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Written Work - Charles Johnson (L. Cranston)

Written Work by Charles Johnson (L. Cranston):

Listing of Writings

Candy From Strangers

The Rangers find themselves trying to get a handle on a mysterious distributor pushing a new, and highly addictive, narcotic cocktail.

Chip's Adventures Underground, and What He Found There

Chip takes a tumble down a hole, a la "Alice In Wonderland", and finds some... Interesting things...

Addendum to "Chip's Adventures Underground, and What He Found There"

The solution to the puzzle in this fanfic.


Tammy is, at last, a Rescue Ranger. Right on the heels of joining, her first case crops up, too - a mysterious villain controlling the weather.


The shipping docks are about to erupt into a brutal civil war. When the A.P.F. blames a new society of rats, both sides try to hire the Rangers to prove the other side wrong. Where will loyalties lie in pursuit of the truth?

Lost Souls

The Siamese Twins have been locked in a stalemate with Fat Cat for control of the city for far too long. When they seek an advantage to tip the balance of power, they gain possession of an item that can re-order time and space. What is the worth of a single individual to all of history? Can the Rescue Rangers hold together as a group against such ultimate power?

Burden of Honor

A horrible act of cruelty threatens to tear the Rangers apart. In the face of acts so blasphemous, can the Rangers put aside their feelings to find the cause behind it all? What caused this atrocity to occur? Can anyone be trusted to pursue justice instead of revenge?

Sweet Foxy Pie

Parody of the song "Cherry Pie" by Warrant

A Matter of Trust

A song parody of "A Matter of Trust" by Billy Joel

Big Force for Animal-kind

A parody of "Big Man on Mulberry Street" by Billy Joel

Dry Bones

It's wintertime and much of the city hibernates for the season. The Rescue Rangers have decided to spend the winter months in Arizona for a wild west holiday, but not everyone is enjoying themselves. The Rangers are going to have to come together as a team and as a family to help the town when trouble rises.

Grab Those Rescue Rangers, Henchmen!

A song parody of "Play that Funky Music, White Boy" by Wild Cherry.

I'll Try

A parody of "I'll Try" by Jonatha Brooke.

Practice Story 1

This is just a scene that I wrote for practice after seeing some screen captions involving a feud between Gadget and Tammy. It's based off of the idea for the Saw movies. :)

Some Kind of Mystery

A kind of parody of "Some Kind of Mystery" by Sinoa. It was a song from the movie "The Shadow" (1994 version).


The Siamese Twins finally make their big move to seize control of the city, but the crime is so simple and obvious that the Rescue Rangers can figure it out right away. Is there truely a 'devil in the details'? Just what is the value of patience when fighting corruption in all its forms?

Monty Jack

A parody of "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath

Dead 'Munk's Chest

When two of the original members of the Rescue Rangers are beyond the reach of the team, Dale has to step up and assume the mantle of leadership. Not only does he remind them of their calling, he also discovers a vital clue in the struggle against the Siamese Cats.


A song parody of "Warrior" by Kid Rock.

Turn the Plane

A parody of the song "Turn the Page" by Bob Seger.


Every disease has a cure, so says a doctor. However, sometimes the cure is more dangerous than the sickness. How far are you willing to go in order to reclaim your life? Would you risk your very soul in order to regain what you had lost?

Brightest Dawn

It's Dale's birthday and he's never been happier. He asks for the chance to lead the Rangers in a serious case.

Just When You Thought it was Safe

Another routine night is capped off by a little detail out of place. Tammy doesn't like little details out of place in this business. Should she leave well enough alone or should she persevere, no matter what the outcome?

Keep Telling Yourself Everything is All Right

Times are getting tough for the Rangers. New legislation seeks to curb all law enforcement and that stirs up bad feelings from the public. Suddenly, a shadowy fiend strikes right at their home! Is Tammy leader enough to save everyone and capture the assassins at the same time?

There's No Place Like Home

The city has been building up steam like a pressure cooker turned up too high. What does a good person do when the duty they have sworn to uphold seems to demand of them questionable action? Just who is right and who is wrong when civil war threatens to spread like wildfire? The Rescue Rangers must answer the impossible question to assure that there will be a tomorrow to look forward to.

What About Now

A parody of "What ABout Now" by Daughtry.

The Night Before Christmas, Monty Style!

Every year, the Rescue Rangers and their families repeat a traditional story-telling about an...altercation...between Gadget and a certain Saint. Here it is in poem form.

Four Chimes

The wedding of the year is about to take place. Both couples to be wed have decided to have Tammy plan and prepare the wedding in all its glory. Can she keep her promise to have everything happen 'perfectly'? Just what are the limits on a young squirrel when someone decides to crash the party uninvited?

Sweet Dreams

Just because the city's safe doesn't mean there isn't some conflict to resolve but a chipmunk can dream, right? Here's an upbeat story that's something of a crossover with another Disney cartoon series.

Bad Romance

parody of Bad Romance by Lady GaGa

A Real Rescue Ranger

parody of the song "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi.


Song parody of Sober by Pink.


parody of the song "Daydream Believer" by The Monkees.


parody of the song Daniel by Elton John.

Gordian and Chip

Just when it seemed that everything was good and right in the city, a sudden attack directed at the home of the Rescue Rangers leaves the team shattered and missing. Emotions rise and tempers flare as it seems no one can help them. Chip is going to embark on the most difficult and dangerous case of his career as a detective. Using only his mind, his notebook, and his best friend for backup, the leader of the Rescue Raners must untie the never-ending knot of intrigue and conspiracy.

Strange Neighborhood

A string of disappearances has the Rangers going back to basics. A series of routine investigations turns up the most unexpected cause ever. Gadget and Foxglove must fight their own preconceptions about themselves and their enemies if they are to stop the disappearances once and for all.

St. Geegaw's Fire

Song parody based on "St. Elmo’s Fire" written by David Foster and John Parr

Showdown at Midnight

Dale certainly has a rich and active imagination. His dreams could be the stuff of legend if he could be bothered to write them down. Dale travels the Old West and has some rootin' tootin' adventures. This story was written in tandem with Nathair_Sionnach at the Acorn Cafe.

Pilot in the Storm

Song parody based on "Candle in the Wind" written by Elton John.

Little Things are the Most Important

An innocent outing turns lethal as Zipper must use all of his skills to prevent the death of his beloved Queenie and her entire hive! Can Tammy fill the shoes of a doctor when she has not yet graduated? Even if they succeed, it may all turn to naught if the entire field is swept up in the inferno of a massive hive war.

Autumn Fall

After terrors of a hive war, most would be content to sit back and relax in peacetime. However, Bubbles has never been one to let heroes rest. The hooded rat uses what appears to be new sorcery to launch a campaign of genocide against Queenie and her hive, all for treasure. What can the Rangers possibly do to help turn the tide of war when the A.P.F. do not have jurisdiction to help? Just how much can one little fly give to save what he loves most?

Cheese in the Lasagna

Brief story / song parody of "Coconutre" by Harry Nilsson.

Ranger Connection

Parody of "Rainbow Connection" written by Kenneth Ascher and Paul Williams