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Out of Scale

Episode #50: Out of Scale

Rating: ***

AD: 2/8/90
D: John Kimball, Bob Zamboni
SEd: Tad Stones, Bryce Malek
W: David Wise
RSC: Professor Nimnul, Spinelli, Kirby, Muldoon
Voices: Corey Burton
Peter Cullen -- Ratso Ratskiwatski
Jim Cummings -- Monterey Jack, Rocco
Danny Gans -- "Groucho Marx" pigeon, Moose
Patti Howeth -- bag mouse
Tress MacNeille
Deborah Walley -- Buffy Ratskiwatski


"Return" of crooks Spud & Fry from "Short Order Crooks" as Ratso's goons (Rocco has that Fry voice too).

Sort of a sequel to "Fake Me" with Nimnul for once a VICTIM rather than the villain -- his Gigantico Gun reappears, only now used in reverse to shrink.

Visiting pigeon a voice parody of Groucho Marx (a rather feeble one).

Fleshy-lipped Ratso has a voice like Bankjob Beagle -- sort of a parody of the tough crime boss of movies past (a sucker for Buffy).

C&D feud used as Ranger subtheme.

"Squirrels" -- "CHIPMUNKS!!" -- running gag.

Unclear exactly why the lady "bagmouse" was used: "Throwaway" in the most literal sense!

[Title was a direct reference to one of Chip n Dale's classic shorts with Donald Duck.

Ratskiwatski is a take on an actual gangster's name, if I remember right. - MP]

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