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Artist of the Month: April, 2005

The Artist of the Month for April, 2005 is Rebekah Henderson.

User Comments
Ray Jones:
Rebekah's works are always astonishing.

She always displays a refreshing imagination and professional polish to her works. You can see the personality in the character's eyes, which is a rare and difficult thing to accomplish. Rebekah suffuses every level of her works with a feeling for the characters - you know that they are personal friends, that they relax under her pencil and let their true natures come out. You come away feeling that you have really visited with Gadget, actually been in her presence as a living person and not as a cartoon character. This is true art - the ability to put real life and personality into the figures while at the same time displaying the talent to produce a technically skilled and thoroughly convincing work. With every new picture from her hand, I find myself a deeper shade of green with envy!

My favorite aspect of Rebekah's work has to be the sense of calm joy she catches so well. It appears so appealingly in the picture of Gadget swinging. It also glows in something as simple as Gadget peeking around the edge of the door - one of my favorites, with its simple composition yet masterful capturing of feeling in the face. This is the essence of Rebekah's work - true depth of feeling combined with great technical talent and imagination. I, for one, am always grateful to see more works from her talented hand B-)-
Ronnie Rabbit:
First off, I agree with all of Doc Jones' comments, and he worded them so perfectly I'm disinclined to repeat most of them.

I will note the face is very, VERY slightly off model - so slightly I knew something was 'wrong', but couldn't put my finger on it. I had to go direct to the model sheets to figure out why it looks a bit off.

It appears to be a proportion thing. Gadget's head is rounder, especially near the top, and her eyes, nose and mouth should be lower on the head, and take up a bit less of its surface- Gadget has a LOT of forehead, it seems! This is actually mildly significant, as it's among an animator's regular bag o' tricks to make a character look cuter and more appealing (it's similar to the way a baby's face and head is in real life).

The one nitpick aside, I emphasize again how wonderful Rebekah's work is. Putting genuine emotion and that feeling of 'real life moments' into a picture beats being able to slavishly make picture-perfect copies of model designs any day.