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What is the RRDatabase?

This site's primary goal is to serve as a library of fan-created artwork and writing centering around the cartoon series Chip'N'Dale's Rescue Rangers (CDRR), produced by Disney.

Simple enough, right?

Well, for the most part, it really is. The works are organized first by the broad catagories they fall into (writing, artwork, and other miscellaneous pieces), and those broad categories are further segmented (by creator, for the most part, but also by subject matter categories for artwork and by more specific subcategories for the miscellaneous stuff).

Generally speaking, artists and authors are listed in order according to their last name, or alternately, by whatever online nickname they choose to use instead if they don't give out a real last name.

There's also a few tools and reference materials around, intended to serve the fan community by aiding them in their efforts to create new works.

A second goal to attain, and one which the RRDatabase is (glacially slowly) creeping towards, is to become a nexus not only for archiving work, but also for conducting some degree of study and analysis upon it, as all good art and literature deserves. The Artist of the Month feature is one such example. Others will hopefully be coming, in time (as my available time allows for development, at least).

This library of content is, of course, open to contributions from anyone anywhere who has something they'd like to share. Please just have a look at the guidelines for submitting your work, and feel free to sent it on in! Odds are the RRDatabase would absolutely love to have it and would be honored to be allowed to feature it in the archives.


What Does the RRDatabase Archive?

For the most part, anything and everything. The RRDatabase seeks, first and foremost, to be an unbiased library of works that's freely accessable for the general public, in the spirit of the right to free speech. Censorship imposed to serve personal political or ideological agendas (yes, pathetically, certain people have done this with a kid's cartoon, of all things) is not compatable with such an effort.

To that end, although personal opinion may crop up here and there in item descriptions (I and anyone else writing descriptions of newly added content are only human, after all), I won't deny a piece of work entry into the archives simply because I or someone else happens not to like it or the subject matter makes someone (or some self-righteous group of people) uncomfortable.

That said, there are a few things that can't be added. Primarily, this deals with adult content. Yes, I'm aware that some exists in this fandom, and no, I don't have moral pontification to make on the matter and that's not why I won't put it up - it's simply a matter it being too much legal grey area and potential trouble.

So, about PG-13 is the limit. I'll probably try to give the benefit of the doubt in grey / unclear areas, but there does have to be a line drawn somewhere.