Adventures In Squirrelsitting

Episode written by Dev Ross and Tad Stones

Summarized by Byron 'TheBoz' Crowe and Julie Bihn


Fat Cat is in what look like the back half of a toy car trailer: it has two wooden handles screwed to the side, with the rat sidekick, Snout, pulling. He is laughing. Following close behind are the Rescue Rangers in another half roller skate with basically the same configuration as Fat Cat's. The only one not in the skate is Monterey who is pulling. The Rangers are wearing red and black 'Chinese' clothing. They take them off to reveal their normal clothes underneath, except for Dale, who keeps his Chinese hat. "Fat Cat's pulling away!" cries Chip. "Not for long, pally," replies Monterey.

"Give it up you Rescue Rodents! The Maltese mouse is mine!" taunts Fat Cat, laughing. Monterey pulls the Rangers along side. "No way, Fat Cat," says Dale. "It's going back to the museum where it belongs," adds Chip. Fat Cat grins and snaps his fingers. His claws pop out, and he takes a swipe at Dale, who gets out of the way in time but his hat gets sliced to shreds, which blow away. Up ahead is a man hosing down the street, and Fat Cat and the Rangers are both heading towards the pile of hose that's on the pavement.

"Monty! Stop us!" cries out Gadget,.

"I'd love to Gadget, but my brakes are out!" exclaims Monterey, skidding on the puddle of water that is on the pavement. Zipper grabs the trailing end of Monterey's coat and pulls frantically in a vain attempt to slow them down.

Fat Cat's puller hits the pile of hose and goes flying up into the air, pulling Fat Cat along too. Monterey trips on the hose and goes head first into the center of the hose pile; the skate with the other Rangers in it continues over his head and lands on the pavement, pulling Monterey along with it. Monterey ends up pushing instead of pulling, and also lands on the pavement still running. Fat Cat looks back at the Rangers "Wonderful, We'll lose them in the traffic."

"But-But Boss!" stammers Snout. Fat Cat leans forward and glares at Snout. "Get going!" he threatens. The sidekick gulps but does as he is told, running across the road, and, with cars skidding all around them, makes it to the other side of the road. The Rangers follow with a cry of "Yikes! Hang on mates!" from Monterey as a car nearly runs them over.

They all continue running on the other side of the road. Gadget pulls her plunger Elevator(tm) out from somewhere and sits it on Chip's shoulder (who looks decidedly uncomfortable), and with a cay of "Steady! Steady!" fires it. The plunger arcs through the air and lands on the Maltese Mouse and pulls it right out of Fat-Cat's grasp. "Wyyh!" he gasps as Gadget winds the plunger in. The two chipmunks catch the Maltese Mouse when it land in their laps. "My mouse!" cries Fat Cat reaching for it. As he is doing so Snout stammers " B, B, Boss!" as he hits an opening panel in the pavement and goes flying off the edge of the screen tacking Fat Cat with him. The panel has opened another two notches when the Rangers hit it, also sending them flying off the screen.

The scene changes to one of a mother squirrel wearing a long light purple dress and a white apron hanging out washing on the line and humming to herself. Scene where the Rangers are spinning through the air. Change back to the mother squirrel hanging out the washing, two young squirrels, a teen-age one and a toddler run out of a door behind her, the first one (Tammy) is wearing a loose-looking pink shirt and a pair of purple trousers and had a long orange pony tail and the other(Bink) is wearing a light blue dress and a nappy; it can be seen she has short yellow hair. "Stay close kids and keep out of trouble!" advised there mother. Just as the kids leave the screen the Rangers come crashing in and hit the washing line and pull Mrs. Squirrel through the door ("Ahhh!").

Scene change to inside the squirrel residence, the Rangers are hiddle piggly all over the floor, Chip and Dale are next to the Maltese Mouse, Dale is up-side down, and the room is a mess, "We did it!" exclaims Chip. "We saved the Maltese Mouse," adds Dale, shaking Chip's paw (while still on his head).

From outside comes a scream "Put us down! Mamma, help!" Mrs. Squirrel gives a start "My babies!" she screams. She and all the Rangers run outside and look around, Mrs. Squirrel looks up and gasps. We see Fat Cat.

"So glad you're prompt; I wouldn't want to to keep the little ones hanging, Ha Ha Ha!" Zoom out to see Fat-Cat holding Tammy and Bink by their tails; he is sitting on high tree branch. "Quite a dilemma isn't it my ridiculous Rangers; save the kiddies or keep the statue." He lets go of Tammy and Bink and catches them before they fall very far. "Oops!" All the Rangers gasp, "Mamma!" cries Tammy.

"Go ahead, give it to him," says Chip.

Monterey (who had been holding the statue) mutters but gives it to one of Fat Cat's sidekicks. "Hand it over rat-bag!" snarls the sidekick.

"Now let them go, Fat Cat!" says Dale.

"Ahh, your wish is my command," says Fat Cat, letting go of Tammy and Bink. Chip runs forward and catches Tammy, both rolling along the branch.

Dale leaps to try to catch Bink but Bink lands on Dale (knocking him flat) and bounces up into Monterey's arms. "You're safe now princess; 'ole Monterey Jack has ya," he says and gets a relieved sigh and a smile back.

Scene changes to Tammy starting to get up. "Are you all right?" comes Chip's voice, Tammy looks up and sees Chip surrounded by a halo of light "You saved me! You're my hero!" she exclaims, giving Chip a big hug, Chip blushes(No.1).

"Fat Cat's gone!" says Dale.

"And he took the Maltese Mouse with him," adds Monterey.

The Rangers, Tammy, Bink and Mrs. Squirrel all walk into the Squirrel's house. Mrs. Squirrel looks at the mess and says, "You saved my girls.. how.. can.. I.. ever.. thank.. you..."

Bink bounces on a broken table and flips on to the floor. "Golly, this place is a mess," says Gadget,

"Really?" asks Chip. "Looks better than Dale's room."

Mrs. Squirrel looks less than amused. "Do you realize what you've done!?!? I have guests coming tonight!" she screams. "Binky!" Binky scuttles underneath a overturned sponge chair.

"Golly, this mess is our fault. Maybe we could offer to baby sit," Gadget whispers to the chipmunks.

Mrs. Squirrel pulls Bink out from underneath the chair. "What a marvelous idea; you can keep them the night. That way I can clean and entertain my guests."

Bink honks Dale's nose. "It'll be fun, a real adventure" she finishes.

"Mother I'm too old to be baby sat," protests Tammy, blushing. "But I'll go along to help Chipper with the baby." Chip blushes(No.2).

Scene fades to the Ranger Tree, then to the inside of the tree. Chip, Gadget, and Tammy are talking in the foreground, with Monterey and Dale chasing Bink in the background. As the scene changes Chip's voice can be heard, "And over here we monitor all sorts of news reports."

"I bet you invented all of this, didn't you Chipper," says Tammy.

"Actually, it was Gadget. She's a real genius," responds Chip, walking away. Tammy gives Gadget a dirty look, and Gadget just smiles. There is an announcer's voice coming from the TV. Dale and Monterey have chased Bink up the intertube slide in the middle of the room. Bink is wearing Dale's shirt and Monterey's hat and goggles (the said Rangers are not wearing them). Bink slips and goes sliding down, knocking Dale and Monterey's legs from under them Monterey and Dale end up in a pile, while Bink slides to safety.

Chip turns off the TV. "It's all so exciting Chipper, I want to see _everything_" says Tammy pulling Chip(er) away. Gadget giggles.

"Sure, but could you not call me Chipper." Tammy has pulled Chip to a doorway he stops and looks back. "Are you guys coming?" he asks.

"Be there in half a blink, Chip" replies Monterey who is trying to get his goggles back off Bink, Bink lets go and Monterey falls backwards.

Scene change, RR tree, kitchen. Tammy is dancing. "I could cook the most wonderful meals in a kitchen like this," she says, dancing over to Chip. "I'll learn all your favorite recipes." Chip frowns.

Monterey is standing next to a bench, "Monty," Bink can be heard saying; camera moves down. Bink is pointing to her mouth,

"Looks like the missy could do with a little bit of a snack," says Monterey picking her up and putting her on the bench.

Chip, Gadget and Tammy are standing near a doorway "OK, Gadget and I will show Tammy the workshop" says Chip, "Oh, Gadget doesn't have to come, Chipper," says Tammy. Gadget frowns. "It's her workshop," says Chip. Gadget grins. "And don't call me Chipper!" he adds. They walk out of the door.

Dale, Bink and Zipper are sitting at the table, Monterey walk over with a apple and puts it on the table, "I learned to slice an apple this way from a food-crazed ninja gerbil," says Monterey making ninja like hand gestures "Hiii Ya!" he cries as he swings his hand towards the apple but stops when the apple starts to shake and wobble. The apple then deflates like a balloon. When it is nearly flat Bink sticks her head out from under the deflated apple, and points to her mouth. Monterey gives Zipper a startled look.

Scene fades into Gadget's workshop; only Tammy and Chip can be seen. "Isn't Gadget the greatest! What a girl!" exclaims Chip, looking up.

Tammy isn't impressed. She crosses her arms "She's ok if you like that sort of person." The camera pans up to see Gadget walking across the ceiling with a pair of plungers tied to her feet, "Chipper, I'm sure there's much more exciting stuff to show me then Gadget's smelly old workshop," says Tammy, pulling Chip out of the room.

"Hey! Wait for me!" calls Gadget from the roof. She reaches up and unties the strings holding her and the plungers together. "Oh shoot!" she exclaims as she drops to the floor.

Scene change, kitchen bench, Zipper is hovering nearby, there is a piece of celery on the table. As the celery starts to disappear, off-screen, Dale and Monterey stick their heads up over the edge of the table. When the celery has all disappeared the camera moves down to where Bink is sitting on another piece of celery. She leans back and sighs. Camera moves to Monterey "I haven't seen an appetite like that since I fell in to a river of Amazon piranhas," he says.

Bink looks around restlessly, and sees the Ranger plane. She crawls into the plane with a "Wow!" (Monterey must have been distracted) and starts to play with the controls. The plane starts to flap its wings. As it starts the take-off sequence, running towards the launching pad, Bink looks about her excitedly.

Scene change, kitchen. "What!! You lost Bink?!?" Chip exclaims, glaring at at a mortified Monterey and Dale.

"No problem Chipper, there she is," says Tammy, pointing out the window. All the other Rangers gasp and look out too. The Ranger plane is spiraling up through the branches of the Ranger tree. Monterey and Dale scuttle up a branch after the plane.

Zipper zooms (Zipps??) towards the plane, and when he reaches it, hovers and crosses his arms. "I'm a pilot!" says Bink excitedly, looking at Zipper. Zipper flies over and takes a look at the Ranger Plane's controls (If you want a good view of all the controls, use the slow-mo button here. You can also appreciate all the time it must have taken Gadget to cut out the panel). He takes a second look and looks confused, he shrugs then dives into the plane pulling the yellow lever between the seats. The landing gear starts to move up and down.

Cut to Monterey and Dale running along a branch ."Hold on Bink!" cries Dale. "We'll save you!" At that moment one of the plungers on the plane's landing gear lands on his head, taking a firm grip and then lifting him off the branch. The same fate also lands on Monterey. Zipper, seeing this, flies from the edge of the plane back to the levers between them, and with a mighty effort swaps the positions of the levers (This _should_ have turned off the landing gear). He then flies over to the main panel and proceeds to push and pull every lever in sight. Dale and Monterey are still being pulled up and down via the plungers stuck to their heads.

"Look out!" calls Chip from a nearby branch as the plane climbs upwards. Right above them is a sharp branch which presses into the top of the balloon , causing it to pop, and explode into fragments. The Plane them zooms around as the balloon deflates until it flies in between a 'Y' shaped branch. The balloon catches on both sides of the balloon while the plane continues on. When the balloon is fully stretched the plane slows down and stops, only to go flying back the way it came due to the slingshot effect of the balloon. Monterey and Dale are still stuck to the bottom. Zipper holds on for dear life but Bink, hair streaming, just giggles. When the plane hits the 'Y' it stops and due to one of Newton's laws Bink and Zipper continue on.

"I've got you," cries Chip as Bink careenes into him, knocking him off the branch he was standing on. Chip is falling, holding onto Bink's leg. They are both screaming. Scene cut to Gadget, she is holding her Plunger Elevators(C) , she aims down and fires. The dart hits the tree below where Dale and Bink are falling and sticks, the string pulls tight. As Dale passes the string he grabs it and is bounced up and down, but saving him and Bink.

Scene change, RRHQ runway. Monterey still has one of the plungers stuck to his head; however the end is now removed. Gadget drips some oil into the top of the suction cup, and Zipper pulls it off. "This baby sitting business may end up killing us."

Chip is leaning easily against the Ranger Plane, and Tammy has her elbow on it, her hand resting in her hand, and pink hearts over her head. Gadget is cleaning off her paws with a rag. "Great shot, Gadget. That harpoon of yours saved the day!" The hearts above Tammy's head dissolve, and she glares, first at Chip, then at Gadget.

"Golly, thanks, Chip," smiles Gadget.

"But, Chipper!" says Tammy. "You were the brave one. So heroic!" She leans on Chip's shoulder, taking his arm.

"Oh, yeah, Chipper! So heroic!" mocks Monty, walking by, leaned back, with his hands clenched together.

"Isn't Chipper wonderful?" Dale skips by, hands together as well.

Chip looks at Tammy, whose eyes are closed (as she's still leaning on him) and glares.

Cut to Chip and Dale's bedroom, with a bunk bed frame made of Tinkertoys and corrugated cardboard, and sponge mattresses. A potted plant is in the corner, sitting on a spool of thread, and there is a dresser made of matchbooks rubber-banded together with a hand mirror behind it. Chip, Dale, Gadget, and Tammy are in the room; Bink is sleeping in the top bunk, and Chip isn't wearing his hat. "But, Chipper!" says Tammy. "We have Rescue Ranger stuff to do!"

Chip points at her accusingly. "YOU are not a Rescue Ranger. YOU are just a kid."

"But Chipper!"

"And don't call me Chipper!" Chip storms out, and Gadget and Dale look on, surprised and dismayed, as Tammy flops on the bed and buries her head in a pillow, crying.

"I am not a kid!" Dale and Gadget leave, Gadget shutting the door. (There is a framed picture on the wall which looks surprisingly like the silhouette of a cat.)

Tammy cries, then looks over. "I'll do something to prove to Chip that I can be every bit as good as Gadget."

Cut to the main room of Ranger HQ. Chip is sitting in a pincushion chair, arms folded, still hatless. "Those kids are a pain. I'll sure be glad when they're gone!"

"I'm surprised at you, Chip," Gadget says off-screen.

"Huh?" Chip is genuinely surprised.

"You hurt Tammy's feelings!" Gadget points angrily. "How could you be so hard on her?"

Dale bonks Chip on the head. "She likes you, you big dummy!"

"No! I was just--I mean, I--" All the other Rangers look at Chip angrily. Chip sighs.

Chip goes into the dark bedroom and sits on the bed next to a lump which is obviously not Tammy, and pats it repeatedly. "I'm, uh, sorry I was mean, Tammy," he says. "I like you, really. It's just that-- What?" He yanks the cover off, and a pillow is where Tammy should be. A note flies out, and Chip grabs it in his fist, then looks at it, concerned.

Back in the main room of Ranger Headquarters, Monty is sipping something from a teacup (one from a miniature shop, no doubt), Dale is reading something, and Gadget is happily bouncing Zipper on her paw. "Aah!" Chip screams, running into the room from the hallway. The Rangers all look out; Monty does a spit take. "She's taken Bink! They've gone to Fat Cat's to get the Maltese Mouse!"


(During these commercials, Tony the Tiger teaches a child to pitch, we hear the you're going to love Reeses Pieces to pieces, we see an ad for B.C. Bikers, and hear what Kellogg's Rice Krispies have to say in Seattle.)

Pan up to Fat Cat's hideout, the big gold cat statue atop the Happy Tom Cat Food Cannery. A crow (?) wearing a striped blue-and-red shirt and a purple beanie flies down and sneaks off. He is followed by two rats who emerge from a couple stovepipes, and an orange cat wearing a bowler who emerges from a panel in the air conditioner (?). Monty looks out, hair parted neatly, and wearing a suit, fingerless gloves, white spats, and a blue vest. He sneaks back in and pushes a piano out. Sexy music ensues. Dale struts out confidently, dressed in drag (a long turquoise dress with a belt, with no sleeves, which shows some 'cleavage', and a pair of baggy polka-dotted pants underneath, plus his favorite red wig and a pearl necklace). He flutters his eyelids seductively, the motions behind him. Chip stomps after him, wearing a similar dress, only pink, with a curly blonde wig and the same pearls. He also has pink polka-dotted pants. Both his and Dale's pants tend to disappear at various times during the animation. The gang enters Fat Cat's Casino through a fancy entrance (the canopy overhanging it is made from a shirt, and there is a plant growing out of a teacup next to the entrance--there are similar plants throughout the interior of the casino as well).

Pan along the casino. Animals are playing pool, pencil-sharpener slot machines, and roulette, among other things. There are tables in the background and a pepper grinder (!) in-between two pencil-sharpener slot machines, plus a disco-ball somewhere in there.

Monty continues pushing the piano, with some effort. "See, pallys? I told you those guards would be no problem!"

"This is STILL a stupid plan," Chip says.

"Naw, it's perfect! They think we're the night's entertainment! And who could turn away a coupla cuties like you?" Monty laughs.

Dale smiles at his reflection in a chipmunk-sized hand mirror.

"We are DOOMED," Chip insists.

"All right, mates," Monty says, "Do your stuff."

Chip and Dale stand back to back below a spotlight onstage. They take handkerchiefs out of the top of their dresses and throw them, so they sail to the ground. The audience watches in awe, then, when the handkerchiefs hit the ground, jump into a fight cloud over them.

"Now's your chance," says Monty, opening the piano to reveal Gadget (wearing her tennis-ball helmet) and Zipper inside. Gadget climbs out, holding her suction cup shoes.

"Just keep 'em busy while we look for the kids," Gadget says.

Mole has Chip's handkerchief (which has a pink flower printed on it). He leans near to Chip and makes smooching noises.

"Come on, baby!" Wart (the lizard of Fat Cat's henchmen) says--he has caught Dale's tasseled handkerchief. "If you want this back, you have to pucker up for Warty-poo!"

Cut to Meps and Snout leaning against the wall. Snout comments, "The casino is really jumpin' tonight."

"Yeah," says Meps. "Fat Cat ought to be real pleased." Pan up to Gadget and Zipper, both of whom are walking on the ceiling (Zipper, without suction cups; Gadget with).

Mole hugs Chip, pink hearts floating up from him. "Uh, let's you and me get a little CO-zy," he says.

Gadget points to an elevator. "I think this elevator leads to Fat Cat's office," she whispers to Zipper. "Go down and--"

Fat Cat emerges, cradling the Maltese Mouse. "Now, my precious mousie, I must find the proper place to display you!"

Gadget points down and waves, then whispers, "Fat Cat."

Monty rushes to the piano and sits on a stool made of a spool of thread. He plays the keys down and up. "And now, ladies and gents, for a bit of toe-tappin' merriment, brought to you by your host, that extraordinary master of mischief, big fat Daddy C, Fat Cat!" Meanwhile, Wart and Mole are trying to kiss Dale and Chip, respectively. The 'munks duck out of the way, leaving the two to unwittingly kiss each other. Predictably, they spit and cough when they realize what they've done.

"Hmm, I didn't order any entertainment," Fat Cat notes curiously.

Chip and Dale try to run away, but a spotlight hits them. "Sorry, mates, but Gadget needs some cover," says Monty.

"No problem!" Dale replies, fluttering his eyelashes (!).

The two chipmunks in drag run back to the stage to perform a song and dance number.

"Hey all you cats, don't sit and stare," sings Dale. "Swing your tails, get outta those chairs!" Chip and Dale wave their behinds.

"Put down the milk, turn up the juice," solos Chip.

"The fur's gonna fly when we all cut loose!" they sing together (Dale as alto). "So baby, stop chompin'! Let's start stompin', with big fat Daddy C!"

"That's me!" Fat Cat shouts.

"It's as hot as jalepeño, at Fat Cat's Casino! That's the place to be!" Gadget drops down from the ceiling, in front of the elevator. "Do the Fat Cat Stomp with big fat Daddy C!"

"How very interesting," says Fat Cat.

Cut to Fat Cat's office; Tammy is sitting, depressed, on the rug. She looks up, surprised, as the elevator opens. Gadget is behind the doors, smiling, with her arms behind her back, and still wearing the suction cup shoes. She walks out of the elevator. "Oh, Gadget! I'm so happy to see you! I thought it was Fat Cat!" The squirrel runs up to Gadget and hugs her, showing just how scared she must have been.

Gadget hugs her back. "Don't worry, Tammy. We'll get you out of here!"

"But you shouldn't've come," Tammy says, tears in her eyes. "Um..I'm...I'm working undercover," she smiles.

"Well, maybe I can help," suggests Gadget.

"No! I don't want your help!" Tammy stomps her foot and folds her arms. "I'm gonna show Chip I'm just as special as you!"

"Golly, Tammy. I'm not trying to prove anything to Chip, or anyone else," says Gadget, putting her hand on Tammy's shoulder. "You don't get someone to like you by acting like someone you aren't," she says as tears roll down Tammy's face. "And YOU are Tammy. That's special enough."

"Really?" Tammy smiles. She and Gadget hug.

"Darn right," says Gadget. "Now let's find Bink and go home.

Cut to the casino, where an instrumental of "The Fat Cat Stomp" is still playing. Chip is dancing with Mole (who steps on his foot) and Dale with Wart. The 'munks looks over and sees Monty lifting Tammy into the piano (which Monty is still able to play surprisingly well). They spin their partners, leaving the henchmen to dance contentedly with each other.

"Time to be shovin' off, pallys," says Monty.

"You got that right," Dale says.

"But I haven't found Bink yet!" Gadget whispers.

"Uh-oh," says Monty. "I'm afraid I just did!"

Bink is sitting on the table Fat Cat is sitting at (Fat Cat is dancing); she eats a whole sundae, licking the rim of whipped cream off the edges. She sits, contented; sparkles come up around her.

"Here goes!" shout Chip and Dale; they run over to Fat Cat and stand on his shoulders.

Dale seductively sings, "Here's one cat I'd like to see, cheek to cheek, dancin' with me!"

Chip adds, "Come on, Fat Cat, it's your turn!" as they push him out of his chair.

Fat Cat says, "The dance floor's hot and I got nine lives to burn!"

The whole gang at the casino starts singing, "So baby stop chompin', let's start stompin', with big fat Daddy C! It's as hot as jalepeño at Fat Cat's Casino, that's the place to be! Do the Fat Cat Stomp with big fat Daddy C!"

On the table, Dale starts dancing enthusiastically to the music, while Bink is about to eat a cherry. Chip picks up Bink (annoyed) and walks off screen, while Dale continues dancing. Chip comes back and grabs Dale, too.

"So baby stop chompin', let's start stompin', with big fat Daddy C! It's as hot as jalepeño at Fat Cat's Casino, that's the place to be! Do the Fat Cat Stomp with big fat Daddy C!" they sing again. Monty hands Bink to the helmetless Gadget, who's in the piano, and the chipmunks and Monty push the piano out. "Do the Fat Cat Stomp with big fat Daddy C!" Fat Cat uses his behind to bump his henchmen out from beside him. "Do the Fat Cat Stomp with big fat Daddy C!" Fat Cat slides out on his knees on the stage. "Yeah!"

The lights go up. "Uh-oh," Chip and Dale say.

"Leaving?" asks Fat Cat. "We'd hoped we'd get another song. But your piano seemed just the teensiest bit out of tune." Fat Cat drags the piano out from the doorway and examines it. "Right about--" He strikes the keys, hard. "Here!" Gadget, Bink, Tammy, and Zipper go flying out the top. "There's the problem. You had squirrel minors in your C-Major!" He laughs wickedly, as does everyone else in the casino--the Rangers are surrounded.


(This time, we see Gummi Life Savers dancing (their song is nowhere nearly as catchy as the Fat Cat Stomp), the Little Caesers puppets singing about pizza and spaghetti, a Golden Grahams ad, and an ad for Tale Spin featuring Don Karnage .)

Focus into the bottom level of the Happy Tom Cat Food Cannery. Fat Cat holds the Maltese Mouse and sings (badly), "It's as hot as jalepeño at Fat Cat's Casino, that's the place to be! Do the Fat Cat Stomp with big fat Daddy C! A-doo-waa!"

Wart, Mole, and Snout, who are holding Bink and Tammy, cheer. "Oh, thank you," says Fat Cat. "You are too kind. Nothing like a night of dancing to build up an appetite. Living over a cat food factory DOES have its advantages." Focus on the Rangers, hanging by their clothes from three hooks. Monty and Gadget are hanging together, then Chip and Dale, who have lost their wigs, and Zipper is tied up, held by a claw of his own. "But, sometimes I tire of THEIR ingredients. That's why I'm going to let this machine put you lovely Rescue Rangers into an itty-bitty can, just like this." He holds a can up.

Ever the optimist, Gadget (who is no longer wearing her helmet) notes, "Well, at least we'll be together!"

"Yeah, Dale gulps. "REAL together."

"You won't win in the long run, Fat Cat!" says Chip. "You might stop us, but there'll be others to take our place."

Fat Cat climbs onto Wart and Snout, who are on their hands and knees to make a step for Fat Cat, to reach the control panel. "You mean the Junior League here?" he laughs, pressing a green button (and not noticing his henchmen struggling under his weight). "Consider them dessert." The claws start to move, bringing the Rangers closer to a funnel which they will be dropped down.

Mole looks excited, and Tammy and Bink are dismayed. Tammy cries, "Chomp him, Bink!" and they each chomp one of Mole's thumbs.

"Ow!" the mole cries; he goes flying into Fat Cat, knocking the animal pyramid down. Tammy and Bink run up onto the control panel (over Fat Cat and company), and Tammy sets Bink (foolishly) onto the green button, then presses the red one, hard. The claws stop moving the Rangers over.

"They're saved!" cries Tammy.

"Whee!" says Bink, jumping up and down. Her movements depress the green button, and the claws start in motion again. Tammy stares in shock, her normally large-pupiled blue eyes momentarily turning small and all black, in a wild take.

She and Bink both try to press the red button, but Fat Cat catches them in his paws. "That will be quite enough."

The claws drop the Rangers down a funnel. "Aaaah!" they scream.

"Oh, bother," says Fat Cat. "You made me miss the best part!"

The Rangers come out a chute, onto a conveyor belt. Several axes chop the belt in intervals; the Rangers have to dodge (poor Zipper has to run, since his wings are still tied up). The Rangers stop running, exhausted, and a last ax cuts right behind Dale and Monty.

"Too close for comfort, eh, pally?" asks Monty.

"Aw, they didn't even come close!" Dale says. He walks forward confidently--the back of his dress has been cut off, leaving his polka-dotted pants showing.

The belt leads into a dark place--Chip unties Zipper. "We've gotta find a way out of here!"

Water rushes up from behind them, sending them screaming down off of the end of the belt and in a cylinder which makes a whirlpool. "Aaaah!" the Rangers all cry as they are washed down.

Snout and Wart hold Tammy and Bink by their legs over the funnel; the squirrels struggle in vain. Fat Cat rants, stroking the Maltese Mouse, "You know, I COULD corrupt these children. Over the years, I COULD GUIDE their innocent minds towards a life of wrongdoing! YES! I could MOLD them in my image, hone them into criminal geniuses, THE ONLY ONES CAPABLE OF CARRYING ON MY CRIMINAL EMPIRE!" He pauses. "Ah, but who's got the time? Toss 'em in."

Wart and Snout drop the squirrels, who fall, screaming, into the funnel.

The Rangers wash through a square hole in the machinery and onto the conveyor belt; Tammy and Bink quickly join them.

Monty looks up and sees a big metal thing that pounds the conveyor belt every so often. "Look alive, mates!" he cries, running. "Time to do a bit of jogging!"

Tammy and Bink run, but the Rangers quickly catch up. Monty puts Bink on his back. Dale pants, "We can't keep this up forever."

"Sorry, I'm out of ideas!" says Gadget.

"Maybe I have one," says Tammy. She rips Chip's skirt off.

"Tammy!" Chip blushes (No. 3), covering his bottom.

"What is taking so long?" asks Fat Cat, looking out over his balcony. "I want my Ranger Pate!"

Gadget throws a pink and turquoise rope to Tammy, who throws it to Chip (who now only has polka-dotted pants). "It's the best I can do, Chipper--I mean, I mean, Chip."

"It's great, Tammy," Chip says, almost in a flirting voice. He throws the rope at a bolt overhead, hooking it.

Chip, Tammy, Dale, and Gadget climb up. Monty has trouble, but Bink says, "You can do it, Monty!" and Zipper pushes from behind. Monty grabs the rope.

"Thanks for cheerleadin', Bink," he says. "Now it's up to you, Zipper." Zipper squeaks and salutes, then flies back up through the machine. He lands on Fat Cat's nose and gives him a raspberry. Fat Cat hits his own nose while Zipper flies off.

"Ack! It's that disgusting little fly! Get him!" Zipper flies between Wart and Snout; the two knock each other silly trying to get him.

Back at the conveyor belt, the rope is starting to rip.

Above, Mole has a mallet, and is trying to kill Zipper. Zipper pulls the mole's hat over his eyes. "Hey! What's going on out there!"

The rope breaks, leaving all the Rangers (plus Tammy and Bink) tied up and stuck on the belt.

Fat Cat lifts the Maltese Mouse and says, "As always, when you want something done right, do it yourself." Zipper punches Fat Cat in the nose. "Ow! You little beast!" Fat Cat drops the Maltese Mouse into the machine, then gasps. "My mouse!" he shouts. "Stop the machine!" He shakes Snout by his collar. "Stop the machine!" He throws the rat over to the control panel, and he hits the red button.

Back in the canning machine, the pounder is about to hit our heroes (who cringe accordingly), but stops, just inches short of their heads. "Whew," they all sigh.

"Woosh. Nearly had a Monterey flapjack!" notes Monty.

"Get down there and get my statue!" commands Fat Cat to his three flunkies.

"Gosh, it sure is dark," says Mole ironically, looking down the funnel.

Fat Cat shouts, "Get down there!" and the three hop down.

There is the sound of a scuffle. "Lose something, Fat Cat?" Chip asks. He and Dale are now dressed in their Ranger clothes (minus Chip's hat), and they're holding the mouse.

"Be careful with that," Fat Cat says nervously. "Give it to me!"

"Here ya go," says Dale, preparing to help Chip throw it back to him. They drop it down the chute. "Whoops."

"No!" Fat Cat puts his paws to his head. We hear a click. Fat Cat looks back at the controls.

"Hello there," squeaks Zipper, sitting on the green button.

"My mouse!" Fat Cat yells, jumping into the funnel.

Chip and Dale jump on him when he gets stuck, until the cat is pushed down into the now-deformed funnel. The females of the party climb up out of the funnel; Chip helps Tammy. "Lookin' for this?" Monty asks, carrying the mouse.

Meanwhile, at the end of the line, Snout, Wart, and Mole have been canned; their heads pop up out of their cans. Fat Cat's can bounces around before his head pops out. "You numskulls! Get me out of this thing!"

Fade in on that neat and pretty house with the pink shutters. "I hope they weren't too much trouble," says the mother.

"Nah," insists Monty, holding Bink. "A couple a bonzer princesses they was." Bink squeaks Dale's nose; it honks. Dale laughs.

"Well, I guess you are ready to be a Rescue Ranger," says Chip (who's now wearing his fedora), putting his hand on Tammy's shoulder.

"Well, maybe," says Tammy. She looks at Gadget. "Or maybe not. But I still think you're cute!" She embraces Chip and smooches him on the side of the head.

"Tammy!" Her mother is dismayed.

Gadget and Tammy laugh, and Monty, Zipper, Dale, and Bink join in. Chip sits up, dazed, then smiles and blushes at the camera (No. 4).



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