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Artwork - Mole204

Artwork by Mole204:

Rough Sketch - 2006-06-26
Which Rangers character would YOU want near you in a fight? Part 2.
Rough Sketch - 2006-06-26
Which Ranger would YOU want near you in a fight? Part 1.
Cleaned / Finished Lineart - 2006-04-22
Dale serenades Foxglove in this simple pencil line drawing.
Rough Sketch - 2006-04-07
Maybe Gadget's about to get herself in over her head here, so to speak...
Rough Sketch - 2006-04-07
There's a lesson here, apparently...
Rough Sketch - 2006-03-23
Kevin Sharbaugh described a dream in which his original character Doohickey ("Dee") got into some antics while playing pool. This is Mole204's interpretation of events...
Cleaned / Finished Lineart - 2006-01-18
Dale and Tammy: Partners in Crime! Little Christmas picture that Mole204 drew.
Cleaned / Finished Lineart - 2005-06-29
Chip manages to catch Mepps, in a rather unorthodox way.
Digital Art Media, Color - 2004-10-22
An interesting Halloween-themed pic: Lahwhinie as a vampire, delivering some bad news to Gadget.