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Le Purrfect Crime

Episode #54: Le Purrfect Crime

Rating: ****

AD: 3/19/90
D: John Kimball, Bob Zamboni
SEd: Ken Koonce, David Wiemers
W: Dean Stefan, Ken Koonce, David Wiemers
RSC: (none)
Voices: Corey Burton -- Ratatouille
Jim Cummings -- Monterey Jack, male French dog, M'sieur Le Sewer, balloon salesman
Tress MacNeille -- female French poodle, existential mouse
Howard Morris -- poodle owner, Maltese Le Sade


Obligatory "amnesia" episode: Dale forgets who he is.

Some very funny ideas: Dale dressing up as Rambo (ANOTHER media creation), "existential mouse" popping in with existential comments a la the Mynah Bird in WB cartoons, idea of a cousin of Fat Cat being as dog-obsessed as FC himself, some nice verbal humor ("a famous chipmunk terrorist", "Never in a million years!/Is it 1,000,000 AD already?").

"Nobody has respect for Dale" -- hit as hard here as anywhere.

Return of operetta music (piano) when C&D have duel with "swords."

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