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Written Work - Andrew Langhammer (Stainless Steel Rat)

Written Work by Andrew Langhammer (Stainless Steel Rat):

This author is also listed as an artist.
Listing of Writings

On the design of rodent scale Pulse drive Single Stage to Orbit (SSTO) vehicles

Exploration of the detailed workings of some of what occurred in "Out to Launch". If you're familiar with John Nowak's stories, this has some of the same feel to it.

The Donutters

A Rescue Rangers continuation story. The Rangers are older and more experienced, but still on the case. Someone is stealing supplies from Mom's Diner. What sinister plot is being hatched?

Foxglove wa Otaku Desu

A Donutters continuity side story. Why is Foxglove not seen after "Good Times, Bat Times", despite her friendship with Dale. What does she have to hide?

Chip Maplewood and the Kitchen of Doom

A 'deleted scene' from 'Last Train to Cashville'. Dale got sleepy and then carried away in a laundry basket, and the Rangers have to save him before he gets his Hawaiian shirt washed, with him still in it! References to a certain action adventure film trilogy may be made.

Battier Times

Yet another 'deleted scene', this time from 'Good Times, Bat Times.' How did Winifred really get from the laundrette to prison? We explore one possible option.

Foxglove in Love

Another possible deleted scene from "Good Times, Bat Times".

The Case of the Mind Control Moll

Rat Capone gets his hands on Sugarbottom's formula from "Chocolate Chips". I 's up to Chip to foil what he intends...

Who Do You Think You Are?

A song parody. Original music and lyrics from "Sailor Moon - Luna rock."

Chip Maplewood and the Last Cherryade

The 'munk in the hat is back, and this time he's brought his... okay, Monty's father. A side-story to the episode 'Parental Discretion Retired'

Who'll Come A Huntin

A song concerning Monty's culinary craftsmanship.

On A Wingnut And A Prayer

Set after 'The Donutters'. Gadget has been invited to take part in an all animal air race in Japan, the same one her father had won twice previously. Will it be a Hackwrench Hat-trick? Chock full of aircraft hangers, cliff hangers, gangers, combat scenes, evil schemes, laser beams, vengance, jet engines, ninjas, hinges, Fat Cat singes, projectiles, fighting styles, missiles, air miles, rescue missions, thrust co-efficients, wild rides, the Princess Bride, derring do, derring don't, derringers, Rescue Rangers, mysterious strangers, deadly peril, true love... Maybe you should just read it!

Foxglove's Magic show

Dale wants to see some stage magic, and Foxglove decides to oblige him, with Gadget and Tammy as her beautiful assistants.

Layabout is Fair Play

Continuation of Dave White's Clean Sweep. Never get an inventor with a transformation ray mad.

Rangers of the Lost Car Park

Donutters (Stainless-verse) prequel. A simple mission to retrieve a lost toy turns into a epic adventure, and a rematch against an old enemy of the Rangers. Another rip-off... homage to a certain action adventure saga.

Stranger Rangers

Collaboration with CCC based on the RRRPG continuity. Chip has a dream of a very different set of Rescue Rangers... or are they real?

Foxglove's Magic Mishaps 1 - Tailspin

A story from the alternate continuity of 'Foxglove's Magic Show' rather than the Stainless-verse. Foxglove has embraced the study of magic, rather than being the computer savvy otaku of 'Do-nuttters' and ' Wingnut'. While very helpful to the Rangers, her spells sometimes go a bit askew. In this one, Gadget makes a replacement Rangerwing engine, with Foxglove's help.

Gadget's Most Excellent Interdimensional Adventure

Story based on the RRRPG continuity. It's Gadget's turn to meet up with some alternate world versions of the Rangers... and help them save it.

Chipmunks Keep Falling on My Head

A second part to 'Good Times, Bat Times', that more or less assumes it to be the last episode of the canon. An attempt to give an original spin to well trodden pairings.