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Written Work - Karen Mollett (Kat)

Written Work by Karen Mollett (Kat):

This author is also listed as an artist.
Listing of Writings

Star Trekkin'

Gadget finds herself on board the Enterprise.

A Walk In The Park

Chip's stroll through the park becomes a bit more self-introspective than he expected.

A Hitch in Time

Gadget's latest invention blows the Rangers into a place, and time, not of their own.

A Game of Rat and Mouse

Rat Capone meets Lahwhiney, and it's... uh.. .some strong emotion at first sight.

Excessive Farce

Script/Satire. A homage to "Interview with a Mouse" by Candy Courtnier, Sally Jessie is soon wishing for the "good ol' days" when it was merely Gadget she had to contend with. Author gives it a PG rating.

Kat's Sing-A-Long

Script/Satire. ...sorry, there's no possible way for me to describe this. And that, scary as it may be, is impressive.

The Power of the Farce

Script/Satire. The Jedi Chipmunk meets up with the regulars.

A Show of Farce

Script/Satire. It's another romp through various other worlds as Kat and co-author Chip Lundsmark take no prisoners and show no shame.