Chocolate Chips

Episode written by Dev Ross and Tad Stones

Summarized by David Junker


The story opens in a South American jungle...a couple of parrot-like birds and macaws fly by and then change direction to avoid a red bus that suddenly comes around the corner of a dirt road.

"Macaws and toucans are just some of the colorful creatures that make their homes in the cacao trees, and up ahead is an Amazon tree god!" says the driver of the bus. He is obviously a tour guide and native of the country. All of his passengers are typical American tourists.

The scene switches to the luggage rack on top of the bus, and there are Chip, Gadget and Monty (with Zip on his shoulder) taking in all the scenery, although Chip doesn't look too happy.

"Golly!" exclaims Gadget. "A vacation in exotic places really opens your eyes to different cultures!" She aims the camera hanging around her neck at a monkey...FLASH...the monkey is left with a shocked and blinded look on his face.

"Looks like you opened some eyes too, Gadget" observes Monty.

Gadget looks at Monty, then the camera. "I suppose my super-charged Zeon flash is a bit bright." she admits.

"No...the SUN is bright. That thing is downright BLINDING!" Monty says a bit rudely but all in fun.

Chip breaks his grumpy silence..."See? I didn't have to come! I could have waited for the slide show! Who knows what kind of mysteries I'm missing back home."

"Oh, Chip, even Rescue Rangers need a vacation once in a while!" Gadget says trying to cheer Chip up. "Golly! You'd think a South American jungle would be exciting enough!" Gadget's good point does nothing for Chip's attitude.

The scene shifts to the people in the bus again.

"Oh! Señors and Señoras! Even though we cannot see them, ferocious beasts are all around us!"

Scene shifts to Dale, who is sitting by himself behind some suitcases, finishing a box of choclate snacks. The box is as big as he is!

".....Watching, waiting and feeding." The guides voice goes on as Dale discovers that his box of chocolates is empty and throws it away...."For the most part they present no problemo, but when their food supply runs out they must find new territory and new prey"....Dale sees that Chip has a not-quite empty box of chocolates in his backpack and quietly crawls over a suitcase until he is right behind Chip. He is about to grab the box when a flash of light blinds him and he falls, dazed, on his face right behind Chip.

"Wow! Great picture, Dale!" Gadget says. Chip whirls around and frowns at the fallen red-nosed chipmunk.

"You caught him right in the act!" Chip exclaims and points a finger at Dale. "You were after my chocolates again!"

"Uh....but I ran out!" Dale whines.

"Really, Dale! All that sugar isn't good for you!" Gadget says.

"I don't need SWEETS." says Dale, waving a hand and shaking his head at Gadget (apparently he just needs snacks is what he is saying) "I could give sugar up any time I want!"

"Oh, you could not!" Chip retorts.

"Could too!" Dale counters.

"Could not!" "Could too!" "Could not!" "Could too!" "Could not!" "Could too!" "Could not!" "Could too!"

"All right, sugar brain!" Chip says with a smile suddenly forming on his lips. 'Let's see you do it!"

"Huh?" .

Chip points a finger at Dale and issues his challenge. "Give up sweets for the rest of the vacation starting right now!"

"But I...uh...didn't..."

"Golly, Dale!" exclaims Gadget, running over to Dale. "What a great idea!" She wraps her arms around Dale's neck. "I'm so proud of you!" A smile comes across Dale's face at this sudden attention and affection.

Just then the bus screeches to a stop and all of the Rangers are hurled across the luggage rack. The bus driver/guide is looking out at the road in horror.

"Aye, carumba! My beautiful jungle!" he moans.

The rangers, now at the front of the luggage rack, look out at the road. There is a large area of treeless land in front of the bus, filled with small holes, indicating this place SHOULD be part of a dense jungle.

"What happened to all the trees?" Dale exclaims.

"Too- ra-Loo!!" Monty exclaims. "Looks like half of them just up and left!"

"Golly!" says you-know-who, "Where would a tree go?! If it had a choice, I mean."

Gadget is interrupted by a voice above her yelling "Look out below!!" A weasel-like animal falls on top of the suitcases next to the Rangers.

"Carumba!" He brushes himself off and shakes a fist at two large parrots in the tree right above him. "Ooooo, I'll get you for this you molting feather dusters!"

"We were here first, Tito!" says one bird, a male.

"Si! Go find your own tree!" the other one, a female, agrees.

The large rodent notices our heroes looking up at him. "Pardon me for falling on you, senors!"

"What's going on?" Chip asks.

"Oy! This loco housing shortage!" Tito moans. "Every night, more trees POOF disappear! Even I, Tito Manuel Iago Young (Young?), am forced to sleep among the birds! Which.," Tito says as he looks up at the parrots, "..I would not wish on LA CUCARACHA!"

"Just keep yourself and your trees out of our trees!" the girl bird snaps down at him.

"Well, Chip," says Gadget with a smile, ".you wanted a mystery!"

Chip looks back at Gadget.a smile slowly comes to his face. "'Treenappers of the Amazon', huh? Sounds like a case for us!!"

The four..I mean five Rangers (Zip's so small), gather into a circle and give their cry. "Rescue Rangers AWAY!!!!!!" Tito looks on this with a rather puzzled look.

The scene dissolves to nighttime. The tour guide and the tourists have set up camp (apparently an overnight tour) and a short distance away the Rangers have set up camp with a white cloth with a RR logo on it for a tent (where would they get that by the way?). The rangers and some of the jungle animals are sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows. Zipper has one just right, but it melts down the stick and covers his whole body as he tries to eat it.

"Golly!" Gadget exclaims (of course). "We shouldn't be eating these in front of Dale!"

"Aw, shucks!" Dale says, waving off Gadget's worries. "Go ahead! Giving up sweets is easy when you have lots of willpower like me!"

As Dale says this, Chip sees a candy wrapper sticking out of Dale's shirt, which he points out to Monterey Jack. Monty walks over, picks Dale up, turns him upside-down and shakes him.

"Don't worry, Dale!" he says, as tons of peppermints and candy bars emerge from under Dale shirt and spill on the ground. "We just wanna give your will power a bit of a hand!"

Dale, still upside-down, looks at the spilled candy. "Oops," he says, sheepishly, "forgot about my emergency supply."

"Dale's sort of on a diet." Gadget explains to the parrots beside her. "So, we try not to eat sweets in front of him!"

"Considering the case, señorita, won't that be difficult?" the male bird inquires.

"Si! Only the cacao trees are being taken!" the female parrot says.

"Hee hee," Tito giggles. "And the cacao trees are where CHOCOLATE comes from!"

"Someone wants to make a pig of himself with all that chocolate!" the girl bird theorizes.

"Sound familiar, Dale?" Chip says, giving Dale a nudge.

"But this is important!" Dale exclaims. "They're stealing CHOCOLATE! We gotta look for clues!"

Gadget lets out a yawn and stretches. "Well, there's nothing we can do tonight." She gets up and heads for the tent. "Sweet dreams, everyone....OOPS! Sorry, Dale!"

The camera does a close-up of Dale who looks at the audience. "No chocolate! Gosh!" he exclaims, holding his paws to his face Macaulay-Culkin-in Home-Alone style.

The scene fades to the campground later that night. Snores are heard from the tourists' tents and the RR tent. Suddenly, Dale peeks out of the tent, then tiptoes out with a sock full of....something. He sets the sock on the ground, crawls halfway inside then backs out with an armload of peppermints.

"Good thing I remembered my EMEGENCY emergency supply!" he says. He freezes as he hears a noise from inside the RR tent. Just to be safe he tiptoes a little ways off into the woods. As he does, a buzzing sound is heard from above....

The night sky is suddenly filled with a HUGE swarm of mosquitoes. The camera cuts to a close up of the swarm where the lead mosquito spots the campground below and signals his "squadron" to attack! The bugs plunge down on the unsuspecting sleepers. One mosquito holds the humans' tent open while a whole bunch more fly in.

"Aye Carumba!" "Ow ow ow!" are heard in the tent as the humans are apparently aware of the mosquitoes' presence.

The sound of the humans has awoken Chip who walks outside the tent, half-asleep and in a cap and nightgown (Golly! Does that mean he changed clothes in front of Gadget?)

"What's going on?" he asks. He sees the answer as a bunch of the bugs zoom toward him. "YIPE!" he exclaims before running off.

Some of the mosquitoes go after Chip, the rest plunge into the RR tent, pulling it up off the ground. Gadget and Monty, are in socks, which are big enough to be sleeping bags to them.

"MOSQUITOS!!" They yell as they dive inside their sleeping bags. The swarm takes the form of a pair of scissors, which cuts the end off of Gadget's sleeping bag. Gadget soon sees this yells "YIKE!" and takes off running.

Monty is still hiding and shaking in his sleeping bag (this is one episode where they really needed Foxglove!)

"Buzz off, ya blood sucking beasties, or I'll come out there and flatten ya!" he threatens unconvincingly. One lone blood sucker has stayed behind and he ties a bib around his neck then dives down out of the TV viewers sight, but there is the sound effect of a stinger going into a fat mouse rear end followed by a cry from Monty.


The scene shifts to Dale, sitting on a log and licking the last of the peppermints off his paws with lots of peppermint wrappers lying around. The sound of the yells of the other rangers comes to his ears.

"Golly! Sounds like trouble in camp!" he says, hotfooting it back to the campground.

He runs across the log, but falls in a hole that was hidden by grass. Lucky thing too as some mosquitoes buzz by him a second later.

"What's that?" he says looking up. He suddenly realizes the shouts have stopped. "HEY! Who turned off the sound?" "Where are you guys?!" Dale calls out, but there is no response.

"They all vamoosed without me!" he exclaims. He is walking around the tents, not looking where he is going, when he collides with a folding table, bringing metal plates and cups down on his head. He emerges from the pile with a bunch of white birds flapping around his head.

"Hoo, at least the birds are back!" he says. He shakes his head and the birds disappear. He then hears a sound off to his left and sees that one of the cacao trees is falling over.

"The chocolate trees!" Dale exclaims, running over to the them.

"The guys must be--" Dale is interrupted as a pile of dirt lands on him. He pops out of it, shaking the dirt from his head and sees that an anteater is digging out another tree.

"An anteater!" Dale gasps. "What does he want." Dale is interrupted again as Tito, with a zombified look on his face and a rope over his shoulder, walks toward the tree and steps on Dale.

Dale emerges from beneath Tito's foot with a mud-covered head, which he shakes clean.

"What's the big idea?! Hey!" Tito hands one end of the rope to the boy and girl bird we saw earlier, who hand the rope to two more weasel-like creatures that are up in the tree. They wrap the rope around the tree.

"I thought you didn't like those guys." Dale says to Tito, who doesn't hear him or see the headlights heading toward him!

"Hey! Get down!" Dale yells at Tito. The brave chipmunk then tackles Tito a second before the auto, driven by the tour guide, would have hit him. Dale and Tito are underneath the car as the tour guide, also in a trance, comes out. Tito hands him the vine, which the guide ties to the front bumper and then climbs into the car, puts it in reverse and tugs the tree to the ground. Dale attempts to run, but the tree falls on him. Fortunately, Dale is not hurt as he emerges from the leaves, just annoyed.

"Would somebody tell me what's going on around here?!" he yells. He turns to see Chip, Gadget and Monty all hacking away at the fallen tree with picks and axes. Dale rushes over to them, he gives Monty a big hug, not quite noticing that all three have a zombie look in their eyes.

"Boy! Am I glad to see you guys!" He looks over in Tito's direction and Monty and the others go back to hacking the tree. "This whole place is full of zombies! Hey!" A vine is thrown up from below, right beside Dale. Dale looks down and sees Chip with the other end of the vine in his hands. Dale slides down to Chip. He notices that Chip has a zombie look in his eyes.

Dale slaps Chip around, yelling, "Hey, Chip! Snap out of it! It's me! Dale!" This doesn't work, so he turns Chip around, bends him over and boots his posterior, sending Chip skidding face-first through the dirt.

"Hey!" yells a dezombified Chip, getting up, "Whatcha do that for?"

"To stop you from being a zombie!" Dale explains.

"What are you talking about?" Chip asks. Dale, however, sees the swarm of mosquitoes heading toward them and runs for cover, declining to warn Chip.

"What's going on around here, anyway?" Chip asks. Then he sees the animals taking down the cacao trees. "Hey! They're stealing the chocolate trees!" Chip comprehends what has Dale so upset for two seconds..then a mosquito harpoons his behind. "YEOW!!" Chip howls as he flies upwards. When he lands, he is a zombie once again and heads toward the chocolate trees. Dale, hiding, behind a rock nearby, observes this.

"It's the mosquitoes!" Dale exclaims. "They're turning everyone into zombies!"

Just then he feels a tap on his shoulder and turns to see the swarm hovering right beside him, little smiles on their insect faces. Dale takes off towards the trees with the mosquitoes right behind. Dale looks back towards the mosquitoes and runs into a tree, knocking himself semi-conscious. The mosquitoes see this and they pick up speed, but Dale moves at the last second and the little stingers all end up harpooning the tree.

"Heh heh," Dale, who has recovered from his knock on the head, laughs at the insects. "You can't zombify a tree!"

The insects pull themselves free and head after Dale, who has run back to the campsite and hidden in a sleeping bag. The mosquitoes see his tail sticking out and attack! But it isn't Dale's tail, as we see a second later when Dale pokes his head out and holds a coonskin cap in his hand.

"Hey! That's my best coonskin cap!" Dale yells at the mosquitoes embedded in it. The bugs tear the cap to smithereens and swarm around Dale.

Dale takes off again and the mosquitoes pursue. They lose him for a second then they see a reed in floating vertically across the top of a nearby pond. Another camera shot shows Dale is swimming underwater, using the reed as a snorkel. One mosquito flies up to the reed then darts inside.

"YEEEEEEOWW!!" Dale promptly comes flying out of the water and is off to find another hiding place. The one mosquito bite was not enough to turn him into a zombie apparently.

Dale runs to one of the fallen cacao trees and ducks inside. The tree is quite hallow on the inside and Dale has a lot of room to roam around and the mosquitoes don't follow him in. Suddenly, the tree starts rolling and Dale is tumbling head over heels inside.

The tourists are pushing the log across the ground. They send it tumbling down a cliff, then SPLASH into the river. Dale emerges out of the knothole, spitooying a stream of water. He starts when he sees that the logs are being taken down the river by alligators (crocodiles?) and that the other Rangers are sitting on some other logs nearby.

The scene fades to a spot further downstream, in front of a waterfall, where the cacao trees are being pulled out of the water by boa constrictors, hanging on a tree branch above the river. The big snakes roll the trees over to a group of monkeys, who pile the trees onto carts, which are pulled by jaguars. The jaguars are taking the trees up the nearby hill and around/behind the waterfall?!!

The four zombie Rangers are all following the procession. Dale is following close behind when he is aware of the sound of a drum being beaten. He looks up at the waterfall where he sees a man (?) wearing a gold Aztec-like mask, red cape white shirt, green pants and black shoes (a strangely dressed man, indeed) standing at the top of the mountain, right next to the falls, beating on a kettle drum.

"Wowee! I think that's the zombie king!" Dale exclaims, when he feels a tug on his shoulder. The mosquitoes are hovering right next to him. Dale dashes up the mountain with the mosquitoes close behind. Dale gets a way up the mountain, right next to the falls when the mosquitoes all make a dash at him. Dale ducks and they all go flying over his head.

"Nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah" Dale sings at them with his hands waving in the air. He gives the bugs a raspberry when he suddenly loses his balance and falls, shrieking, down the waterfall into the lake. The music reaches a dramatic note and we go to commercial.

When we come back from commercial, we see it is the next morning and a tree branch is floating down the river. A closer look shows Dale is lying on the branch, asleep. The branch runs up along a bank, jarring Dale awake.

"Can I get outta the tub now?" Dale asks, apparently thinking of an earlier time in his life. Full realization returns quickly however.

"They're all zombies!!" Dale gasps. "I gotta go find help!" Dale jumps to the riverbank and runs back toward the campsite.

The scene fades to back at the campsite and there are Chip, Monty, Gadget and Zipper! They are apparently over the effects of the mosquitos' zombie power and they are rolling up their sleeping bags and taking down the tent, yawning and stretching the whole time.

"Golly!" exclaims Gadget, collapsing on her rolled-up sleeping bag. "I'm more tired now then when I went to bed!"

Dale rushes into the campsite. Upon seeing the others, he screeches to a stop and is at a loss for words.

"Dale! Where have you been?!" Chip demands.

"Where have I been?! Where have you been?!!" Dale responds.

Gadget, who is sitting on her sleeping bag, yawns and says, "Gee, Dale. I think Chip asked you first."

Dale goes into his story of what happened as the others gather around.

"I went out into the jungle to eatuh, I mean.get some fresh air and when I came back, you were all zombies and stealing all the chocolate trees!!"

"CROO-EE!" Monty exclaims. "That sounds like one rip-snorter of a nightmare!"

"Uh uh! I wasn't dreaming!" Dale protests. "All that candy tasted too good!" All the others start at this and Dale realizes his blunder a little too late as all the others look at him angrily.

"In..uhthedreamheh heh"

Chip sniffs close to Dale's face. "AH HA!! Peppermint breath! I knew you couldn't stop snacking!'

"Oh Dale! How could you?!" Gadget is quite upset. "Making up stories to cover your snacking!"

"I'm not making anything up!" Dale says, angrily and defensively. "You were all zombies and you stole the trees and I'm gonna prove it to ya!" With that Dale starts walking off and the other rangers, a little taken aback at Dale's attitude, look at exchange surprised glances.

Scene fades to a shot of the waterfall, now in daylight.

"You zombies carried the trees behind this waterfall!' Dale's voice says.

The scene cuts to shot of rangers walking single file up the path towards the waterfall; Dale is leading the way.

"Now why would we do that, Dale?" says Chip, in a "humoring-him" tone of voice.

"Don't ask me--you're the zombies!" Dales asks, not getting the gist of Chip's question.

Dale, who is a little ways ahead, gets to the waterfall first (that makes sense) and discovers something which sends him into a flurry of excitement.

"You see?! You see?! I TOLD YA!" Dale jumps around pointing into a huge cave, which is hidden by the waterfall. "You zombies must have took the trees into this cave!"

The other rangers look at the cave in stunned disbelief.

"Golly! Could Dale be right after all?!" Gadget seems stupefied by the thought.

Dale in the meantime has noticed a slight problem. The cave is empty, not a trace of anything.

"Th-th-The trees have to be here!!" Dale wails, running around. "I saw 'em!"

"Poor Dale! His mind's gone!" says Monty. Dale's pointing out the cave seems a lot less impressive than it was a few seconds ago.

"Hmpf! It was never there to begin with!" scoffs Chip.

"I'm not going crazy!!" Dale shrieks at the others. Then he pauses, look right at the TV viewer and nervously asks, "Am I?"

Just then, Zipper lets out a shriek as he spies something..something BIG! A huge idol hidden behind the corner of the cave. It's a huge face with a tongue sticking out of the mouth. The rangers all walk up to it.

"Why would a carving be hidden behind a waterfall?" Gadget asks.

Chip and Dale scurry to the top of the idol at lightning speed, as if they were climbing a tree in an '50s cartoon.

"Golly! Do you think it could be a clue?!" Dale asks Chip on the way up.

"A clue to WHAT?!" Chip asks, still annoyed at the lack of progress Dale is making with his case (or jealous that Dale has become leader for a day). Chip loses his footing on the idol's smooth forehead and falls onto the tongue belly-first.

"Are you OK?!" Gadget calls to him.

"Sure!" Chip smiles down at Gadget, liking the attention. "No problem!" Just then the tongue dips down and Chip is thrown, shrieking, to the floor seatfirst. Dale scampers down as the idol moves back and to the right, showing a staircase leading up and sunlight at the top of the stairs. Apparently the tongue was a lever of some sort.

"Looks like me pally isn't crazy after all!' Monty says.

"You zombies must have taken the trees up there!" Dale exclaims. That's the third sentence that started with "you zombies" he's used in this episode.

Scene fades to shot of rangers coming out of tunnel in the ground. Apparently they climbed up the stairs to this clearing inside the mountain. The sun is shining down on them and they all spy something that makes them all stop in their tracks and stare ahead.

"Gimme a goose-a-gander at that!!" Monty exclaims.

The clearing is one huge orchard of cacao trees and just beyond the trees is a waterfall with an Aztec-like temple on top of it. (Wait..there's two waterfalls?!) "It's the stolen cacao trees!" Gadget exclaims.

"There's smoke coming form that temple!" Chip says, and indeed a steady stream of smoke is coming from the temple. "Let's check it out!"

Scene fades to inside the temple. The rangers peer out from a hallway entrance to the temple floor. The temple is filled with cauldrons, each of them with a fire underneath and something cooking inside. Bags full of black beans line the walls of the room.

"Golly and a half!" Gadget exclaims. "I wonder what's cooking?'

The aroma of whatever is in the cauldrons floats over to the Rangers. Dale takes a sniff..

"Cho-ho-ho-ho-hoclate!!!" Dale says, a goofy look comes into his eyes, then he darts off toward the cauldrons. It's too much for him.

"Dale! Come back here!" Chips yells.

"I'll get 'im!" Monty takes off and tackles Dale halfway across the temple floor. "It's disgustin' how some people can't control themselves!" Monty comments as he holds the chocolate-crazed chipmunk (he's one to talk with his cheese-problem).

"And you were calling us zombies!" comments Chip. He, Gadget and Zipper have joined Dale and Monty on the floor.

"Well you were!" Dale, now out of his chocolate trance, yells at Chip. "You were all under the command of the zombie king!"

"Oh, come on!" Chip grunts.

"Chi-ip," says Gadget in a sing-song but scared voice, "we have company!"

The man in the golden mask that Dale saw earlier has walked in from the outside balcony and is walking down the stairs toward the temple floor.

"It's the king of the zombies!!" Dale cries.

The rangers stay out of sight as the "zombie king" walks down to a huge cauldron that reaches up to the stone platform, which he is on, just above the temple floor. He takes a huge mixing spoon, stirs up the melted chocolate, then takes a taste.

"Now zat's vhat I call der goot chocolate!!" the king says--a German accent?!

The rangers all look at each other, shrugging their shoulders "I don't get it" style.

The king is wearing black shoes, a white shirt with green pants and suspenders. He looks German, except for the gold mask and red cape (did I mention this?). He is a short and very chubby (I know I didn't mention that).

The king removes the mask, revealing his face. He is wearing a little green hat underneath the mask. Now he looks just like something out of an Oktoberfest. He has black hair and a little mustache. If he weren't so large around the waist he would look just like Adolph Hitler.

"I love to lick der schpoon!! HOO HOO!" the fat man giggles as he takes a big mixing spoonful of chocolate and slurps it down (but that has to be scalding hot!). "Let's see those sausage-heads at the chocolate factory top this!!"

The fat man walks up the stairs to the upper balcony, muttering to himself. "For years I schlaved to create masterpieces!! Like mine chocolate-anchovy strudel!" The fat man rests his interlocked hands against his cheek thinking of his past work.

"Hey! I think I've had that!" Dale says aloud. The rangers all give him a dirty look.

"Only der factory owner got fat off my vork!!" The fat German's mood changes at this flashback.

"Well, if he isn't fat, I'd hate to see the other guy!" Dale remarks.

"But now," the fat man continues, "I have found the ancient secrets of chocolate by the ones who first cooked it!"

(Summary note: I find that statement interesting. This is supposed to take place in a South American jungle, yet the people who first cooked chocolate were the Aztecs who lived in Mexico and the Mayas who lived in Central America! But, anyway, back to the story)

"And now, I, Heinrich Von Sugarbottom, vill be candyman to the entire world!" The fat waves his hands over his head inecstasy.

The rangers are still watching and listening and staying out of sight. "I don't know about chocolate," Monty comments, "but he's sure got enough fruit cake to spread around!"

The rangers all freeze when the swarm of mosquitoes flies into the temple through a upper window!! They fly towards Heinrich, taking no notice of the Rangers.

"Ach! Mine little flying needles have returned!" Heinrich exclaims (The mosquitoes work for him?!! This is definitely one of the weirder episodes!!)

One of the mosquitoes lands on Heinrich's outstretched finger and Heinrich strokes him under the chin (or where his chin would be if he had one).

"Vell, Fritzy! Are you ready for another day of collecting mine vorkers?" Fritzy nods, smiling. "Eggzellent!" says Heinrich. "I vill get the mind control juice for you to schpread to the vorkers!"

"Mind control?!" Gadget exclaims. Chip and Monty rush off to get something.

"I told ya!" says Dale. He goes into a sleepwalking bit, demonstrating what happened to the others last night. "The mosquitoes turn ya into zombies!"

Chip and Monty return, Chip has Gadget's fishing pole with the diaper pin on the end. "C'mon," says Dale, "we better get closer."

Heinrich pushes a stone on the wall (he's still on the second balcony) and a stone slab about the size and shape of a coffee table slides out of a panel in the wall, with a stone pitcher and bowl on top.

"The mind control is vhat makes my business der big loot!" he says (to whom?) as he pours a green liquid from the pitcher into the bowl. "Zince my vorkers don't know they're vorkersI don't have to pay them anythingk!! Hoo hoo! Drink up, boys!"

The mosquitoes all line up on the edge of the bowl and drink the juice down.

The Rangers have crept closer to Heinrich and the mosquitoes. They are at the foot of the stairs, looking up at what's going on.

"So that's why Dale didn't turn into a zombie!" Gadget exclaims.

"Too right!" Monty agrees. "The mosquitoes didn't put the bite on him!"

"We gotta stop that stuff!" Chip declares.

Something catches Heinrich's eye"Ach! Der chocolate is ready!" he grins. He turns to look at his precious chocolate. "Time to pour it into the bowls!" he says in a sing-song voice, walking towards the cauldrons.

Chip sees his opportunity and lassoes the pitcher with Gadget's fishing rod. All of the Rangers pull hard and the pitcher falls off the table. It shatters on the floor and the juice spills all over.

"Der mind control juice!" Heinrich shrieks. He runs over to inspect the pitcher and immediately spots the wire tied to the pitcher's spout. He follows it off the balcony and spies our heroes!!

"Mice?! Chipmunks?!" Heinrich stares down at them. "You have ruined everything!!"

The Rangers turn and run back towards the entrance/exit of the temple, thinking that their work is done and now they just have to beat it.

"Looks like we solved another one!" Monty says.

"Maybe next time you'll listen to me!" says Dale (letting out some long held back feeling perhaps?).

Dale is suddenly aware that the other Rangers are not running along side him and turns to see that they are zombies again!!

"Oh no! They still got the zombie juice in 'em!" Dale wails.

Heinrich is beating on the kettledrum, which is on the second balcony. (But how did he know that these mice, whom he apparently hadn't seen before, had been drugged with the zombie juice?)

"I have vays of dealing with pesky rodents! Into the chocolate molds!!" Heinrich orders.

Monty, Gadget, Chip and Zipper all walk to some stone candy bar molds on the ground and lie down in them, staring straight up.

Dale rushes over to them, panicking. "This is no time to lay down on the job! We gotta get out of here!" Small drops of melted chocolate start falling around him. Dale looks up to see that Heinrich is down on the first patio and has stuck a large wooden pole underneath the chocolate-filled cauldron right next to the Rangers. He's attempting to tip the cauldron over and make Rescue Ranger candy bars with real Rescue Rangers inside!!

"Dis could be my new masterpiece!" Heinrich exclaims. "Chocolate covered rodents!" Heinrich laughs evillythe cauldron come closer to toppling overDale looks at his friends with a horrified look the music reaches a dramatic note.COMMERCIAL TIME!!

When we come back from commercial, Heinrich is still struggling with the pole, trying to dump the chocolate on the Rangers. He loses his grip and. BOYOYOYOYOYOYIIIIIIING he ends up hanging on the pole.

"Himmel!" he exclaims. "I better make the next batch light chocolate!"

Dale is frantically looking for something to stop the mad German's plan. He spies Gadget's camera nearby, rushes over and picks it up.

Heinrich is once again straining to push the cauldron over!

"Justaleetlemore.", he grunts, straining at the lever for all he's worth.


Heinrich looks over at Dale, who snaps a picture right in his face! Heinrich is blinded and he loses his grip on the lever, which nails him on the jaw, knocking him flat.

Dale hurries down to the others. He lifts Chip to his feet. "C'mon, you guys! Get the lead out!" he hollers at all of them.

"ZO! Anudder rodent interloper!"

Dale looks up to see that Heinrich, who has just come to, has spotted him.

"FRITZY! BRING THE TROOPS!" Heinrich shrieks at the mosquitoes, who are all hanging on the rim of the bowl (They've had a little too much of the bubbly). On seeing Dale, they snap out of their stupor and swarm toward him.

"Run, you guys!" Dale yells at the others as he takes off. The others don't respond; in fact, Chip falls flat on his face without moving a muscle.

Dale scampers across the floor of the temple, on all fours, with the swarm right behind him. One of the mosquitoes catches up with him, lands on his back and pulls Dale's tail backexposing a nice "target" for the others, who go into a dive. Dale ducks as the mosquitoes dive, then whips around in the another direction, sending the mosquito on his back crashing into the others whom had just circled around.

Dale sees a gold mask (Aztec, Mayan, who knows?) on the floor and dives through one of the eyeholes. The mosquitoes, for some reason all bounce off the mask onto the floor. Dale peeks out and laughs at his pursuers' misfortune.

"ALL RIGHT, MR. SCHMARTY PANTS!" Heinrich is once at again at his drum, drumsticks ready. "I vill fight der fire vit der CHIPMUNK!" He starts beating on the drum again.

Monty, Gadget, Chip and Zipper all get up and, still zombified, head towards Dale's hiding place.

"Eliminate him!" Heinrich orders. "I vant his truffles trumped!"

"Uh oh," Dale mutters as he sees the problem he is currently facing.

The camera does a sudden close-up of Heinrich who stops his beating for a second and says to the viewer."Part ov being a good businessman ist delegating rezponzibility." He once again goes back to beating his drum.

The zombie Rangers are attempting to jump up to Dale's hiding place. Dale runs off to yet another hiding placea bunch of burlap sacks full of cocoa beans. He jumps inside of one, but zombie Monty grabs hold of it and tears it down the middle. An avalanche of cocoa beans spills out with Dale riding on top of it. The beans come to a halt with the zombie Rangers underneath.

"Hey, guys! Are ya all OK?!" Dale says to the top of the bean pile. His zombie comrades claw their way to the top and grab for him. Dale, yet again, runs off. This time he runs up the stairs by Heir Von Sugarbottom, who is still beating away at the drum.

"Here he is! UP HERE!" Heinrich calls to his "helpers" below.

Dale scurries onto the balcony of the temple and comes to a stop at the feet of an idol where he tries to get his breath back.

"Whew, Oh! Hi, guys!" Dale says to Chip and Gadget who are on either side of him. He remembers they are not on his side just in time to avoid them as they lunge for him. Dale tries to run off for the umpteenth time this episode, but he runs into Monty. Dale runs through Monty's legs as Monty grabs at him, but he is foiled in his attempt to run away again as he is at the edge of the balcony. He looks nervously down at the ground far, far below. Then the wire from the fishing line wraps around him. He turns around to see Gadget is holding the fishing pole and she and the others are all looking at him with an angry zombie look.

Dale laughs good-naturedly."Ok, guys.(more laughing, nervous this time).joke's over.(laughs)snap out of if OK?!!"

Chip rushes at the helpless Dale to push him over the edge.

"Chip! NO!! We're buddies!" Dale pleads with his friend until he has no choice but to dive out of the way. Chip's momentum sends him hurtling over the edge.

"CHIP!!!" Dale screams and looks over the edge. The camera scrolls down to show that Chip landed on a small ledge just below the porchhe is OK and free of the effects of the zombie juice!!

"Where am I?" he wonders as he sits up and looks around.

"HELP! HELP! PUT ME DOWN! Who's side are you on anyway?!!"

Chip looks up to see Monty holding the still tied up Dale over his head, about to throw him to the ground far below.

"Monterey! NO!!" Chip pleads.

Zombie Monty looks down at Chip, then over at Zombie Gadget and Zombie Zipper who give a "thumbs down". The vote is two against one and Monty hurls Dale over.

"HEEEEELP!" Dale howls as he hurtles down past Chip. Chip, in an amazing feat of timing and strength, grabs the fishing pole as it flies down after Dale and pulls up and back with all his might.

Dale snaps back just shy of the ground and flies back up, up towards the ledge and ---PLOP--- into Chip's arms.

"Chip!" says Dale to his long-time friend and recent rescuer. "You're not a zombie!"

"But the others still are," says Chip, dropping Dale on his rump.

"C'mon! We gotta stop that drum!!" Dale starts untying himself and, once again, we see Heinrich Von Sugarbottom is pounding away on the drum, hopping from one foot to another in time to the drumbeats.

"Ha ha, I should have taken up der Gloppenschpiell!" he giggles. "I have zuch natural rhythm!"

Gadget, Monty and Zipper walk up (fly in one case) to the drumming dumkopf.

"Aha! You are back! Und vithout the nasty chipmunks!!" The fat man is overjoyed at their success (and he has stopped his drumming). "I knew I could count on you!" Heinrich gives Fritzy, who is hovering next to him, a dirty look.

"Unlike some others I know!" Fritzy hangs his head and tail. He droops his whole body, actually in shame.

"Unfortunately," Von Sugarbottom continues, "I can't have people finding mouse hairs in my chocolate!" He resumes his drumming and the three still zombified Rangers start marching off towards..something.

Heinrich pushes a stone on the floor with his foot and a wooden plank emerges from the stone wall. It extends until the tip of it is right over a flaming cauldron. No, it's not a cauldron over a fire. There is a huge roaring fire in the cauldron!! And Monty, Gadget and Zipper walk the plank without the slightest hesitation!!

"Auf Weidersein!" Heinrich calls to them, keeping a steady beat.

Meanwhile, a small square part of the roof is being pulled up and over to the side. Then, Chip and Dale peer down through the opening. The other three are just about to go into the cauldron! Dale quickly pushes a stone idol through the opening and it smashes through the drum, much to Heinrich's displeasure.

Monty, Gadget and Zipper come to a stop at the edge of the plank. A flame leaps up right in front of them, snapping them out of their trance. "Crickey! Back up!" Monty gasps. They all rush back off the plank.

"Mine poor drum!!" Heinrich howls, holding the destroyed instrument up. "Who.." He looks up and sees the two chipmunks.

"That really brought down the house!" says Dale. The two shake hands on a job well done.

"They have ruined my plans!!" Heinrich howls, stomping his feet in rage. "GET THEM!!" the furious German orders to his mosquito troops. Fritzy and the gang once again zoom towards Chip and Dale. The two chipmunks replace the square stone and the mosquitoes, of course, slam into it and fall at Von Sugarbottom's feet.

"YOU ARE WORTHLESS!" Heinrich howls at the insects and tries to stomp them. They quickly take flight and Heinrich pursues, trying to swat them with his hat.

"You schtupid little needleheads!! Vhy I ought to--"

The mosquitoes suddenly come to a stop and, with Fritzy leading, slowly fly back towards Heinrich. Heinrich has cut his ranting short as he notices they look angry at him.

"Uhheh hehnow now.." the now retreating Heinrich tells the insects. "I kidda! I vas just a little reason to get upzet!!" His pleas are not changing the bugs' attitude.

Meanwhile, Gadget, Monty and Zipper are scooping some melted chocolate from a cauldron with a long wooden scoop. "Maybe a little chocolate will sweeten their disposition," says Gadget as they pour it on the floor behind Heinrich, who promptly walks backwards onto it.

"Himmen!" Heinrich screams as he goes slipping and sliding, eventually landing on, or IN rather, his broken drum and goes bouncy, bouncy down the stairs, slamming into a cauldron full of chocolate. This starts a domino effect and soon all the cauldrons are shattered and the temple floor becomes an ocean of melted chocolate.

Heinrich, stuck in the drum, can do nothing but go with the flow. Zipper, Gadget and Monty found a small bowl and are floating along right behind him.

"Hang on, mates, or you'll be double dipped double fast!" Monty yells.

A vine descends from the ceiling and Chip and Dale slide down until they are just over the rapid flowing chocolate.

"There are Chip and Dale!" Gadget exclaims. The two chipmunks fall into the bowl as it floats by.

"Can you believe it?!" says Dale. "All this chocolate and me without a spoon!"

The ocean of melted chocolate rushes out of the temple, smashes out of the stone doors and plunges down the waterfall, turning the waterfall, the lake and then the river into a stream of chocolate, as if out of a Dairy Queen commercial. All the time Heinrich and the Rangers are floating along.

"Dose little business busters ruined everything!!" Heinrich laments. Just then his drum hits a large rock in the stream, catapulting him into the brown river. He emerges spitooying a stream of chocolate water.

"Nobody appreciates a good entrepreneur!"

Heinrich looks up to see Fritzy and the troops are just above his head, still upset at him.

"Ow! OOOO! Ach! OW!" are among the things Heinrich says as he swims for his life and the mosquitoes bite away. Heinrich does a circle around the bowl containing the five Rangers and then disappears down the stream.

The scene fades back to the jungle. Tito is beating away on the repaired kettledrum. Camera scrolls over to show that a now zombified Heinrich is dancing to the beat and replanting cacao trees at the same time.

"C'mon, Tito!" the male parrot in the tree above Tito calls. "Pick up the beat!"

"Aye carumba!" Tito moans. "Everyone's a critic!"

The male parrot flies down and land on the rim of the drum. "The faster he plants the trees," the parrot explains, "the sooner you get out of our feathers and find another place to live!" The parrot and Tito both pound away on the drum and Heinrich plants the trees faster and faster.

A little ways away, Monty, Chip, and Gadget are packing up their gear ready to head home (although it looks like the tour bus has left, so how are they going to get home?).

"Golly! What a great trip!" Gadget says with a grin on her face. (I'd hate to know her idea of a bad trip.)

"Yep!" agrees Chip. "It just needed a little mystery to keep things exciting!"

"Hey! Where's Dale?" Gadget says, looking around.

"You mean Mister Candysnacks?" says Monty. "He's right over there."

Monty points to a very full on chocolate Dale, sitting under a tree and looking quite ill.

"Getting his just desserts!" Monty remarks as Dale collapses below the "camera's" view and Zipper flies over, looks down at Dale and shrugs his shoulders at the TV viewer.


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