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A Case of Stage Blight

Episode #26: A Case of Stage Blight

Rating: ****

AD: 10/16/89
D: John Kimball, Bob Zamboni
SEd: Bryce Malek
W: Dev Ross, "The Pirates of Peejama" by Diana Zaslove and George Kahn
RSC: (none)
Voices: Corey Burton -- Euripides
Peter Cullen -- Monterey Jack, Voltaire
Tress MacNeille
Rob Paulsen -- king actor, Clarence Dudley, janitor
Pete Schrum -- fat swordsman actor, Sewernose de Bergerac, janitor
Diana Zaslove -- diva


Extremely imaginative parody of Gilbert & Sullivan operettas, also features one of RR's most memorable antagonists of the one-shot kind.

Sewernose: gives "hamminess" a whole new meaning.  So in need of attention that he has in effect created two "critics" and companions for himself.  Convinced that he's something he's not, but it's almost impossible to dislike him.  He could've eaten the RR right away but instead uses them in a play.

Euripides voice || Toadie's voice on Gummi Bears.

Miniature operetta "The Pirates of Peejama" sung once by actors and reprised after S has taken over the stage -- voice folks had to work overtime on this one.  Diana Zaslove = Alan's wife?  Mark's wife?  Mark's sister?  What??

Pete Schrum (Sewernose) a member of Ranger "repertory troupe," will reappear to good effect several more times.

Music score makes heavy use of piano music-hall style of the old mellerdrammers.

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