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Artist of the Month: July, 2005

The Artist of the Month for July, 2005 is Winston.

User Comments
Jon Lemerond, 07-05-2005 @ 12:14:24
Winston I am always pleased to see your artowrk. It is clean, well done, accurate, yet personally stylized, and does a fine job of conveying emotion. It's just that it is almost always the same emotion being conveyed... a sort of , somber thoughtfulness. Your chracters are most often in similar poses, and looking rather stiff. I would love to see some more motion in your drawings and more variety in emotion.

I admire the professional feel of your linework, and your coloring and backgrounds are always top notch, useing a varied pallet and giving a real feel of depth.

keep it up

Jon Lemerond
Ray Jones (, 07-13-2005 @ 10:54:05
Winston, I really like the depth and detail in your work. Shading and coloration bring an added sense of reality beyond just a 2-D image on the computer screen. The work is highly polished. It conveys a real sense of emotion - though I agree that I would like to see future works display a wider range of feeling than just wistfulness and melancholy. A group shot of the Rangers all enjoying a full-out, on the floor bellylaugh perhaps? Perhaps the gang anxiously restraining Gadget as a confused salesman looks in through the door? A holiday feast perhaps, with Monty and Dale gnawing on opposite sides of the last piece of cheese? One grows as an artist not only by seeking their true feelings and struggling to bring them to paper and screen, but also by stretching their talents to tackle themes, styles and situations that don't come automatically. Much as anyone who wants to be educated should occasionally read books on subjects they have no knowledge of or interest in - simply for the enlarged experience.