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There is a transcript available for this episode.

Catteries Not Included

Episode #07: Catteries Not Included

Rating: ***
AD: 3/6/89 TDC
9/28/89 synd.
D: John Kimball, Bob Zamboni
SEd: Bryce Malek
S: Tad Stones
TP: Bruce Talkington
RSC: Professor Nimnul, Spinelli, Kirby, Muldoon
Voices: Corey Burton
Peter Cullen -- Monterey Jack
Jim Cummings -- "surfer dude" mouse
Tress MacNeille -- Spunky
Laura Mooney -- Mandy

First Nimnul: sets stage for character's future activities quite nicely. Nimnul is animated by greed and quest for respect (offended most by fact that power company laughed at him), indulges in a loony scientific plot.

Nimnul || Orcan word from "Mork and Mindy" TV show. Created by Kevin Tompkins, looks like Disney TV writer Bruce Talkington.

Voice of Nimnul slightly different from later form. Huskier.

First "RR return a beloved pet to its owner" caper. Always good for sympathy - esp. here.

First app. of "Cat Alley" (Ranger City vsn.) - place where cats hang out.

First strong hint that "tough" Monty scared witless of cats (his bravery vis-a-vis Fat Cat notwithstanding).

[Good showcase of the differences between Chip and Dale's flirting with Gadget; Chip is more on the subtle side, while Dale has no qualms about being more blatant. This is also one of the few times that Gadget is aware of their flirting, and even likes it.

Mandy never actually had a name in the episode. It was listed, however, in the Rescue Ranger sticker book. - MP]

If you'd like to read a transcript of this episode, it's availible on Julie Bihn's The Super Gigantic Rescue Rangers Episode Guide.

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