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Welcome to the RRDatabase

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For those of you out there who have no idea what you've just stumbled upon, first things first:
This site, housing over 3,000 pieces of work, is currently the internet's largest compilation in one place of fan material pertaining to Chip'N'Dale's Rescue Rangers (usually shorthanded as "CDRR"). Yes, this is a 16 year old cartoon series, and yes, it still has fans - a good number of them, and many talented artists and writers are in their ranks. Just look around through the archives, and you'll see that for yourself.

Or, read the introductory information if you're interested in learning more about this site and why it exists.

On the other hand, if you're familiar with the site and just want to know what's changed most recently, have a look below at the newest links. New things tend to get added on a pretty frequent basis.

The Database is a large archive, but no work of this kind is ever really complete. I try to catch new work as it comes out, but I can't catch everything, and I rely heavily on people being willing to actively notify me when they find or create work that isn't yet in here. As always, keep the files coming, everyone. Artwork, stories, whatever you've got - send it in!


Recent Additions

Finally! An update!

It's only been... A year...

I'm sorry. I'm very, very sorry. It's been difficult to consistently update the RRDatabase, given the circumstances I'm working under sometimes. I've had to sort of rediscover how to create a system for synchronizing the local and remote copies of the site's data, and that's involved creating new software to try and smooth out the process. I think I've got it down pretty well at this point and things are under control, so hopefully administration of this site should be streamlined enough, and my free time sufficient enough, to allow for more frequent updates in the near future timeframe as I scramble to try and catch up (yet again) with the pileup of material that's out there.

I'm trying, and I don't plan to quit on working on this site. I still have fun taking care of it. I'm just finding my attention divided between a lot of things these days and it hard to give as much energy and focus to as I did back in the early days when I'd stay up all night programming just for the fun of it.

New Links:

Added the written work The Conquest of Hearts.
Added the written work Last Joker Standing.
Added the written work The Realm of the Adderfox.
Added the written work Gadget's Surprise.
Added the written work The Visit.
Added the written work Ode To The Acorn Cafe.
Added the written work Gone In A Flash.
Added the written work The Rangers vs. the Pickle Jar.

Charles Johnson (L. Cranston):
Added the written work Ranger Connection.
Added the written work Cheese in the Lasagna.
Added the written work Autumn Fall.

framwinkle_Shame.jpg - Shame. Motivational (demotivational?) poster style image made from a screencap.
framwinkle_ChipNascarBack.jpg - Chip Nascar skin.
framwinkle_Babies.jpg - Motivational poster style image made from a screencap. Babies!
framwinkle_PPPGALF.jpg - The please, Please, PLEASE get a life foundation presents...
framwinkle_Ownership.jpg - Ownership. Motivational poster style image.
framwinkle_Teamwork.jpg - Teamwork. Motivational poster style image made from a screencap.
framwinkle_GlobalWarming.jpg - Global warming motivational poster style image made from a screencap.
framwinkle_MudflapGadget.jpg - "Mudflap girl" Gadget silhouette.
framwinkle_Angst.jpg - Angst - can't replace a good plot. Motivational poster made from a screencap.
framwinkle_SantaMaus1.jpg - Christmas-themed motivational poster made from a modified screencap.
framwinkle_Dance.jpg - Motivational poster made from a screencap.
framwinkle_ChipNascarFront.jpg - Chip Nascar skin.
framwinkle_Plot.jpg - Motivational poster made from a screencap. Chip and Gadget try to solve the mystery of the missing plot!
framwinkle_G+D.jpg - G and D motivational (or maybe de-motivational) poster, made from a screencap.
framwinkle_GadgetNascarFront.jpg - Nascar Gadget skin, second view.
framwinkle_DaleNascarFront.jpg - Nascar Dale skin, second view.
framwinkle_GadgetNascarBack.jpg - Nascar Gadget skin.
framwinkle_Emo.jpg - Emo Tammy. Part of a series of "motivational posters" made from screencaps.
framwinkle_Fat.gif - Animated .gif file. Chip's been packing on the calories... And the self-consciousness.
framwinkle_DaleNascarBack.jpg - Part of a series of Ranger themed Nascar skins. This one is Dale.


Big upload of new artwork, including the addition of contributions from not just one, but three, new artists!

Again, I apologize to the community for previous long lull in update activity. There's still a lot of material out there that perhaps should be on here but isn't. It's going to be an ongoing process to try to keep gathering up new submissions and putting them up.

New Links:

Charles Johnson (L. Cranston):
Added the written work Gordian and Chip.

tpgh_tricolar.png - Gadget in Coo-Coo Cola Red.
tpgh_untis.png - Gadget clasps her hands shyly and smiles.
tpgh_tricola.png - Gadget, in Coo-Coo Cola Orange.
tpgh_27297485.png - Gadget, in winter coat, looks back over her shoulder.
tpgh_15318850.png - Gadget, with a flower in her hair, smiles.
tpgh_82078129.png - Classic pose facial portrait of Gadget, digitally colored.
tpgh_sunui.png - Gadget in her white and pink warm-weather outfit.
tpgh_sun2q.png - Gadget in her yellow warm-weather outfit.
tpgh_tricolap.png - Gadget in Coo-Coo Cola Purple.
tpgh_55472860.png - Gadget, in winter coat, looks kinda down.
tpgh_tp2.png - Gadget, with soft colored lineart.
tpgh_trxmas.png - Christmas themed portrait of Gadget, in red.
tpgh_trixi.png - Left side facial profile portrait of Gadget.
tpgh_trixi_2.png - A very nice digital inking and cel-shading of a typical Gadget modelsheet pose.

tellyweb_abou_gadget_boogie.png - Gadget in an aqua and white bellydancer's uniform
tellyweb_gadget_the_harem_mouse.jpg - Gadget the harem mouse. I'm sure certain fanboys are all for the idea.
tellyweb_gadget_to_daphne_tf.png - Gadget not only bellydances here, she transforms, too.
tellyweb_gadget_with_skintone.jpg - Gadget gets some skintone.
tellyweb_cdrr.png - The Rangers (minus Monty) pose with Dangermouse.
tellyweb_cdrr_1.jpg - Dangermouse meets CDRR once more. Nero seems to be winning for the moment?
tellyweb_cdrr_2.jpg - A genie emerges from a bottle in front of the Dangermouse cast, whilst the CDRR cast (some of them, at least) looks on.
tellyweb_gadget_dancer_poses 2.png - A composite collection of bellydancing Gadget poses and outfit colors.
tellyweb_cdrr_7.jpg - More Dangermouse meets CDRR. In this installment, there's a mind control device involved. That would explain a lot of things...
tellyweb_gadget.png - Gadget shows off her belly?
tellyweb_gadget_encore.png - Gadget bellydances an encore.
tellyweb_winter_whoops.jpg - And more CDRR meets Dangermouse.
tellyweb_little_pudgy_gadget.jpg - Gadget gets a little pudgy.
tellyweb_the_belly_trancer_2.png - Gadget is the Belly Trancer!
tellyweb_opry_house_gadget_be.png - Opry House Gadget.
tellyweb_cdrr_6.jpg - I have difficulty telling exactly what's happening here, in this black and white drawing of Gadget (in bellydancer garb), Chip, and Dale.
tellyweb_belly_dancer_on_paper_gadget.png - Veiled bellydancing Gadget.
tellyweb_gadget_tf_comic 1.png - Gadget accidentally drinks what I'll call, for lack of a better educated guess, some sort of genie juice.
tellyweb_foxglove.png - Just Foxglove.
tellyweb_cdrr_5.jpg - Dangermouse catches the Rangers in a net?
tellyweb_elephantdance_gadget.png - A parody of the bellydancing elephant in the drunken blackout scene from "Dumbo".
tellyweb_belly_dancing_gadget_jam.png - Yes, more of Gadget bellydancing.
tellyweb_magic_veil_gadget.png - Gadget and the magic veil?
tellyweb_gadget_tf_comic2.png - Gadget bellydances again. I'm not sure what the dialogue is a reference to.
tellyweb_belly_dancing_lawhinie.png - Bellydancing Lawhinie
tellyweb_belly_dancing_tammy.png - Bellydancing Tammy.
tellyweb_olympic_champ_gadget.jpg - Gadget appears to accidentally tear her clothes in this one.
tellyweb_gadget_fantasia.png - Filename says something about Fantasia. I'm not actually sure what exactly this is supposed to be, other than maybe yet another bellydancing Gadget.
tellyweb_hula_gadget.png - Hula Gadget. Or is that Lahwhinie? Nope. Filename says Gadget.
tellyweb_gadget half-pipe_moves.png - The filename seems to imply Gadget doing some half-pipe moves.
tellyweb_belly_dancing_desiree.png - Desiree DeLure bellydances.
tellyweb_gadget_and_trixie.png - Gadget and a character named Trixie bellydance this time.
tellyweb_ranger_paradise.png - The Rangers appear on something called "Rhythm Paradise".
tellyweb_gadget_dancer.png - Mirrored bellydancing Gadgets!
tellyweb_cream_and_gadget.png - Gadget and an original character named Cream bellydance.
tellyweb_cdrr_asterix.png - And yet again, CDRR and Dangermouse cross paths.
tellyweb_cdrr_4.jpg - CDRR meets Dangermouse once again.
tellyweb_cdrr_3.jpg - CDRR meets Dangermouse, again.
tellyweb_atomic_mouse.png - Atomic Mouse? I'm not entirely sure what that means.
tellyweb_dancin_gadget.jpg - Gadget bellydances.
tellyweb_cdrr_8.jpg - The Rescue Rangers meet Dangermouse.

lane83ky_chipper.jpg - A simple black and white line drawing of Chip.


Sorry about not getting up any updates for far too long. In this batch, we have some new written works.

New Links:

Added the written work Fade Away.
Added the written work Horatio's 11.
Added the written work Crossbones.
Added the written work Finding Apocalypse.

Added the written work Black and White.

Charles Johnson (L. Cranston):
Added the written work Little Things are the Most Important.
Added the written work Pilot in the Storm.
Added the written work Showdown at Midnight.
Added the written work St. Geegaw's Fire.
Added the written work Strange Neighborhood.