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Artwork - Claire

Artwork by Claire:

Physical Art Media, Color - 2001-05-19
Gadget as Cheetara from "The Thundercats" television series.
Physical Art Media, Greyscale - 2001-04-12
Gadget, stretching back and gazing skywards.
Physical Art Media, Greyscale - 2001-03-26
Pencil drawing of Chip.
Physical Art Media, Greyscale - 2001-03-23
Gadget sitting down, and looking a bit blase.
Physical Art Media, Greyscale - 2001-03-15
Gadget poses in a classic Maralyn Monroe "skirt over the air vent" stance.
Physical Art Media, Color - 2001-03-14
Gadget dressed as Jessie from "Toy Story 2."
Digital Art Media, Color - 2001-03-13
Gadget expertly balancing on a wire.