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Artwork - Omar Arriaga (Opus)

Artwork by Omar Arriaga (Opus):

Physical Art Media, Color - 2011-07-09
Foxglove in a Dale's-shirt-patterned bikini. She also has arms separate from her wings here, gargoyle-style.
Rough Sketch - 2011-07-09
Pencil sketch of Widget.
Digital Art Media, Color - 2011-07-09
Tammy, riding a motorcycle, takes a curve.
Digital Art Media, Color - 2011-07-09
Tammy the Native American huntress. Also topless, but covered up by fur.
Physical Art Media, Color - 2000-05-10
Gadget's gone snorkeling.
Rough Sketch - 1999-07-14
A large standing pose of Foxglove.