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Parental Discretion Retired

Episode #18: Parental Discretion Retired

Rating: **½

AD: 5/21/89 TDC
9/27/89 synd.
D: John Kimball, Bob Zamboni
SEd: Bryce Malek
W: Mark Edens
RSC: Fat Cat, Mole, Mepps, Wart, Camembert Kate
Peter Cullen - Monterey Jack, sponge, old crab
Jim Cummings - Cheddarhead Charlie
Tress MacNeille - starfish waitress, sturgeon


Irony: Cheddarhead uses same basic voice Cummings would eventually use as Monty himself.

Camembert Kate only appears at end - has a bigger role later.

And you thought MONTY was headstrong??  Charlie's the COOL one in the family!

FC's scheme here is his version of a Nimnul scheme - "scientific".

[The opening scene between Gadget and Chip is perhaps the best display of emotion in the entire series. Very tender and intimate without any words whatsoever; the animation sequence is a textbook example of conveying "Heart". - MP]

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