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The RRDatabase's Evolution

Now over seven years old, the RRDatabase was started by Matt Plotecher as an effort to be a comprehensive collection of important fanwork relating to the show "Chip'N'Dale's Rescue Rangers". In that pursuit, it has generally succeeded, coming to be regarded as one of the major resources of the fandom. In July of 2004, responsibility for maintaining the site was transferred to Winston.

The RRDatabase has gone through many different incarnations - it began life as static HTML, evolved to include small amounts of SSI, began using CGI when that was no longer sufficient, adopted some modest PHP when CGI became too cumbersome to fill all that was needed, and has been growing in complexity and degree of dynamic content ever since (PHP started it's tenure here as a sort of side-show for some minor features, but has grown to the point in subsequent codebase redesigns that the site can truly be reckoned to be powered by PHP, built from the ground up with PHP at it's core).

Currently, the RRDatabase is built on object-oriented PHP, utilizing MySQL as it's DBMS. The RRDatabase's codebase is 100% original code, developed in-house with pride.