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Index Of Audio Files:

nw_gadgets_got_a_gun.mp3This is Neal Wolf, singing Framwinkle's "Gadget's Got A Gun", a parody of "Janie's Got a Gun", by Aerosmith.
RRMiditheme.mp3Another version of the RR theme song, done by Pupspals as a project for one of her college classes.
gadgetronic_remix.mp3Created by Dan Hess, this is a fan remix of the show's theme song.
raingold.mp3"Rainbow's Gold". This mp3 was crafted by Sage Freehaven, who says that he created it using the "MTV Music Generator" software program from the Sony PlayStation. Despite the title, Sage says that Meghan Brunner's story did not initially inspire the song.
chipdale.midA MIDI file of the show's theme music, by Jeff Parkes.
taogh.midThe TAOGH theme music, in MIDI format, by Jeff Parkes.
victory.mp3An .mp3 file of the victory music for the video game that Jeff Parkes was working on.
RRGameMIDIs.zipA collection of MIDI files comprising the music that Jeff Parkes was going to use in his now discontinued RR video game project.
fun.wav"Gee Willikers! First you guys want him to change, and then you're not happy when he does! ... On the other hand, he sure has been acting weird."
nature.wav"Come on Dale, a little more nature and a little less civilization might do you good!"
seethis.wav"Golly! Too bad Dale isn't here to see this... Oh, scratch that!..."
busy.wav"Well, I can tell you're busy, I'll come back later!"
gadget_uh-oh.wav"Uh oh!"
bestbee.mp3Irwina Allen from "Risky Beesness" singing (if you can call it that...)
cdrr_theme.midMIDI file of the CDRR theme music.
bestofeverything-swe.zipFat Cat singing, from the Swedish version of the show. In .ZIP format, containing an MP3 file. Thanks go to Johan R. for getting this clip.
kookoocola-de.zipGerman version of the Coo Coo Cola jingle. In .ZIP format, containing an MP3 file. Thanks go to Johan R. for getting this clip.
the_final_dash.mp3Music from Chip and Dale NES game (1990), final level. Submitted by Anton Ivanov aka Rockman.
gic-012.-BRITISH-jewel-thief.mp3Audio sample of Pierre, the rat jewel thief in Lawhiney's Lawbreakers, from Loneheart's 2006 epic fan novel, Gadget in Chains. Voice by "PensacolaRanger" Ken Manning.
gic-013.-TRIAL-LAWYER.mp3Audio sample of Franklin Kafka, Gadget's dormouse first defense lawyer, from Loneheart's 2006 epic fan novel, Gadget in Chains. Voice by "PensacolaRanger" Ken Manning.
gic-014.-TRIAL-JUDGE.mp3Audio sample of Judge Harpon, in Gadget's trial, from Loneheart's 2006 epic fan novel, Gadget in Chains. Voice by "PensacolaRanger" Ken Manning.
gic-015.-GERMAN-Freudian-psychologist.mp3Audio sample of Dr. Schadenfreude, the bat prison psychologist, from Loneheart's 2006 epic fan novel, Gadget in Chains. Voice by "PensacolaRanger" Ken Manning.

Indy's Sound Stage

Indy's Sound Stage:

This is a collection of audio clips sent to me by Steve "Indy" Hamrick. They used to be part of his website, until certain circumstances forced their removal. Since the RRDatabase isn't faced with the same restrictions that caused this, Indy has allowed me to host these files here. It's a nice collection, and they're in .mp3 format.

chip1.mp3"Honorary membership in the Rescue Rangers! You deserve it."
chip2.mp3"Rescue Rangers, away!"
chip3.mp3"Goodbye?! Whaddya mean 'goodbye'?"
chip4.mp3"Alright, let's shut this thing down. Rescue Rangers, away!"
dale1.mp3"Comic books can answer a lot of questions! Like how to save the universe from galactic invaders, and important stuff like that!"
dale2.mp3"You're just jealous 'cause you don't have a hat!"
dale3.mp3"Hey, it wasn't my fault! Tell 'em, Gadget!"
dale4.mp3"No. I'm your worst nightmare."
dale5.mp3"No problem. We'll just get her to confess!"
dale6.mp3"I'm Double-0 Dale, superspy!"
dale7.mp3More from Double-0 Dale.
dale8.mp3"Get Chip and Gadget! I'll get the Rangerwing!"
dale9.mp3"Can it keep him as a pet?"
gad1.mp3"Well, considering the time of day and all, you could bury us in the sand and wait for high tide to come in."
gad2.mp3"You know I can't resist a challenge."
gad3.mp3"I hardly had time to draw out the proper blueprints..."
gad4.mp3"I'm sure that if we could find their missing shells they'd be much less crabby..."
gad5.mp3"At times like this, I usually don't resort to shrill emotional outbursts. But in this case..."
gad6.mp3"Gosh guys... I though I was helping..."
gad7.mp3"Uh oh... We've got a problem. Oh, reverse that. No problem."
gad8.mp3"Well, I can tell you're busy. I'll come back later."
gad9.mp3"I have a plan. If we could... Oh. Nevermind. Strike that."
gad10.mp3"Dale? A traitor? I can't believe that! not in a million years..."
gad11.mp3"I don't think it was supposed to do that!"
gad12.mp3*Grrr* "He's about to meet his worst nightmare."
gad13.mp3"... just when I wanna cut glass."
gad14.mp3"Oh, darn. I'm always ending up with parts left over."
gad15.mp3"That's the hoverswitch..."
gad16.mp3"Oh, nothing to worry about..."
gad17.mp3"So, you wanna get rough, huh?"
gad18.mp3"Well, how about if we wear our swimsuits while we sightsee?"
gad19.mp3"Golly and a half!"
monty1.mp3"Scared?! Who? Me? Montery Jack doesn't know the meaning of the word."
monty3.mp3"Me tail's been slammed, singed, kinked, and cracked. Now it's payback time!"
monty4.mp3"I know you're not too keen on me cooking, but that's no reason to quit!"
monty5.mp3"Of course I'm all right! I'm a Rescue Ranger, aren't I?"
monty6.mp3"Me days at the circus taught me the two rules of acrobatics..."
monty7.mp3"Whenever she says 'should', cross yer fingers."
monty8.mp3"Are ya sure this'll work Gadget?"
tammy1.mp3"You saved me! You're my hero!"
tammy2.mp3"It's all so exciting, Chipper! I wanna see everything."
tammy3.mp3"But Chipper! You were the brave one. So heroic!"
tammy4.mp3"Well, maybe... or maybe not. But, I still think you're cute!"
foxy1.mp3"Good morning, cutie!"
foxy2.mp3"I can't imagine where they got that idea."
foxy3.mp3"Dale! Remember what I told you!"
foxy4.mp3"Hiya, cute stuff!"
fatcat1.mp3"Oh, I'm so shrewd."
fatcat2.mp3"What have my favorite fruitbats brought me?"
fatcat3.mp3"And now, it's showtime, folks!"
fatcat4.mp3"And I want diamonds! I love the way they sparkle in my eyes..."
fatcat5.mp3"Why must all my brilliant plans be ruined by those ricketing Rangers!?" A question to which Dale has a snappy answer.
nimnul1.mp3"Surrender immediately or I shall crush you like... Oh, sorry... Old habits are hard to break."
nimnul2.mp3"Why you little germ-infested rodent! I'll use you as target practice!"
nimnul3.mp3"What is this? There's rodents everywhere I go lately!"
nimnul4.mp3"I love it! I love it!! And, in case you didn't hear me the first two times..."
nimnul5.mp3"Ha! In a few moments, the entire city will be in my power!"
lawainee1.mp3"Just like sisters..."
lawainee2.mp3"You go on ahead. I, uh, forgot my purse..."
ribit1.mp3Just Ribit making your typical frog-type noises.
ribit2.mp3"Where my fly?!"
Ranger_Saucer.mp3A word of explanation about this one, provided by Indy: "This is a parody of a parody. Back in the 1960's, Dickie Goodman was famous for creating musical skits using clips from popular songs of the day to create fun and silly stories. This one's done using audio clips from various Ranger episodes, incorporated into his 'Flying Saucer the 2nd' skit. As such, I acknowledge the material is copyright Disney and Dickie Goodman and is used without permission, but with a big nod to one of the more fun-loving guys who influenced my early creativity."