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CDRR Episode Guide:

Compiled by Christopher E. Barat, with additional notes by Matt Plotecher. Most transcripts are from Julie Bihn's Super Gigantic Episode Guide (now no longer available online), since she's been extremely generous and put it in the public domain (thank you, Julie!).

A few words of explanation as to what you're looking at when you click on the entry for a particular episode:

Abbreviations used in this guide:
AD = Air Date of the episode
D = Directors
SEd = Script Editors
W = Writer
S = Story
TP = Teleplay
RSC = Regular Supporting Characters

The numbers in the production order list are the production numbers of the episodes. Basically, the episodes could be said to have happened in this order. If this ordering is accepted, it would mean that "Catteries" is not the first case the Rangers had, contrary to popular belief.

Tad Stones has mentioned that "Catteries" was, however, the first script sent overseas, and the first to return. I'm fairly certain as well, however, that they were working on more than just one episode at a time when things were gearing up. Another important note is that "To The Rescue" was actually episode 42-46 (roughly), which means that the Rangers were acting much more in character for the "opening" than they were in the Disney Channel episodes.

[Essentially, any "canon" of when episodes take place relative to one another is sketchy and probably impossible to determine with complete certainty. - Winston]

Episodes have been rated by Chris Barat, who has a great deal of Disney Afternoon viewing time to his name. Episodes are given a rating from zero stars (worst) to four stars (best). While interesting, please make note that "rating" an episode is necessarily a subjective judgement call on the part of the rater, and you may not always agree. Such is life.

Air Dates:
Disney Channel episodes have two airdates: One for when it was first broadcast on The Disney Channel (TDC), and one for when it was first broadcast in syndication (synd.). Syndication-only episodes just have a single air date listed. Note that all the episodes were (or possibly still are, things change all the time and I can't always keep track of every little development) re-run on TDC and on Toon Disney, and no original air dates have been recorded here for these reruns.

The following voices remained the same throughout the series:

Corey Burton - Dale, Zipper, Mole, Snout
Peter Cullen - Officer Kirby, Officer Muldoon, Mepps
Jim Cummings - Professor Norton Nimnul, Fat Cat, Sergeant Spinelli, Wart, Stan Blather
Tress MacNeille - Chip, Gadget

Monterey Jack was voiced by one of two different actors (either Jim Cummings or Peter Cullen) depending on the episode. Which of the two it was in a particular episode is listed in that episode's voice credits.

Episode #Episode TitleTranscripts
1To the Rescue (all five parts) 
6Piratsy Under the Seas 
7Catteries Not IncludedRead Episode Transcript
8Dale Beside Himself 
9Flash the Wonder DogRead Episode Transcript
10Out To LaunchRead Episode Transcript
11Kiwi's Big Adventure 
12Adventures in SquirrelsittingRead Episode Transcript
13Pound of the Baskervilles 
14Risky Beesness 
15Three Men and a BoobyRead Episode Transcript
16The Carpetsnaggers 
17Bearing Up Baby 
18Parental Discretion Retired 
19A Lad in a Lamp 
20The Luck Stops HereRead Episode Transcript
21Battle of the BulgeRead Episode Transcript
22Ghost of a Chance 
23An Elephant Never Suspects 
24Fake Me to Your LeaderRead Episode Transcript
25Last Train to Cashville 
26A Case of Stage Blight 
27The Case of the Cola CultRead Episode Transcript
28Throw Mummy from the Train 
29A Wolf in Cheap Clothing 
31Does Pavlov Ring a Bell?Read Episode Transcript
32Prehysterical Pet 
33A Creep in the DeepRead Episode Transcript
34Normie's Science Project 
35Seer No Evil 
36Chipwrecked Shipmunks 
37When Mice Were Men 
38Chocolate ChipsRead Episode Transcript
39The Last Leprechaun 
40Weather or Not 
41One Upsman-Chip 
42Shell Shocked 
43Love is a Many Splintered Thing 
44Song of the Night n' DaleRead Episode Transcript
45Double 'O ChipmunkRead Episode Transcript
46Gadget Goes HawaiianRead Episode Transcript
47It's a Bird, It's Insane, It's Dale! 
48Short Order Crooks 
49Mind Your Cheese and Q'sRead Episode Transcript
50Out of ScaleRead Episode Transcript
51Dirty Rotten DiapersRead Episode Transcript
52Good Times, Bat TimesRead Episode Transcript
53Pie in the Sky 
54Le Purrfect Crime 
55When You Fish Upon a Star 
56Rest Home RangersRead Episode Transcript
57A Lean on the Property 
58The Pied Piper Power Play 
59Gorilla My Dreams 
60The S.S. DrainpipeRead Episode Transcript
61Zipper Come Home 
62Puffed Rangers 
63A Fly in the OintmentRead Episode Transcript
64A Chorus Crime 
65They Shoot Dogs, Don't They?