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A Wolf in Cheap Clothing

Episode #29: A Wolf in Cheap Clothing

Rating: **

AD: 10/19/89
D: John Kimball, Rick Leon
SEd: Bryce Malek
W: Kevin Hopps, Tad Stones
RSC: Professor Nimnul, Kirby, Muldoon
Voices: Corey Burton -- man robbed
Peter Cullen -- Monterey Jack
Jim Cummings -- bouncer, Tasmanian devil
Tress MacNeille -- Harriet, metamorphosed Tasmanian devil, pound woman
Rob Paulsen -- butler, Harry


Gets away with some risque humor: Harry as a man being seen naked in pound by a female worker.

Nice transition by Paulsen from a wolflike human to a humanlike wolf.  Interestingly, Harry as a man looks much like a Lon Chaney type!

Dale obsessed with media images again: this time with werewolf images picked up from comics.  Oddly, Nimnul's crazy scheme more than fulfills his fears!

"Lankersham and Cahuenga" gag leads one to believe that RR are located in Los Angeles or Southern California -- but compare "It's a Bird,...".

[Interestingly enough, the "Lankersham and Cahuenga" gag also appears not only in "It's a Bird,...", but in the very same scene where they're at the Statue of Liberty -- it was the address stamped on the bottom of Seymour's brochure. -- MP]

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