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Written Work - Aivars Liepa

Written Work by Aivars Liepa:

This author is also listed as an artist.
Listing of Writings

Fantasy General

Dale gets some help from the powerful forces of the subconscious as to how he should go about defeating Chip in a game.

Fires in Hearts

For those unaware, in Aivars Liepa's incomplete "Sisters" novella, he expressed the popular theory that Gadget and Lahwhiney were, in fact, half-sisters; in his world, they both had Geegaw as their father. Well, despite some claims that "Sisters" was flawless, quite a few people objected fiercely to the depiction that Geegaw would have ran off and left Lahwhiney and her mother like some... well, like some rougish globetrotting pilot, actually. Aviars wrote this in response, shedding light onto Geegaw's rather tortured past. (As a side note, you can forget that bit in the front about "Sisters" being almost finished - Aivars has stated that he doesn't foresee finishing the novella anytime in the near future, alas.)