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Linking to Content on the RRDatabase

If you're a CDRR fan with a website, then by all means, feel free to link to the RRDatabase if you'd like. In fact, if you want, you could use this nice link icon that Framwinkle created for his own site, and was kind enough to allow the RRDatabase to use:

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I don't mind if you link directly to particular section or page (your artwork or writing page, for example), so long as it's a regular HTML page of the Database.


What I don't want people to do is to directly hotlink images. I know the temptation is there, because I've caught numerous people doing it. With the artwork section holding literally thousands of pieces of work, it's somewhat to be expected, but won't be tolerated. It's an extremely inconsiderate thing to do, both to me and to the original artist. From my perspective, it devours that much more of the RRDatabase's already limited bandwidth, from the artist's, it plasters their work into a webpage that they probably haven't granted permission for it to appear in.

The exceptions to this would, obviously, be if you've asked me for permission to hotlink for a good reason. A few people have done this, and it's no big deal when I'm informed ahead of time. If you have a legitimate reason to hotlink, ask me, I'll probably let you. If you just want to snag an image for your own site, do it the legit way - download it, ask the original artist for permission, and if they consent, upload it to your own webspace so you're not mooching my connection. Thank you.

Keep in mind, if I catch you hotlinking (and I will catch you), the image you're referencing is likely to change filenames, leaving you with a broken link and bad-looking page. Don't make me make you look like a n00b. ;)