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Chipwrecked Shipmunks

Episode #36: Chipwrecked Shipmunks

Rating: ***

AD: 11/16/89
D: ? (John Kimball & Rick Leon ?)
SEd: ? (Bryce Malek?)
W: Kevin Hopps
RSC: Pi-Rats
Voices: Corey Burton -- Stormy
Peter Cullen -- Monterey Jack, small Pi-Rat
Jim Cummings -- radio voice, Jolly Roger


Pi-Rats' 2nd app. marginally more successful than their 1st (though there's still an obsession with finding treasure, they at least have an unfound treasure to find!).

Monty oddly shares Dale's obsession with treasure (thought he was only obsessed with cheese) -- the theme of "greed getting between friends" TOTALLY pat.

"Stormy" (pirate with hurricane-predicting mustache) identical to "Piratsy"'s 'Arvey (who had no mustache).

[John Nowak also made a good point about Dale and Monterey (particularly Monty) wanting to keep the treasure a secret from the others being completely out of character; there was no way they could hope to sneak it back without the others noticing in the first place, after all. -- MP]

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