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Written Work - Kenneth Manning (Pensacola Ranger)

Written Work by Kenneth Manning (Pensacola Ranger):

This author is also listed as an artist.
Listing of Writings

Chip n' Dale's Monorail

A song parody for "Southern Air" by Nashville comedian Ray Stevens, from his country album?  Surely You Joust


This is the author's first Ranger fanfic. Set in New York, it is a fanciful cross between the Rescue Rangers and Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds: Dale orders a DVD box set of the famous Thunderbirds sci-fi puppet show. As the team watches, the one member most inspired by the show is Gadget. Noting the similarities between themselves and the futuristic International Rescue team, she decides to give her vehicles and Ranger HQ a complete Thunderbirds makeover---leaving Chip in a very awkward position. But a mysterious stranger and his cloaked assistant are watching their every move, plotting to destroy the team and steal their secrets. Who are they, and what is at stake? Strap yourselves in and stand by for blast-off. It's action stations, as... RANGERBIRDS ARE GO! (Nominated for 6 Golden Acorn Awards, including Best Mystery/Thriller and Best Original Villain.)
- Part 1   
- Part 2   
- Part 3   
- Part 4   
- Part 5   
- Part 6   
- Part 7   
- Part 8   
- Part 9   
- Part 10   
- Part 11   
- Part 12   
- Part 13   
- Part 14   
- Part 15   
- Part 16   
- Part 17   
- Part 18   
- Part 19   
- Part 20   

Go Speed Gadget!

A song parody, inspired by the classic Japanese anime' series SPEED RACER.

Rangerphile Club March

This is an original fan song parody inspired by Walt Disney's CHIP 'N DALE'S RESCUE RANGERS of 1989, and THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB of 1955, with references to the 2007-08 Rangerphile community.

13 Gadgets

Song Parody based on "13 Women" as performed by BILL HALEY & THE COMETS.

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