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Written Work - Jeff Wikstrom

Written Work by Jeff Wikstrom:

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The Mole

Based from John Nowak's current work in progress, "Sovereign (Part One)", this tangent tale tracks the path of a seemingly nondescript rat named Herbie...

Rat, Bat, Alligator-God

The sequel to the above tale, old favorites and new players enter into the picture as things start to get... messy. I rate this one at PG for some heavy violence and slightly disturbing scenes.

Chimes of Fat Cat: Wart vs. Soup

A para-sequel to the above fics, this tale deals with Wart as he tries to run a casino, and, far more importantly, the further adventures of Jiffy and Claire. Yay!

The Adventures Of Dale And Foxglove: Episode Seventeen: Peril At The Center Of The Earth!

This Dale & Foxglove duo tale takes them to the edge of excitement and beyond, into the realms of reptiles and pipes and other funky stuff.

Dance of the Dreams

It's a fanfic all about, uh, fanfic! A comedic tale that you'll love if you've read every Ranger fic our there, and that you'll love even if you never read a single page of Ranger fanfic.

A Change of Mime

It's Monterey Jack against his most bitter foe to date - a mime, naturally.