The Case of the Cola Cult

Episode written by Kevin Hopps

Summary by Julie Bihn

Gadget and the other Rangers are zipping through streets and alleys of the city, recklessly driving the Rangermobile, a skateboard with a hair-dryer in the back for propulsion (and a Rescue Ranger symbol on the back of the board!). All the Rangers except Zipper are wearing white ball-helmets, and all are screaming, except for Gadget, who is amazed at how well the vehicle is handling for its first test run. Chip comments, "Gee, Gadget, didn't you put any brakes on this thing?" Gadget replies, while swerving into traffic, "Don't be silly, Chip! Of course I did, but they fell off a few blocks back!" The left back wheel falls off of the skateboard, and Gadget tells everyone to lean to the right. They do so, and wind up crash-landing in a warehouse. All the Rangers fly out and everyone winds up sprawled out on the ground except Gadget, who comments, "Golly, the Rangermobile tested out even better than I expected!" The other Rangers, especially Monty, seem less than thrilled about the prospect of Gadget getting the vehicle "back on the road in no time."

Chip asks where they are, and Dale replies, "Coo-Coo!" Monty notes :this is"where the Coo-Coo Cola company stores all its empties." The Rangers are suddenly assaulted by flying bottle caps, and three ninja-looking mice wearing all red do some fancy jumps, then look at them threateningly. A mouse wearing a purple hood and a silly diaper-looking garment says, "Lookin' for somethin'?" and holds up a bottle opener threateningly. An older mouse in a red robe and wearing a gold thimble hat with a feather in it, and holding a stick with a bottlecap through it stops the mouse. The mouse's name is Pop Top, and his "overzealous assistant" who threatened the Rangers is named Bubbles. (Dale finds this amusing until Bubbles glares at him.) Gadget says, "Golly, we weren't snoopin'! We were just lost." Pop Top replies, "We were all lost once, before we found the Cola Cult." They lead the Rangers past an aluminum-can door and a hole in the wall, into the Cola Cult. There is a big room with lots of mice in white robes and tan headbands, with bottles, cans, and soda fountains all around. all around, with a television and a VCR as the main attraction. The Rangers watch their ceremony, which is the playing of a videotaped commercial with a very catchy song:

"Come along, you belong
Feel the fizz of Coo-Coo Cola!
It's the cola for making you proud.
Take another sip and be one of the crowd!
Feel the fizz of Coo-Coo Cola!

Come along, you belong
Feel the fizz of Coo-Coo Cola!
Get to the store and take all you can carry.
We've got the flavors, orange grape and cherry!
You belong with Coo-Coo Cola!

Come along, you belong
Feel the fizz of Coo-Coo Cola!
It's bottled in Pensacola!
Come along, Coo-Coo Cola!
You belong, Coo-Coo Cola!"

During the song, the mice wave their arms, drink soda, mimic the actions of the actors in the commercial, and take showers from the soda fountains. Before the commercial ends, a mouse named Myron introduces himself and asks if the Rangers will be taking the soda shower. Monty says "You've gotta be pullin' me tail!" Gadget replies that they already belong to the Rescue Rangers. The mice start chanting, "Feel the fizz!" Chip sees the richest mouse in town giving up his riches to be fizzed. The gold is placed in a soda can and the can is hauled into a bucket filled with cola. The can comes back empty. (Monty comments, "Now I know why they call it Coo-Coo Cola. They're crazy!", since they fizzed all the cheese, but the can had been filled with gold, not cheese, although the mouse had had "more cheese wedges than he could count." Looks like an error on someone's part to me!) The Rangers leave, but Pop Top tells them they are welcome in the Cola Cult any time. "Have a fizzy day!" he says. "So-da long!" Dale replies.

Back at Ranger headquarters, Gadget finishes making a Magno-ray. Myron from the Cola Cult shows up wearing a brown trenchcoat, wanting to talk. Chip answers the door, holding a hammer made from a thumbtack tied to a stick. Gadget turns the electromagnet on and the hammer flies out of Chip's hand. "Gee. It's not supposed to do that." Then, the magnet spins, and all the metal odds and ends from the room come towards the magnet. The magnet stops and falls, and the Rangers get up from their hiding places. Chip admonishes Gadget, "Your crazy inventions could hurt somebody!" Myron is gone, and the Rangers decide to look for him. A bottlecap is embedded in the Ranger symbol above the door...

The Rangers are in another vehicle, the Gyromobile, which Gadget has confidence in, but the other Rangers don't like. It's a platform with four seats and a ring of suction cups around it; it travels on the rotating suction cup wheel. (All four Rangers have lap and shoulder belts.) As the Rangers head towards a grate in the sidewalk, Gadget says, "Don't worry. The Gyromobile is my best invention yet! Nothing could possibly go wrong!" (Crash) "I can fix that." Dale replies, "Don't bother. From here on, I'm walkin'!" The Rangers leave the Gyromobile, looking through the warehouse for Myron. A paw uses a small screwdriver to loosen a screw in the vehicle. The Rangers don't see Myron. Suddenly, a paw tips off some bottles, sending them hurtling towards the Rangers. The Rangers jump into the Gyromobile (not wearing their seat belts!) and speed up a wall. "I knew the Gyromobile wouldn't let us down!" Gadget exclaims. A spring pops out a bit. "What was that?" asks Dale. "Oh, nothing to worry about!" Three more springs pop out. "What about that?" Chip asks. "*That's* something to worry about." The Gyromobile goes halfway across the roof hanging upside-down on a metal beam, then stops, and explodes, leaving the Rangers holding on to their seats (which are all attached to each other by a string which is attached to one suction cup on the beam) far above the ground. Gadget wonders if she is losing her touch. Monty reminds Zipper (who is desperately clutching the rope holding the seats to the beam) that he can fly, and he pulls some fabric across the room, hooking it on a soda bottle. The suction cup gives way, but the Rangers land on the fabric, and aren't hurt, except for Zipper, who's lying limp, his head under a piece of fabric. Monty rushes to his side. "Squeak to me!" The fly doesn't open his eyes, but squeaks weakly. Gadget walks away dejectedly.

Back at Ranger Headquarters, the others pamper Zipper for saving their lives. Gadget takes her household inventions (a nutcracker and a cheese cutter made from a paper clip and a stick) and puts them in her toolbox, then goes outside, announcing she's through inventing, since her inventions never work right.

Monty is cooking in the kitchen, seasoning and sipping his hot cream of cheese. (He's wearing an apron and a chef hat.) The other guys come out in their pajamas and are less than thrilled with the prospect of breakfast. "Oh, boy." Gadget walks in sadly, her ears and tail down, and says, "Well, I guess this is goodbye." The other Rangers (except Zipper) say, "Bye," non-chalantly and all wave. Gadget looks surprised, then sad again, and picks up her toolbox. "Goodbye?!" the other Rangers suddenly exclaim. Gadget stands up straight and announces she's quitting the Rescue Rangers. Monty says his cooking is no reason to quit (even getting on his knees at this point!), but Gadget says she's leaving because she's of no use to the Rangers without her inventions. "Everyone can contribute something but me. Monterey has his strength, Zipper has his speed, Chip has his leadership abilities, and Dale has...has...a good sense of humor!" She hugs the chipmunks and cries, then bonks their heads together when she lets go. Chip says Gadget can't quit, but Myron comes in, dazed, and falls to the ground. The other Rangers try to wake Myron, while Gadget turns and says, "Goodbye, Rescue Rangers."


Gadget is sitting on a piece of a wood in an alley. It's raining, and she's crying, looking at her sad reflection in a puddle. She gets up and sees the Cola Cult marching by cheerily. She sighs and follows them as they chant, "Come along, you belong, feel the fizz." Pop Top feels sorry for her and invites her to feel the fizz, though Gadget just goes along to get out of the rain. The Cola Cult mice cheer.

Meanwhile, the other Rangers and Myron are dressed up "like a bunch of Technicolor cheerleaders" according to Monty, although they're wearing the white, undyed Cola Cult garb. Monty is wearing his turquoise sweater underneath his robe, though. (The Rangers want to see what Pop Top is really up to.) Gadget gives her tools to Pop Top to be fizzed, to "relieve [her] of the burdens of [her] past life." The other Rangers see this, and Chip and Dale argue over whose fault it is that Gadget joined the Cola Cult. Chip says, "See? *You* were too hard on Gadget. " "*Me?* *You* were the one who didn't like her inventions!" "Well, you didn't even try to stop her!" "Yeah, well, you didn't do such a good job, either." "Someone's coming!" The Rangers, minus Gadget, and plus Myron, run into an empty (and much too large!) can of soda to hide. But the can is hauled into the bucket to be fizzed! Chip, Dale, Zipper, and Myron are worried as soda pours in through holes in the can's wall, but Monty isn't. "Nothing to worry about, mate. It's only soda! How much can you drink?" By the time they get through a trap door in the bottom of the bucket, the can is filled with soda, and the trapped rodents' cheeks are bulging. They wash through another door into a room, now a nice shade of cola-orange. Monty spits out some soda. Myron sees his old things which had been fizzed--they all wound up in a secret room, along with everyone else's possessions. Zipper and Monty find Gadget's toolbox. Chip realizes, "The fizz is a fraud!"

Gadget tries a soda shower which turns her orange, but notes "It's just not working." "It's no use! My fizz has fizzled. I'm afraid this isn't going anywhere." "No, but you are!" a sinister voice shouts, scaring Gadget.

The other Rangers are trying to find their way out of the secret room. Bubbles comes in and announces, "Welcome to fizzland!" Two ninja mice holding straws throw Gadget onto a pile of treasure near her toolbox, which she finds. Chip thought Pop Top was a fraud, but the mouse had actually believed in the cult. Bubbles "figured out how to profit by it," in his words, and declares he's taking over the Cola Cult as their new leader. Bubbles announces that he sabotaged the Gyromobile, and Gadget realizes it really did work. The Rescue Rangers are ready to fight ("Put a sock in it, you hooded hooligan!" Monty says), but find themselves surrounded by ninja mice with bottlecap, straws, and Eastern-looking swords. They aim their bottlecap at Gadget, who hides behind a cola can. Bubbles says, "Never mind her. She won't be back." The other Rangers are surrounded.


The Rangers (minus Gadget) and Myron are all trapped in cola bottles (there's a cork in Zipper's). Bubbles offers them "a nice cold soda" and laughs maniacally.

In Ranger Headquarters, Gadget finishes working on a vehicle, a cross between the Gyromobile the Rangermobile, and, well, a tank! She hops into its armored body, and says, "Rescue Ranger away!"

Bubbles announces that the trap door is staying trapped as the other Rangers, Myron, and Pop Top are lifted above the soda bucket, ready to be fizzed. Bubbles takes the stage and announces that Pop Top won't be able to attend the sing along. The other mice murmur, but Bubbles says, "Pop Top won't miss the fizzing." He plays the tape and the mice sing along and dance, going so far as to scrub in their soda showers, as the crane hoists the other Rangers, Myron, and Pop Top over the bucket. Near the end of the tape, there is some interference. Bubbles sends some straw-wielding ninja mice out, and Gadget's 'Ranger Tank' (my name, not hers) speeds out. The ninja mice upset a bunch of soda bottles to try to stop Gadget's vehicle, but she just uses the suction-cup wheel to speed up onto the bottom of a beam. The mice throw straws at the tank. Gadget opens the top door, and says, "So, you wanna get rough, huh?" then puts on her goggles and gets back inside.

The cult mice look suspicious, and Bubbles orders them to keep singing, and sings the song off-key, marching in place and looking stupid.

Gadget stops the Ranger Tank and hops out, wearing her suction cup shoes and a backpack, with her magnet and some extra darts on her back, and holding her patented suction cup dart gun. "OK, who wants to find out if this thing works?" she asks in a scary voice. She deflects the bottlecap thrown at her with the magnet, then shoots a fabric net at the mice with her harpoon gun. "Works pretty well, wouldn't'cha say?" She pulls the net closed.

Bubbles is still singing. Monty says, "Crikey, I think I'd rather be fizzed than listen to that sappy soda song one more time!" Chip sees Gadget.

Gadget hops down the wall (using her suction cup shoes) and onto a soda fountain. Bubbles throws two bottlecap at Gadget, who deflects them, making them slice open the bottles the Rangers were trapped in. When Bubbles tries to turn the cult members against her, Gadget uses a remote control to call her Ranger Tank, then uses it to knock the bucket out of the way, revealing the secret room with Bubbles's spoils. Gadget shoots a dart at the television screen and slides down to the stage where Bubbles is. Bubbles says, "I knew you'd be trouble!" Bubbles uses his bottle opener to knock Gadget's harpoon away, but she uses her magnet to put his weapon into a can of Coo-Coo cola. He tries to get it out, but gets sprayed with orange soda. Gadget finishes things by popping open more soda (while the other Rangers cheer her on), making him a purple color before he lands in the bucket of orange soda. "Help! Please! I can't swim!"

Bubbles and the ninja mice wind up tied up. Pop Top is sad because the Cola Cult is no more, but Gadget tells him, "Golly, you don't need the Cola Cult as an excuse to get together! As long as you know where you belong, that's what's important."

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