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Artwork - David Lazerous

Artwork by David Lazerous:

Digital Art Media, Color - 2001-04-07
Another shot of Foxy and a mecha. Dave wrote me [Matt Plotecher] a while back and kindly provided the following info: "BTW the mecha that foxglove has is called a Gundam from the Toonami show Gundam wing. in this case her machine is called the Gundam-F."
Digital Art Media, Color - 2001-03-03
Foxglove gets her very own suit of power armor. Or is it a robot vehicle? Oh well.
Digital Art Media, Color - 2001-01-25
It's Christmas, and Foxglove knows how to exploit her inverted perching with the aid of a mistletoe.
Digital Art Media, Color - 2001-01-25
Foxglove is almost fooled by Alvin's clever ploy. Of course, that Foxglove didn't notice any immediate difference at first makes you wonder how "swift" the bat really is...