A Creep in the Deep

Episode story by Kevin Hopps & LuAnne Wood.
Episode teleplay by Kevin Hopps

Summarized by Chun Hong Yi

The story opens at night on the coast highway, with a light fog. A lone truck is driving along. The truck bears a symbol of a fish , leaning out of a circle, with icicles hanging. Suddenly, headlights approach, bearing down on the truck.

The driver exclaims, "What the heck? Hey, its gonna hit!" before swerving off-road, just before the crash. Seconds later, the driver awakens, then looks in alarm as the truck has a big vertical gash in the side where fish is pouring out onto the road.
The scene shifts slightly, and we hear the voice of the driver canned, like from a television set. "The monster came right at me. I tried to swerve but I think it was out to get me." We're now in front of the TV in Rangers HQ. The TV now shows the driver (who has a beer gut ) describing the attack. "Next thing I knew, WHAM! Then nothing but frozen mackerel all over the highway."

The TV then zooms out to reveal the ONLY TV reporter, who goes, "There you have it. Another in the series of bizarre seafood attacks. This is Stan Blather, reporting."

Chip turns off the set. "Holy Mackerel! There's a case for the Rescue Rangers!" The other Rangers are lounging on the crescent-shaped sofa. Monterey Jack is not wearing his jacket.

"Gosh, Chip. Do you really think frozen fillets count as animals in trouble?" asks Gadget. Dale responds, "Ahh, the whole thing sounds fishy to me." Monterey Jack gets up and stretches. "C'mon, mates. I'm with Chip. We ain't had an adventure since yesterday. I'm startin' to get stale. But this time, pally, let's go easy on yer clues and detection stuff."

He nudges Chip, who glares back at him. "Scientific detection is how you solve mysteries!" At this point, everyone is already leaving the HQ, with Monterey still inside putting on his jacket, Chip at the doorway. "Its BOORING. Ya solve things by jumping in, grabbing the bad guy, and tying him into knots," says Monterey, who has managed to tie the sleeves of his jacket into a knot. Monterey looks at the knot a little crestfallen.

"Jumping in without a plan is just going to get your tail in trouble, Monterey!" With that, Chip leaves, with Monterey following. "Don't worry about ME, mate," says Monterey, just before he slams the door on his tail. "YeOUCH!"

The scene shifts to the beach, outside a pizza parlour, in the late evening. However, the Rangers are not watching the sunset. Chip, Gadget and Dale are examining some prints in the sand. "Those sure are cuh-razy tire tracks," observes Dale. "Look, Gadget. They go right into the water," says Chip. "Or maybe they came OUT of the water," says Gadget.

"So much for your clues, Chip," says Monterey, who is in the Ranger Plane, bandaging his tail. "You don't know if they're coming or going. Let me know when there's something worth getting up about." Finished, he leans back to relax, only to smell...
"Chuh-huh-heeze-uh!" With that, Monterey begins floating away. "Oh no! Monty's having another Cheese Attack!" exclaims Gadget. Monterey floats into the parlour through the back door. "He must have smelled the cheese pizza," notes Chip.
A chef places a pizza in an oven, not noticing Monterey floating in as well, before closing the door. The Rangers are in the doorway watching this. "_GASP_ Oh no!", they cry in unison. Zipper flies forward and tugs at the door, succeeding, eventually, in opening the oven door. Monterey comes flying out with a slice of pizza and a smoking tail. The other Rangers, already running in, stop to watch the Flying Mouse, cringing when he crashes, before resuming their run.

Monterey dips his tail into a glass of water, letting out a long sigh and a LOT of steam. "Well, Monterey Jack. Is that what you meant by, 'jumping into things' ?" says Chip. Gadget is a bit more concerned, "Are you okay, Monty?"

Monterey examines his tail, "Well, I burnt me tail a bit," then scarfs down the whole slice of pizza, "but at least the pizza's good enough."

Later that night, at a table in the same parlour, there appears to be two teens having a date. The boy says, "Boy, nothing like a pineapple-anchovy pizza to put me in a mood for romance," to which the girl replies, "Oh, puh-leeze!"

Under a nearby table, the Rangers are having dinner. Monterey reminisces, "Reminds me of the time I visited the Leaning Tower in Italy. Had the best piece of pizza in Pisa." Try saying THAT five times fast. At that exact moment, a pair headlights bear down on the pizza parlour. "Aiee!" "It's the monster!" Everyone starts running away. The Rangers, under the table, are safe as the stampede goes past.

Just then, something crashes into the parlour. A large, metallic sub with a long dull spike at the front (you know, where the figure head goes. If anyone knows what it's called, feel free to tell me). "Blimey! It's a sea monster!" exclaims Monterey. "No, it's a submarine!" Gadget corrects him. A central hatch opens and two squids wearing fishbowl helmets and harpoon guns leap out.
"It's a submarine FULL of sea monsters!" says Monterey.

A voice orders, "Destroy the kitchen of the Land Walkers!" The fore hatch opens, and a fishbowl with a shell megaphone on a metal arm comes out. A fish wearing a naval captain's hat is in it. The fish says, "All-Hands on deck!" Eight tentacles appear, one at a time, pulling out a pink octopus, also with a fishbowl helmet. The octopus salutes. "Aye aye, Cap'n Fin, Sir!" So, the fish is Captain Fin.

Fin orders the octopus, "All-Hands, get all the canned anchovies from the kitchen. Our brothers deserve a decent burial at sea." The octopus salutes, "Aye aye, Cap'n Fin," before he slips and falls, head first, to the ground. "Hmm, hasn't got his land legs yet," notes Captain Fin.

Meanwhile, the Rangers are watching this. "Captain Fin must be the one who attacked the truck-load of fish," says Chip. "Right, so much for detection, now let's get'em!" says Monterey, and runs off. "Oh no!" says Chip. "Monty, come back!" calls Gadget.
At this time, All-Hands comes back with a whole lot of cans. He re-enters the sub with the squids. Fin says, "I knew when I found this abandoned submarine that I'd have my revenge, but I didn't know it would be so much fun!" With that, he re-enters the sub, laughing maniacally. Monterey climbs up and pops his head into the central hatch. When he realises that his head is underwater, he gasps and pulls his head out.

Turning to face the Rangers, he calls out to them, "This whole ship's full of water!" At that moment, a tentacle reaches out and closes the hatch, on Monterey's tail. "YeAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!" The sub's headlights turn on, and it pulls out. Some shells at the bottom act as wheels, enabling the sub to move on land. All this while, Monterey is trying to pull his tail out, and when he realizes the sub is moving, he does a double take, and pulls harder.

Meanwhile, the Rangers ran to the hole in the wall. "He's gonna drown!" Dale notes. Zipper gasps in horror, the flies into the kitchen, re-appearing with a jug full of a brown liquid. He flies it to the sub, which is already starting to enter the water.
"Cooking oil? Great idea, Zip," says Monterey. Zipper dumps the oil on him, and Monterey pulls his tail out, then jumps into the sea, just before the sub slides into the ocean.

Back at the beach, Monterey lands like a beached whale. The Rangers arrive. Dale asks, "Are you all ,right, Monterey?" Monterey replies, "Still in one piece." He examines his tail, "kind of an odd-shaped piece, though."

"How can we find Captain Fin, when he could be ANYwhere under the sea?" asks Dale. Chip answers, "By calming down, and fishing for clues, at the SeaFood Bar."

The scene shifts to the SeaFood Bar, located under Pier 12. The Rangers enter, accompanied by a wave. "Here, you better let me do the talking, mates. I knew a lobster who shot his mouth off here, and found himself in REAL hot water." The inside of the SeaFood Bar is just as empty as the last time. "We're in luck, mates. There's Barnacle Bill, the barnacle," says Monterey, referring to some patrons at the bar. There's a green cactus-like, THING, sitting next to a shrimp and a clam, talking to the bartender. "He's always hanging around the docks. Ought to know something. Owes me a favour, too. Helped him out of a scrape once. Ahoy, Barnacle! How are things below the waterline?" and goes towards the bar.

"Look what the tide washed in boys! Its Monterey Jack!" exclaims Bill, the green, cactus-like, THING, which turns out to be a barnacle (I thought they looked, DIFFERENT). "Let me buy you and your mates something to drink," offers Monterey, as he sits next to the shrimp. "Here, how about a Shrimp Cocktail?" The shrimp then jumps onto the bar table, "Who're you calling a shrimp? I'm a prawn, buddy, and I'm proud of it!" (So I was wrong, it's late, give me a break). Monterey tries to apologise, "Calm down, mate. No offence." At this moment, the clam chomps down on Monty's tail hovering nearby. "YeeOO-WAHAHOU!!", and spins around, hitting the prawn out the door. The Rangers then run in to help pull the clam off, or at least, Chip and Dale. Zipper and Gadget just stand by, watching. Bill tells Gadget, "Shelly was never one for conversations. He always clams(sic) up."

Eventually, the chipmunks successfully pull Shelly off, but go flying, crashing near a wine glass with two goldfish swimming around. Shelly rolls away. Gadget says, "You should think before you say anything." The reply, "You're right, Gadget. Looks like I took another wrong turn." "And we still haven't found out anything about Captain Fin."

Bill says, "Fin? Seems like those pod-swabs over there were flapping their fins about him." Indicating the goldfishes. Chip and Dale were already talking to them. Chip asks, "You mean he crashed the submarine right into the pet store?" A goldfish with a female voice replies, "Uh-huh. Said he was liberating us from the slavery of the Land-Walkers." The other goldfish, male voice, "And we swallowed it, hook, line, and sinker." "Yeah, we gave up EVERYthing. A tank with a view, and all the fish flakes we could eat.

Chip asks, "Do you know where Captain Fin is now?" The male goldfish replies, "No, but we heard him planning his first daylight raid, on SeaLand."

The other Rangers start running. Chip says, "SeaLand, thanks. That's just what we need."
The female goldfish goes, "Remember that treasure chest with the bubbles? I could watch that thing all day."

COMMERCIAL BREAK - some ad selling ultra-sonic pest-repellers

The next day, SeaLand. Located near a beachhead, it is possible for Captain Fin to attack. Inside, near the central pool, the Rangers are walking. "Everybody's heard of Nemo. He's SeaLand's biggest star," exclaims Dale. Chip replies, "That's why Nemo is the most likely target of Captain Fin. That's deduction." Monterey is sarcastic, "Right. Captain Fin is REAL interested in someone who spends his days jumping through hoops. I'm sure that makes him a really BIG star."

At this point, Nemo jumps up out of the pool behind Monterey, splashing him to the ground. "Sorry about that. Didn't see you little guys. Just warmin' up for my act, ya know?" Chip explained their visit, "We came to warn you." "A submarine's going to attack SeaLand!" added Dale.

"A submarine?" At this point, Nemo starts laughing, causing a mild shock, which shakes the Rangers on their feet. "Why don't you take a look over that wall," and the Rangers do just that. "Golly! It must be a hundred feet down!" exclaims Gadget, as they see the sheer cliff face, going down quite a long way. Monty pokes a hole in Chips' theory, "There's no way Captain Fin can get up here. That's deduction."

However, they fail to notice All-Hands climbing up the cliff. "How come I have to do the hard work?" He is carrying an explosives pack with the familiar alarm clock timer.

Nemo asks, "Do you hear something?" Monterey listens, then tells him, "Not a whisper, mate." Gadget approaches the edge of the pool, "Sound carries better underwater," at which point she sticks her head into the water, listening for a while, before pulling out. "It sounds like somebody is trying to get a drain unstuck." Chip and Monty exchange looks.

At this point, All-Hands has stopped climbing. "The Captain never asks those squids to do anything like this," and fires his harpoon at the wall. "No, its always All-Hands' job," grumbles the octopus while tying the explosives to the embedded harpoon.
Meanwhile, the Rangers are looking down the wall again, this time noticing All-Hands. They also brought along a rodent-sized catapult look-a-like, with a plunger, and a reel. Gadget is bringin along a rocket. "Golly, you're right, Chipper. Its that octopus of Captain Fin," notes Dale. Gadget goes, "Just give me a second and we'll take care of him," and fits the rocket into a slot on the contraption, while Monterey uses a crank to manoeuvre the plunger down. All-Hands' job finished, he prepares to jump, "Might as well take the quick way down."

Monterey fires the plunger, which hits All-Hands' helmet square on the top, leaving him hanging in mid-air, next to the explosives. Gadget explains, "This is 93 times faster than an ordinary fishing reel," and ignites the rocket, sending All-Hands flying into deep space ( or so it seems ). "Oops. Maybe I should have used a smaller rocket." Too late now, Gadget.
The bomb explodes, creating a small hole in the cliff wall, puncturing the tank. The Rangers are thrown into the pool, and a whirlpool is formed, sucking the Rangers and Nemo into it. The hole is then enlarged as Nemo breaks through, falling into the ocean below, unharmed.

Nemo surfaces, and Zipper buzzes about asking something. "Hey, Zipper! Is that you?" Dale's voice calls out. Zipper flies to the blowhole. Dale continues, "We're inside. Everybody is o-kay."

Monterey disagrees, "Speak for yourself, pally," and we see the reason. His tail is caught in between Nemo's teeth. Gadget sympathises, "Oh, Monty. Not your tail again," and helps pull him out. "Golly, Nemo should floss more often," she notes, seeing as Monty's tail was just used as a floss. "If we don't finish this case soon, I'm gonna need a tail transplant," he laments.
Meanwhile, outside, Fin's sub surfaces, and Fin appears in his mega-phone fishbowl. "Greetings, my brother. I, Captain Fin, have set you free. Now, I ask you to join me in my fight against the Land-Walkers." Nemo turns to face Fin, and Chipmunks' voices are heard. "You must be crazy!" "Yeah. Go soak your head." Fin seems a little surprised, "Fascinating. A whale ventriloquist."

The voices continue, "Let's RAM that sub!" "Right. Full speed ahead, Nemo!" Nemo rears up, looking threatening.

"Reel me in, you fools!" orders Fin. As his bowl is retracted, Nemo charges forward. At the helm, a starfish tells the Captain, "He's gonna ram us, Captain Fin." "That traitor! Let that be a lesson to you. Never trust anybody who breathes air!" Nemo hits, sending the Rangers flying forward, and the two squids flying back, crushing Fin on the hull. They pull Fin out, who the cries, "What are you waiting for?! Get us away from that maniac!" The sub does an about turn, and leaves, REAL fast.
Nemo lands on the beach and lets the Rangers out. "Well, I better get over to the SeaLand Docks so they can find me."

"WHAT?!?" came the response. "You'll be back jumping through hoops all day," says Monterey. "Don't you wanna be free?" asks Dale.

"What?! And give up showbiz?" Everyone's in show biz, sheesh!

"What now, Chip?" asks Gadget. "I hate to say it, but we could use some of your deductive type planning," admits Monty. "Why don't YOU use your head for a change," Chip shoots back.

Monty stands back and thinks, scratching his head in thought. A bottle falls on his head, pushing him into the sand up to his neck. "Well, at least he used his head," says Dale. "Are you all right, Monty?" asks Gadget.

"Could have been better, Gadget-luv. But at least it didn't land on me tail." Chip and Dale pull the cork off the bottle, releasing water on Dale. "Water?" Chip reaches in and pulls out a piece of paper, opens it and spreads it out. "It's a note, asking for help." It's a note, with 'HELP!' written four times. "And it looks like it was written by an octopus." Gadget says, "Hey, we haven't seen All-Hands the octopus since the explosion up at the tank," and single-handedly pulls Monterey out of the sand. That girl's got muscle!

"But it's our only lead. We have to get up there and check it out," says Chip. Monty responds, "Climb back up the cliff?! Couldn't we look for clues down here, where we don't have to do any climbing?"

Nemo offers a favour, "Say, I could help you out. Step right in." So saying, he opens his mouth. The Rangers file in, with Monterey saying, "I can't believe I'm doing this willingly." Nemo takes a deep breath, and shoots the Rangers out through his blowhole. "Rescue Rangers, Away!"

The Rangers land rather quietly in the bushes near the entrance to SeaLand. Monterey comments, "Nothing like taking the express route." The Rangers then see a strange sight.

Assorted bottles are lying around the fountain. A pink tentacle appears and throws a bottle out. Gadget points out something, "Look! He broke his diving helmet." Diving? "I mean, walking helmet." Walking? "or...whatever." Right. Anyway, Gadget jumps up onto the ledge and looks into the fountain, to be joined by the other Rangers. They see the octopus writing 'HELP!' notes and stuffing them into bottles, then throwing them out, all at once. Multi-tasking, heh. "Captain Fin will save me, he will. I'm his strong right arms."

As he throws one bottle past the Rangers, they gaze after the bottle. Monty remarks, "If we toss these notes into the ocean, Fin is sure to come back to rescue Legs there." Chip sounds proud. "Boy, Monty, that almost sounds like a plan." Dale is paranoid. "Some plan. What'll we do when he gets here?"

Later that day, in the evening. Fin's sub surfaces outside SeaLand. The hatches open, and Fin, the starfish, and a squid appear. The startfish is on a deck gun with a mounted harpoon. "Fire when you have the range, Mr Starfish." "Aye, Captain." He fires the harpoon, which hooks onto something. "Well done. Now send up the life bucket." The squid sends the bucket up the rope, which returns with All-Hands. "Thank you, Cap'n! I knew you wouldn't leave me high and dry."

Meanwhile, the Rangers are watching all this from the rocks near at the base of the cliff, in a submarine made from a soft drink can, with a bubble cockpit. Gadget is at the top hatch, with Zipper at a clockwork key. "Full speed ahead, Zipper!" They both return to the sub, and it zips off. Fin's sub dives, and with a "Hang on, guys!" the Ranger's sub follows. Their sub approaches Fin's, and a magnet attaches the subs together. They travel for a while longer, before Fin's sub settles on the ocean floor. The fore hatch opens and the squids leave on errands. The Rangers detach and 'swim' towards the hatch.

Inside, Fin beckons to Mr Starfish and All-Hands, "Come, gentlemen. I need music to plot the destruction of the Land-Walkers." They all leave through a hatch on the floor. The Ranger's sub enters and heads for the control panel. A hatch at the bottom opens and Chip and Dale appear, with bubble helmets. Inside, Gadget is blowing a bubble helmet for Monterey, using bubble solution. Monty tests the bubble, "Me mom always said I was a bubble head," then dives through. Gadget holds the blower, and Zipper flies through it.

Outside, Monterey joins Chip and Dale. "Chip if we can these controls, Captain Fin will be out of business." Dale, the sceptic, "But how do we do that?" At this point, Gadget joins them in another bubble helmet. How did she get one on? "If we try everything at once, it should overload the system." "Right. Random destruction. That's MY kind of plan." So saying, Monterey pulls the lever nearest to him. A loud alarm sound immediately, and he quickly pushes the lever back. "Do you think they heard that?" They look around, and find that they are surrounded. "Ulp. Guess maybe they did."

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The scene opens with a shot of the Rangers trapped in an aquarium, with a top and a large padlock. Fin and his crew are at a pipe organ, with All-Hands playing a rather dark tune. He misses a key, and Fin slaps him. "Can't you get the fingering right?" "But Cap'n, I don't HAVE fingers," he replies, and resumes playing. Fin seems to calm down, then returns to the Rangers.
"You Air Breathers will pay for what you've done. I was picked to be the Anchovy Valedictorian of my school of fish. But you Land Walkers netted my entire graduating class, and turned them into pizza topping, and salad garnish." Actually, I prefer my anchovies deep fried with a generous smattering of roasted peanuts. Eaten with curry.

The crew boo-hoos at Fins story. "I wandered the seas, not knowing what to do next. But then, I found this submarine, the tool of my revenge. It was practically new, it only had 20,000 leagues on it." For those still in the dark, this sub is presumably the Nautilus. "Now, I strike for all fishdom. No fish will ever get hooked again!" This time, the crew cheers.

Chip tells Fin, "The oceans are too big. You can't stop the world from fishing," to which Fin replies, "Ahh, but I can make an example of your city. The humans have trouble seeing things my way, so I'm going to give them a real FISH eye's view. This submarine is going to punch a hole in the county dam, and put the entire city UNDERWATER!!" And laughs like the maniac he is.

Later, at the county dam, a two men in a row boat are fishing, with no luck. One of them says, "This is pitiful. There's nothing big enough to save in the WHOLE river." Just then, the Nautilus (at least, I assume it's the Nautilus) surfaces, and heads inland, past the two very surprised fishermen. Captain Fin appears enthusiastic, "Drive! Drive!"

Dale says, "We gotta stop them before they flood the city!" then Monty, "First, we gotta get outta this blinkin' aquarium. I don't supposed you have a plan?" The Gadget walks past with an oversized glass cutter, "No problem." Monterey asks, "Do you always carry a glass cutter around with ya?" "No, just when I want to cut glass." She then cuts a rectangular hole, "There." The aquarium is promptly flooded. The Rangers swim out, and up, but Dale pulls Chip down, towards the porthole. They can see the city below. Fin is driving the sub up one of the hills overlooking the dam.

The two chipmunks return to the surface, gasping for air. Chip points to the Ranger's sub, where Gadget and Monty already are, with Monty complaining, "This water's making my tail go all wrinkled and pruny." As they climb aboard, Dale says, "Forget that, we're almost to the dam." Then, for once, Monterey gets an idea, "If we had a bulge pump, we can hang my tail AND Captain Fin out to dry. Say, we DO have a pump, courtesy of Captain Fin," and waves to the pipe organ in the background.
By now, the Nautilus has reached the summit, and is now overlooking the dam. Fin gives a command and a statement, "Let the engines build up steam, Mr Starfish. We'll either punch a hole in that dam or smash ourselves to smithereens. Either way, we go in the name of all fish everywhere!" The crew is not enthusiastic about smashing themselves, but can't do anything.

Meanwhile, Gadget finishes attaching a large tube to one of the pipes on the organ, then leaps down and into the Ranger's sub, "There, that should do it." Chip reassures himself, "I hope Monterey's plan works," and the sub dives.

At the bridge, Captain Fin gives the order, "All right, Mr Starfish. Give me, Ramming Speed!" However, as he prepares to pull, some ghostly organ music is heard. It's actually the Ranger's sub, 'jumping' on the keys. As the jumping continues, the water is being pumped out, and the waterline inside drops by half. Fin is not in a happy mood ( Is he ever? ) , "It must be the Air Breathers. Get them!" "Aye, Captain!" says All-Hands.

"I said Ramming Speed, I won't be stopped now." So, Mr Starfish pulls on the lever, and like a wounded beast, the Nautilus, gushing water, rolls down the slope. Meanwhile, the Rangers are still 'jumping' on the keys when All-Hands smashes their sub. The bottle of bubble solution spills into one of the pipes, and the Nautilus now pumps bubbles out.

"I won't let you spoil the Captain's plan," and so saying, he tries to smash Chip and Dale, who begin scurrying around on the organ's keys, playing something even more horrible. The Nautilus descends even lower, pouring out more bubbles.

At the moment, Gadget is trying to pull Monterey out of the water, and onto the board she is on. One of the squids grabs his tail. "My tail! PUT ME DOWN!!" The squid lets go, more in surprise than shock, and the two mice goes flying, landing on the hull, Gadget looking P.O.ed under Monty ( wouldn't you, if someone three times your weight landed on you? ). Monterey gets up, rolling his sleeves and marching towards the squid. Gadget calls after him, "Careful, Monty. Don't do anything rash."

"My tail's been slammed, singed, kinked, and cropped! Now it's payback time!" And with a war-cry, he jumps on the squid and begins grappling. "Monty!" Gadget calls out as she approaches the fight, which is over quick. "They may be better armed, but I'm the one who's handy," says Monterey as he stands on the squid, who is quite literally in knots.

Meanwhile, at the helm, Mr Starfish is having trouble, "I can't control it, Captain." "It's too late. Nothing can stop us now!" mad laughter, "What?! We should be going down!" The Nautilus is flying upwards, carried away by the bubbles. The Rangers hitch a ride out on All-Hands, flying over the dam. Gadget notes, "Looks like the winds are blowing him out towards the desert."
Dale chimes in, "Now he'll REALLY be a fish out of water!" "Oh dear oh dear! The Captain's not going to like that all, not at all," All-Hands says. The Rangers drop down at the top of the dam. All-Hands continues flying, slamming into the control house. He gets up, a bit groggy, then trips and falls into the waters.

Monterey comments, "Never did get his land legs." "Well, Monty. You wanted an adventure," says Chip. "Yes, and this will be a real whale of a tale to tell," says Gadget. Monty replies, "Please, Gadget-luv. Watch your language. Don't mention tail!"

NOTE : This episode contains a lot of dialogue, about one line from each at a time. Therefore, if I were to follow the one-person, one-paragraph rule, this summary would consist of one- or two-line paragraphs.

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