Double O' Chipmunk

Episode written by Julia J. Roberts and Tad Stones

Summary by Chris Birkett


As the show opens, Professor Von Drake is being bound up and gagged in a closet. He is the inventor of a new 'think-tank', a tank that responds to thought. Getting him out of the way is 'the greatest spy in the world' (we never learn his name), intent on stealing the think-tank's blueprints. He uses three rats (Francis, the boss; Louis and Mo) to get through the ventilation system and open the door, then proceeds over to the blueprints (conveniently left out) to take pictures using a secret camera. Unfortunately, Louis has by now got hold of the cap used to work the tank. Thinking, (the only time we see him do in the program) he gets the tank to blow a huge hole in the wall. Less than pleased, the evil spy gives them the microfilm and tells them to get out while he sees to the guards.

Moving to Rescue Ranger Headquarters, Dale and Zipper are entranced in yet another spy movie- one of Dale's loves. This particular film is pitting Dirk Suave and his faithful sidekick, Ardshou against the evil Dr So-So. Dale is enamored by Suave's gadgets. We see him use smoke cufflinks to distract So-So, causing the villain to blow a hole in the roof with his rocket launcher.

"Thanks for showing us the way out." So-So grins at Suave and then, using a secret jet-pack escapes into the night. So-So is outraged and proceeds to strangle his cat.

Dale and Zipper are rejoicing in Suave's success as the rest of the gang trudge in from an evening of looking for cases at the police station.

"Looks like Dale is watching another one of his spy-movies!" laughs Gadget.

Chip is angry with Dale. As he shuts off the TV tells him, "You should have been with us looking for cases down at the police station." Dale, not having his program put down, responds by telling the Rangers that they could use some of Dirk Suave's gear for their own ends, which leaves Gadget amused, Chip even angrier and Monty unimpressed.

"Wake me when my cummerbund is ready!" Monty exclaims, sleepily walking off to his room.

Looking back to Dale, it is obvious that he's going to try it anyway. He's got that look.

Later that night; Chip, Gadget and Monty are all woken by strange sounds coming from Gadget's workshop. They all go down to investigate, Chip with a baseball bat in his hand. Gadget tells them them, "I'll use my infrared night-scope." Looking through it she sees Dale prancing about in a white tuxedo and a black bow-tie, with Zipper in tow. "Dale?" she exclaims. Dale is taken off guard.

"Yeah, I mean, ahem, I'm Double-O-Dale, super spy!"

"How are we supposed to sleep with you goofing around in Gadget's workshop?" Chip asks angrily.

Grabbing hold of Zipper, Dale pulls a carnation on his jacket, replying, "Us super spies don't goof around, but we do get around!" A rotor lifts out from behind Dale's back and begins whirling round, like a helicopter. Dale quickly lurches up and crashes into the ceiling, continuing to twirl around hanging from the rotor. The Rangers cringe.

"I can see the get around part, mate, but how are you supposed to get down?" inquires Monty.

"Don't worry, my double-o-agent belt buckle will get us down in a jiffy," Dale states confidently. He flicks his belt, from which a large rope emerges, entangling Dale, who then falls to the ground with a loud thud. The Rangers cringe again. Gadget rushes to his aid inquiring if he's OK and cuts him loose with her scissors.

"I guess maybe there's still a few bugs to work out, but isn't this stuff great?! I even have a super-spy camera!" Dale pulls on his bow-tie and blinds Monty and Chip with a bright flash. "Well," he continues, "maybe it works a little too well! But I know these are gonna work, my super-spy stink and smoke cufflinks!" He tampers with one that falls off on to the ground and starts to work. All he can say to a very exasperated Gadget is "Whoops!"

In the next scene, we see Gadget wearing a gas mask and using a hair dryer to blow the offending fumes out of the tree, while Chip and Monty wait around, obviously irritated and tired.

'All done Chip!' Gadget shouts.

Chip replies, "Good. Well, let's get back to bed everyone, including all double-o-spies." He looks off towards one of the branches. He and Monty go back in, while Gadget looks over to where Chip had previously looked and sees Dale and Zipper dejectedly sitting at the end of one of the branches. She walks over to them.

"Time for bed, guys!" she says sympathetically.

"Oh, I would probably mess that up too. I'll never be as good as a super spy." Dale states blankly, obviously upset and humiliated over the whole incident.

"Ah Dale, you're good at lots of things," Gadget counters, trying to console him, but he's evidently beyond that too.

"Yeah." he replies, blinking back tears, "like making people laugh when I mess things up!'

Gadget watches Dale and Zipper wander off back to their rooms and begins to cry herself. "If Dale wants to be a super-spy, then I'm gonna help him!"

The next morning arrives, and the next scene begins in the Rangers' treehouse. Dale and Zipper emerge from their rooms, still unrecovered from the previous night's incident. It soon becomes clear that they are the only ones there.. "Golly, we must have messed up so bad last night they didn't even want us with 'em," Dale moans.

Then there's a knock at the door. As Dale opens it, he loses all muscle control as a very beautiful mouse who looks suspiciously like Gadget stands before him in a red flowing dress, wearing lots of lipstick, and with purple eye shadow, yellow hair, and dark tan fur. She proves to be a great actress, claiming to be Gadget's 'cousin.' "Is this where the Rescue Rangers live? You have to help me!" she exclaims.

Dale is still dumbstruck, but manages a dazed "Right, they'll be back any minute now."

"No, you don't understand." Gadget continues. "I need your help right away. I need you to take this microfilm to a contact. They'll know you by the words 'Seven Spy Guys Stole The Shysters Secrets'. Be careful, enemy agents are everywhere. I know you won't let me down, superspy!" She then gives Dale a huge kiss sending him sailing happily to the ground. "I have to go now, good luck, don't forget the password," she finishes and walks away.

Dale is still in a heap on the ground. "Right," he says and proceeds to repeat the password, completely incorrectly. (I would attempt to reiterate it here, but I simply can't fathom it out, and I've watched the episode at least a dozen times).

On one of the boughs of the Ranger Tree, Gadget meets up with Chip and Monty, dressed in secret agent garb. Chip is quite put out by the whole scenario.(He also sports a red nose for this scene, check if you don't believe me). "You didn't have to kiss him," is all he can say to a very confused Gadget.

"Golly, I thought that's what happened" in spy films, she stutters.

"Relax, Chipper," continues Monty. "We did hurt Dale's feelings last night, making fun of his spy stuff."

They are abruptly stopped as a very happy Dale and Zipper, also decked out in similar gear, emerge, holding a microfilm and map. After they pass, Chip is still not convinced. "Humph, it looks like he's feeling better already!" he grunts.

We now return to Francis, Louis and Mo still trying to get back to their boss' hideout through town. (It must be a long way, having taken them all night.) Nearly getting run over, Francis decides to head down through the sewer system. "'Quick, in the drain!" he shouts to Louis and Mo.

"Golly, is there quite traffic in the sewers?" asks Louis, for which he gets a rap on the head. Francis jumps down, followed by Louis, but Mo can't get through with the microfilm, so he puts it on the roadside beside him as he squeezes through. At exactly the same time, Dale and Zipper come to stand on the pavement by this same sewer and, not being able to read the map properly, Dale puts the microfilm on the walkway beside him-proceeding to kick it down and into the sewers. Mo, just inside the sewer assumes that this is his microfilm and happily walks away while Zipper flies down and retrieves the microfilm on the roadside, the one containing blueprints for the think-tank.

Dale utters a somewhat ironic line--"Thanks, Zipper; we sure don't want to lose this!" and they then proceed to their first contact point, on the local golf course. "I can't remember if we're supposed to meet on hole three, or four," Dale wonders. "Fore!" comes a loud cry.

"Thanks Zipper, I thought it was!" Dale continues in blissful ignorance.

On arriving there, no-one can be found until "OK, stick 'em up!' Dale jumps sky-high, and on returning finds Chip in a spy outfit. "Hand over that microfilm," Chip demands.

"What microfilm?" Dale asks innocently, placing it behind him.

" The microfilm behind your back!" Chip smugly states; he's obviously not playing to the rules of the game.

Monty and Gadget ponder this in a nearby bush. "Ol' Chipper there's really taking his role seriously," Monty concludes.

"Maybe too seriously!" expresses a worried Gadget. "We're supposed to let

Dale win."

Back on hole four dale calls Chip's bluff, moving the microfilm behind Zipper (who is smaller than it) and holding both hands out. "See, nothin'!" he smiles.

Chip is momentarily fooled, but soon regains his composure."OK, hand it over bug!" he shouts at Zipper, who is trying to hover nonchalantly with a microfilm clearly visible behind him.

Dale gets an idea. "Smile!" he shouts to a surprised Chip. He sets his secret camera off again, blinding Chip in the process and runs off to a golf buggy. Chip staggers around for a while then falls into a hole, being knocked out when a golf ball lands in it above him. In the golf buggy, Zipper and Dale ponder what to do next. "Dirk Suave would never give up on a case," Dale admits. "We've got to go back; there's a friendly agent on hole four."

On their way back though, they hear an argument in a nearby bush. "I don't care' moans Chip.

"You're just sore because Double-O-Dale got the batter of ya," smirks Monty.

"Oh, be a sport, Chip" Gadget pleads, "the game is nearly over. Get the microfilm and make sure Dale follows you back to headquarters."

Dale turns to Zipper disappointedly. "It was just a game," he sighs, "mind you, it was fun," a smile grows, "and it can be even more fun now that we know. C'mon Zip!"

We now move to the spies' hideout (a barn). The boss is going hysterical because the subsequently developed microfilm has turned out to be a bunch of nature photography! (Actually Rangers' holiday shots, a great picture of Dale making a huge face at and covering most of the camera, while Gadget, Monty and Zipper all look on amused. Chip doesn't look quite as amused.) The boss threatens to display his new rat trap on his hench-rodents (a laser beam) telling them, "I want those photographs tonight!"

With the press of a switch, all of his gadgets, computers and him disappear, returning the hideout back to a normal barn, while Francis, Louis and Mo wonder what to do. Louis and Mo are able to deduce that that this is 'the park,' while Francis goes one step further. "These guys must have gotten our film. If someone's gonna fry tonight it ain't gonna be us!"




Part two opens with Chip walking around another golf green, exasperated with the entire situation. He is so lost in his thoughts that he doesn't realize Dale and Zipper have arrived too. "Looking for someone, mister Enemy Agent?" Dale asks and this time Chip jumps sky high.

"How'd you--ahem--hand over that microfilm!" Chip quickly recovers. He can only stare in wonder and fear as Dale lets loose a torrent of golf balls to the shout "FORE!" They all topple down on top of Chip sending him tumbling in to the nearby lake.

A drenched and, by now, extremely angry Chip marches back to headquarters. As he enters he sees Monty and Gadget sat on the sofa, but he cannot tell they are bound and gagged. He continues to rant as he walks round the room. "That's it, I've had it up to here with this stupid game!" He is now standing in front of his team mates and now is shocked. "Hey. What's going on?!" He begins, but he is lifted off the ground by a very irate Francis. Showing Chip the photos, Francis coolly inquires, "Look familiar, chipmunk?"

"What are you doing with our vacation photos?" Chip demands.

"Since we've got your film, we figure that you got ours," continues Francis.

"But we gave our film to--to Dale! Oh, I knew he'd mess up!" Chip despairingly concludes.

(Rather an unfair decision, but this isn't an editorial.)

"Well, let's hope we can get it back," growls Francis, "before we have to mess you up."

Chip gulps rapidly. "!" he finally lets out.

"Take these two back to the boss' place for insurance," Francis tells Louis and Mo, handing Gadget and Monterey to them.

"Gee, does the boss sell insurance?" asks Louis. "We'd like to investigate other policy options."

"Yeah, we're not satisfied with the returns on our life annuity," agrees Mo.

Francis hits them both once more. "Just Go, Go, Go!" he pleads.

Chip leads Francis to Dale and Zipper, who still think this is a game. "Dale, you've got to give us the microfilm," pleads Chip. "This is a real spy!"

"Isn't everyone?" asks Dale playfully.

"Just gimme the microfilm!"snarls Francis.

"Sure!" exclaims Dale.

"Smart, very smart --" Francis starts off and is just about to take the microfilm when Dale snatches it back.

"Just tell me the password," Dale smiles.

Francis loses his temper. "Password, smashword!" He growls and lunges towards Dale. Dale thinks quick, though, and once again pulls his (un)trusty carnation, with the rotor whirling him up into the sky again.

"No need to get nasty!" he shouts. "If you want it, come and get it!" And with that he flies away.

Chip, being uncharacteristically (that's the longest word I've ever written) foolish, starts to laugh. "He thinks this is all a game," he explains to Francis, who is not amused. Francis grabs Chip by the throat.

"Well if it is, you just lost!"

The next scene opens back at the barn, in the middle of a violent thunder storm. Inside, Francis, Louis and Mo have Chip, Gadget and Monty tied up. Francis demands once again, "Are youse gonna give us the microfilm?"

Chip shouts back defiantly, "Even if we had it, we'd never hand it over to enemy agents like you!"

"Not a wise choice, Chipmunk," says Francis and pushes a button, bringing back up all of his boss' gadgets, computers and the laser beam. He uses the beam to singe Monterey's' moustache .

At the same time, a drenched Dale and Zipper arrive in the eaves of the barn."Boy, this game is getting pretty sloppy," Dale tells Zipper, wringing out his jacket. "They didn't even give us a clue to follow. It's a good thing you picked up the trail!" Zipper barks and sniffs along the floor. "Golly," Dale wonders as he sees the proceedings below, "This almost looks real. Double-O-Dale super spy at your service!" he shouts to Francis from the eaves ledge. Francis sees that Dale still has the microfilm and dispatches Louis and Mo to get it for him. Dale doesn't notice them creeping up behind them until Zipper squeaks worriedly and taps him on the shoulder. Turning, a broad smile emanates on Dale's face. "Golly, we have company!" he exclaims. Dale flicks his camera, blinding them both and then Zipper jujitsu's them to high heaven, causing them to collapse in a heap on the floor. "Well done Zipper," congratulates Dale. "That might let them get the point"

"Oh mister super spy," interrupts Louis, now with Mo on their feet,, "we get your point right here!" And they both walk over to a haystack, producing to needles from within.

"The old needle in the haystack trick," confirms Dale.

Louis and Mo advance towards Dale and Zipper at increasing speed. Dale waits, stood on the edge of the ledge until the last minute, then nips out the way. Louis and Mo are unable to stop themselves quickly enough and end up falling over the ledge, landing on the laser control causing it to be activated.. It shines up into the roof, quite close to Dale. "Golly," he exclaims (I know that this isn't an editorial but Dale's and Gadget's overuse of this word can sure get on my nerves. It's not just me is it?) "A light show!" and stops an intrigued Zipper from touching it. "No, no, no Zipper, it might be a laser. Here, we'll test it with this!" And he pulls out the microfilm. Francis, seeing this runs in desperation to the laser control, flinging a still dazed Louis and Mo off it and switching it off just in time.

"The sap really does think this is all a game!" he smiles as an idea enters his head. "Hey Louis, come here will ya?!"

He puts Louis in a headlock and then shouts up to Dale, "Excuse me , uh, mister Double-O-Dale but time out, my friend here is stuck in his costume. Can you help us out?"

"Sure!" Dale shouts back, "I was wanting a break anyway." Dale then unwinds the microfilm, DESTROYING IT, and uses it to swing down to a horrified and speechless Francis. Unaware of his expression, and the continued shouts from his friends about it being a trap he tries to get Louis out of his imaginary costume. It soon becomes obvious to him that it is very real.

"He ruined the microfilm." All Francis can manage is a hoarse whisper.

"Oh c'mon fellers," Dale's speech begins to slow as the realization hits him. "I know that--uh--this--uh--is--all ..just" He looks questioningly at the 'get ready to die' look on Francis' face. Having got his answers, he begins sweating profusely. "And that..uh..w..w..was.r.r.r.real.m..m.microfilm?" Dale anxiously smiles. Francis nods. Dale gulps accordingly. We then move back to Professor Von Drake's lab. A dejected Dale is being forced to take further pictures of the think tank's blueprints using his secret spy camera. Mo is wearing the cap that controls the think tank.

"That camera of yours had sure better work, or Mo here might have to do some thinking!" threatens Francis. Looking across the room we can see that the rest of the Rangers are tied up in the mouth of the tank's gun.

"I can't stand sitting 'ere while those dirty wombats make Dale 'elp 'em," grumbles Monty.

"Yeah," agrees Chip. "But all Mo has to do is think, and we'll be fricasseed Rangers!" he finishes. "If only there was a way we could get out," begins Gadget, but she is interrupted by an idea-struck Chip.

"Gadget, do your secret agent act for Mo, like you did for Dale!"

The other Rangers look at him in disgust. "What , I couldn't do that, I don't even know him!" protests Gadget.

"You have to," explains Chip. "It's the only way we can help Dale."

"Ooohhhh!" moans an annoyed, but compliant Gadget.

Meanwhile, an irritated evil spy is also making his way back to Von Drake's lab. His disguise fools the guard once more. "I'm not going to wait for those idiot rodents to get the microfilm. I got in once, I can do it again!" He smirks.

Ahead of him in the lab, Gadget now sets about enticing Mo. She wolf-whistles at him and blows him kisses which is enough to send him ga-ga. His thoughts have a comical effect on the think tank, causing steam to be emitted from its side and a wolf whistle too. He is suddenly brought down to earth by a thump from Francis."What're you doin'?!" he almost cries. In reacting to Mo's thoughts, the tank has shaken Chip, Gadget and Monty on to the floor in front of it and they now try to break free of the rope. Dale and Zipper, seeing Francis distracted with Mo, trip them all up with the blueprints and steal the think tanks' cap from Mo. (Get ready for some fun). The first thing they do is set the other Rangers free, zapping the ropes with a beam from the tank.

"C'mon up guys!" Dale shouts happily. "This is great!"

"Let's get outta here!" screams an extremely worried Francis. They make for the door, followed swiftly by the Rangers in think tank. Dale is wearing the controlling cap, whilst the others have all acquired hats similar to those in Three Men and a Booby. On the other side of the door, the evil spy is using a blowtorch to try and burn through, when he is flattened. The door comes down on top of him as three rats and a Ranger-filled tank all pile out. The tank knocks all the closets, causing their doors to fly open. Out from one of them comes a tied up Professor Von Drake in spotted underwear! The evil spy runs out to his car (having seemingly overtaken the others) and his three rodents follow. Francis and Louis jump in but Mo misses the opening and jumps straight into the car door. We see Francis' hand grab him and pull him in to the car, just as the door closes.

"Whoever is driving that tank will find I'm not defenseless," says the spy, and unleashes an oil slick from the back of his car. The tank loses control on the oil and spins around on the spot for a while. That's what those Rangers get, for taking that tank for a spin! Laughs Francis. Dale quickly regains control and zooms off after the baduns once more. The spy reacts by releasing a wall of fire behind his car. The Rangers stare in horror.

"Dale, do something!" shouts Chip. Dale thinks for a minute then closes the lid of the tank as they drive through the flames, emerging safe on the other side. The spies watch with slack jaws as this occurs, but quickly regain composure.

"All right, no more mister nice-spy," breathes the boss. He turns the back of his car into a rocket launcher, launching two missiles. The rest of the Rangers just duck into the tank at this point, leaving Dale on his own at the top. He thinks again for a minute..and turns the tank into a plane, dodging the two missiles. As the others realize they haven't been blown to smithereens they slowly emerge. Each is as flabbergasted as the other.

"This is fantastic!" Gadget declares as they soar through the air.

"And you were always calling him light-headed," Monty continues, patting Dale on the back.

"Thanks, Monty!" Dale replies, "this thinking stuff isn't as hard as I thought, er, I think."

Evil spy re-aims and sends two more missiles into the air, which Dale dodges easily, the last of which by pulling a full somersault. "Double-O-Dale, you're the best spy I know. Give em all you got!" Chip says to a delighted Dale. Rolling his sleeves up and thinking even harder, Dale chases after the enemy agents and eventually cuts their car in two using a high every laser beam. They've been foiled.

All the Rangers congratulate Dale who, in his delight at success takes off his cap. As the tank plummets to the ground, all Dale can say again is, "Whoops!" The evil spy and his hench-rodents manage to escape from their already destroyed car as the tank lands on top of it, completely obliterating it from the face of the earth. The evil spy finds himself in the hands of two police men.

As he is being arrested, he looks over as the tank's inhabitants emerge. "Chipmunks? The greatest spy in the world was beaten by chipmunks?!"

And there and then goes completely loony. As the delighted Rangers look on, Dale spruces himself up in the spy's car mirror. "Well, all in a days work! But how about next time we do something really exciting! After all, we are, Double-O-Super Spies!" He then reaches his bow tie-the secret camera, pulling on it he sets the camera off. Reflecting in the mirror, it blinds him and Zipper, sending them both falling to the ground.


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