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An Elephant Never Suspects

Episode #23: An Elephant Never Suspects

Rating: ***

AD: 10/11/89
D: ? (John Kimball, Bob Zamboni, maybe?)
SEd: ? (Bryce Malek?)
W: Julia J. Roberts
RSC: (none)
Voices: Corey Burton -- Jeebee
Peter Cullen -- Monterey Jack, skunk, reporter voice
Jim Cummings -- Bear, hippo
Tress MacNeille -- Reporter voice
Sindy McKay -- Elliott, female panda
Alan Oppenheimer -- Zoo announcer, Captain Kernel
Rob Paulsen -- Heebee, male panda

Only time RR accused of not being heroes but rather crooks (comp. crabs of "Shell Shocked" who are at best bemused and complain re RR's lack of efficiency).  Ironically, a bunch of animals suspect them.

"Animal society" of a different kind than the "subculture" explored in other eps: these animals don't act and dress like mini-humans but are "normal" animals in a zoo who just happen to be able to talk.

Captain Colonel and Elliott || Colonel Hathi and son of The Jungle Book.  Capt. Colonel the same sort of imperious British-Raj type elephant.

Clever twist on the cliche of Chinese pandas coming to American zoos as a goodwill gesture.  These pandas are mechanical geniuses (ref. to Far Eastern economic prowess) and would like to go home!

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