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Normie's Science Project

Episode #34: Normie's Science Project

Rating: **

AD: 11/14/89
D: John Kimball, Bob Zamboni
SEd: Bryce Malek
W: Mark Edens
RSC: Professor Nimnul
Voices: Corey Burton -- Normie
Peter Cullen -- Monterey Jack
Jim Cummings -- Marvin, male teacher


First and (thankfully) only appearance on TV by Nephew Normie.  He is in truth a "nasty little nerd", the kind of kid who would pick bugs' limbs off for fun.  The comics version of Nephew Normie (spelled Normy) in C&DRR #13 is more successful in making the character more endurable.

Theatricality of Nimnul schemes: he can't just destroy the city and be done with it, he's got to make it dramatic.  "Walls will crumble," etc.

[Problem with what Normie was doing there in the first place. He obviously goes to school in town, and gets an allowance from Nimnul, implying he's been there for a while (shades of Huey, Dewey, and Louie in the original Donald Duck shorts). Normie is never seen again, however, so either he died, or his parents finally got back from their year-long vacation.

Nice jab at the mad scientist genre when Normie asks why Nimnul wants to destroy the city: "Because no one really takes a mad scientist seriously unless he's leveled a city or two."

The episode did have some fun lines to it. "Ah! ‘Music to Devastate the Globe By'. In stereo!" is a personal favorite from the series. -- MP]

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