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The Carpetsnaggers

Episode #16: The Carpetsnaggers

Rating: **½

AD: 5/7/89 TDC
10/5/89 synd.
D: John Kimball, Bob Zamboni
SEd: Bryce Malek
W: Somtow Sucharitkul
RSC: Professor Nimnul, Kirby, Muldoon, Spinelli, Mrs. Clutchcoin
Voices: Corey Burton - rich fop
Peter Cullen - Monterey Jack, rich man, mover
Jim Cummings - Elmer, rich fop
Tress MacNeille - Jimmy


Again the husky-voiced Nimnul.

Mrs. Clutchcoin makes her "first" appearance. Changes app. in almost every one of her appearances - here a high coiffed, haughty society matron voiced by MacNeille in her rich witch voice (a little different from her "evil female" Circe/Lady Bane voice). Treats "help" in a decidedly nasty fashion.

Return of "saving a beloved pet" theme through Elmer's rescue at the beginning.

[Kirby and Muldoon actually have one of their more active appearances here. Some real personality for them comes through, rather than just a couple of cops to clean up.

Also, this episode supports the "New York" feeling of the Rangers city. The building Elmer's house gets caught on looks suspiciously like the Chrysler building. -- MP]

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