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Artist of the Month:

Welcome to the Artist of the Month on the RRDatabase! As you can probably tell from the name of this feature, an artist from the Database's archives will be chosen once every month (beginning in February of 2005) and their works will be reviewed in-depth.

This kind of feature, to be honest, is long overdue in making an appearance on the Database. The collection of material here reaches back into the late '90s, and one of the goals that Matt Plotecher had in mind for the Database was for it to not only house a library of work, but also for it to eventually be a venue for analysis and commentary on those pieces of work. This feature is a step in that direction.

Here's how this works: Each month, an artist will be chosen from the archives of the Database - who it'll be is at my discretion. If you've got a suggestion for someone you think deserves to be an Artist of the Month, feel free to let me know and I'll take the fact that they were requested into consideration as a factor in picking someone, but various "voodoo-magic" type factors, sometimes with very little obvious rhyme or reason, also go into making a selection, so you never know, it could be someone totally off the wall. This is somewhat intentional, since it can help expose underrated and underviewed artists who are in reality quite good.

Unfortunately, as of 03 July 2011, new commentary has been disabled for the time being. This is due to the volume of spam being posted. Given how few legitimate new comments were being posted, this seemed like the best solution in the interim. If a screening system is developed later to put this under control, they may be re-enabled, for right now, the old comments are still available.
- Winston

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