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Written Work - Mr. Spumoni

Written Work by Mr. Spumoni:

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Listing of Writings

Rescue Rangers Volume 1 DVD Set Review...In Haiku!

The Rescue Rangers Volume 1 DVD Set has been reviewed here by Mr. Spumoni, in haiku form.

Country Mouse, City Louse

Gee Whiz comes to New York City to try to break into showbusiness, but is lead astray by Bedford the louse. Can the Rangers save her and all of the victims of Bedford's scam?

Chipmunks Standing in a Doorway

A look at friendship, trust, a loyalty through the eyes of the portal that sees it all, the door of Ranger Headquarters!

I am Fin, Captain Fin

A song parody about Captain Fin based on "More Human than Human" by White Zombie.

Mus ex Machina

A poem by Monty about Gadget's ability to come up with things at the right moment!

Requiem for a Reprobate

A Golden Acorn Award winning comedy about Fat Cat and the ninnies who infest his life.