The ship, with Nimnul at the helm and Zipper grasping the rear, flies a crazy corkscrew path above the city. It gets snared by a skyscraper's lightning rod, which pokes a hole in the rubber helium balloon which supplies lift.

The bus lurches roughly, and the Rangers, still partially stuck in the newspaper, go flying out the emergency exit. They fall at a rate of thirty-two feet per second per second, until Gadget manages to fold the newspaper into an airplane, which glides to safety.

Just a few seconds later, all the gas escapes from the rubber and the bus falls to earth. Nimnul hops out at the last possible second, activating a parachute he held in reserve for just this contingency. Poor Zipper gets entangled in the flaccid rubber.


Far below, Stan Blather is still covering events. "A giant alien creature has appeared in skies over the city, and appears to be flying--" he pauses as everyone around him scatters. "Make that falling!" Blather, displaying emotion for the first time, flees for his life as the heavy gold ingots and the derelict bus (and the late, lamented Ranger Plane) falls from the heavens.

Zipper also crashes, falling much faster than Nimnul. He appears stunned briefly, but recovers quickly enough to catch Mad Norton as he makes his own way down. "The advantage to being a genius is that you think of everything--well, almost everything." To Nimnul's credit, it's hard to predict that your plans will be ruined by a giant fly.

As Zipper looks around, he sees that the police and military have him surrounded. A tank rolls up and starts firing on him on one side, a half-dozen squad cars on the other. Zipper starts climbing up the side of a skyscraper, still holding Nimnul. Maybe he sprained his wings in the fall.

Finally landing, the Rangers see that the Gigantigro gun has survived the crash intact. "We can use Nimnul's raygun to get Zipper back to normal!" cries Chip. The four of them grab the gun and make their way to the skyscraper, not noticing that that last of the giant pillbugs is hiding under a parked car.

As Zipper climbs all the way to the roof, Chip realizes they've got to get to the top floor. Sadly, none of the Rangers can reach the buttons in the building's elevator. "If Zipper were here, he could fly up and push those buttons," Gadget says sadly.

Zipper reaches the top of the building. Helicopters swarm around him.

At this point Monty does something smart for the first time in the episode. He runs over to a potted plant and shoves it in front of the elevator control panel. "Here you go, mate," he says to Dale. "Just like Jack and the Beanstalk!"

Dale scampers up the plant and pushes the button for the roof, and the Rangers start moving up. They arrive just in time to see a missile fired from a helicopter knock the needlelike top of the skyscraper completely free. Zipper and Nimnul go flying well, plummeting.

The Rangers point the gun down to Zipper and fire. In mid-plummet, Zipper goes from fifty feet to less than an inch. He looks sheepishly at Nimnul for a moment, then flies off.

Nimnul doesn't panic, however. He grasps the rubber tire that was wrapped around Zipper and pulls out a bicycle pump. Working it furiously, he manages to create a soft cushion for himself to land on. Bouncing off the tire, he falls through an open manhole and into the sewers.


A ways off from the action, Stan Blather is just wrapping up his report. "The aliens and their spaceship have vanished into the air, leaving the gold behind. Was this entire incident just a monstrous hoax? We may never know." Man, these people are stupid.

Nimnul crawls up out of the sewers and into a parked car. Lucky for him the keys are in the ignition. "They may have foiled my plan, but they won't get me! The fools ran from a bunch of stupid pillbugs!" In the back seat of the car, the last of the pillbugs holds a rolled-up newspaper menacingly. Nimnul hasn't seen him yet. The stolen car speeds off, the roar of its engines punctuated by Nimnul's occasional groan as he gets whapped...

Up on the rooftops, the Rangers are overjoyed to see their friend alive and of normal size, some three thousand millimeters away. (My little joke.) "Zipper, old pal! Welcome back, mate!" Monty gives him a big hug, with both hands.

"We just weren't a team without you, Zipper," Gadget adds.

"She's right," Dale agrees. "We could use somebody just your size."

"Of course, if you were a wee bit bigger you could fly us off of here!"

Pull back from the rooftop, fade to black.



I propose that this is that fabled episode in which the Ranger Plane is destroyed and subsequently replaced by the Ranger Wing. First we see Gadget experimenting with a rocket vehicle, and second we see (all right, we don't *see,* but come on!) the Ranger Plane smashed to bits as Nimnul's spaceship crashes.

Also, the density of gold (one of the heaviest of metals) is 19.3 grams per cubic centimeter. Ten tons of gold is 9 070 000 grams, about. That's 470 000 cubic centimeters, or, as near as I can tell, about a third of the volume of gold apparently loaded into the ship.

I won't even go into the limited lifting power of helium.


Man, these things take a long time to transcribe, considering.


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