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Artist of the Month: May, 2005

The Artist of the Month for May, 2005 is Ila Pestov.

User Comments
Ila Pestov's work is primarily in the digital media. Leafing through them, one gets a definate sense of which images were the first to be created and which were the last, and it visibly tells the story of the artist's progress as she grew in confidence and ability with the computer as an artistic tool. Backgrounds become more complex and realistic, characters go from having single-pixeled sharp jaggy outlines with solid color cellpainting to having softer lineart and smoothly blended gradation and shadowing. It's wonderful to watch someone's horizons expand in this way.

Ila's choice of subjects is a good mix. Gadget, Chip, Dale, Tammy, Foxglove, and several original characters all receive representation. As far as model accuracy goes, Ila's growth is evident here, too - as her images progress in skill, characters become more and more on-model, and towards the end, she finally begins to make deliberate departures from the Disney stock models to draw the characters in other styles. A definate anime influence is visible in some of these.